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  1. They were originally Common Carp that through the process of interbreeding, had colour mutations. But carp that live in the wild are not even Koi because Koi, aka Nishikigoi, are Domesticated Carp. And by the way, you calling me an idiot is coming from the same ignoramus that thought Koi live in the ocean. I bet you think they are catfish. Newsflash! They're not

  2. Not really. Koi originated from Common Carp which have been domesticated before, but none of the koi ever lived in the wild. And if I were the ignoramus you think I am, I would think Koi are catfish, but they are not. If I were an idiot, then I wouldn't be the smartest of my 8 cousins

  3. This is comming from the idiot who thought Koi lived in the ocean.
    what's your point anyway? Stupidity for the world? I can do a great impression, watch: "koi shuld be putt in da ocean" THAT'S YOU! THAT'S HOW MUCH OF AN IDIOT YOU ARE! THAT'S HOW DUMB YOU SOUND!I speak the truth, I would not just say something to make me feel better. If you are going to be an ignoramus, do it on a porn video for all I care!

  4. I have a kio fish that has a bent tail, I've had him for about 8 months but today he started swimming in circles and upside down, He look like he was having a epileptic attack, Can you tell me whats wrong with him?

  5. i just bought 2 koi fish! i called them treasure and pop! I think i Am THe Only Person Who Has Named my Fish but Oh well

  6. My brother gave me a little koi fish as a surprise gift but I never had any before so this video helps me a lot thanks!

  7. What a tool last time I looked a golfish looked nothing like a koi nor did a shabunkin and if you want to keep koi nothing else well cut it

  8. i got a problem, i went to walmart to get another betta fish, but my dad was sick  of seeing all the little tanks all over the place, so he told me he will buy me a big tank, and a few goldfish, so i went to the goldfish section and selected a few goldfish TWO of them actually being small koi fish, i never knew they were, because it said on the bottom they were goldfish, after finding out that they look an awful lot like koi fish, we searched it up and it turns out NO goldfish has whiskers, we kept them in our 60g tank for a while but they would bite our poor slow round body fancy goldfish, so we put them both in our old 10g tank  I'm worried about them, is there a less expensive way to take care of these guys for now? please respond.

  9. My koi fish always hide when I go near the pool.(Feeding time) What should I do to make it more open when I go near it.
    Thank you.

  10. I have a little koi (3-5 inch) in a 20-30 gallon tank…. WHY DO I NEED 200 GALLONS
    Its only one koi

  11. Fish do not grow to the size of the tank, common misconception, never keep for say a goldfish in a bowl, they grow to a foot large, not that they would survive more than a month in a bowl :/

  12. 200 gallons is still small for one koi. for a adult it needs about 1000 gallons of water. again that is for ONE. and koi get huge. about 3 FEETS long. this was just to let everyone know.

  13. It would be nice if instead of just some guy sitting in a chair telling you what to do, they could actually show you what to do.

  14. I have 5 fish in an 87 litre tank 4 tench and 1 koi they're all very happy in there but how do I know when they've outgrown the tank?

  15. i really want a koi fish, my backyard is to small for a pond and but my room is big enough for a bowl, i dont want a koi fish that grows really big, i just want a normal one, is there a tyyoe and of koi fish that doesnt grow really big?

  16. really, the size of the aquarium would be cost prohibitive and possibly dangerous to place inside a home unless approved by a structural engineer or on concrete. these fish are best suited for ponds, they grow to be 2-3 ft long!

  17. Koi need 1000 gallons. An aquarium would either be extremely expensive or dangerous, or possibly both due to the weight of water. Making a pond would be easier.

  18. There are a lot of little handy tips about keeping Koi fish that many people don't know about.. And if you're a beginner, you should avoid some common mistakes so that your Koi fish is healthy and high quality. This one guide answers ALL the questions:

  19. my aunt had a 5 gallon tank with five fish in it, and then she gave it to us because she couldn't keep up with cleaning it, now that I've investigated, turns outs one of them is a KOI! along with 4 goldfish! Five fish in ONE, tiny 5 gallon tank! A KOI! And when we finished moving the tank to our house she said she'd like to gift us one more fish, I already knew it was pretty crowded and kindly refused but god now that I know that one of them is a koi I feel incredibly sorry for the lil guy, I already felt bad seeing them in such tiny tank, but now I feel worse. We don't have the money or space to buy a bigger aquarium for all of them, and I fear for their health. I have another aunt that has a 10 gallon but keeps SEVEN GOLDFISH. AND A PLECO. My family shouldn't own fish. I just needed to unwind all this fish madness.

  20. I'm really sad, my dad said we could use water from the tap and that the temperature should be at 27 celsius.
    I listened to him cuz he owns pretty large and sensitive fish…
    My lil babies died and I couldn't even name them… I'll learn all by myself now, NEVER WILL OTHER FISHIE DIE IN VAIN!!!

  21. I got a goldfish from Walmart for my goldfish tank that already had 2 goldfish since the 3rd one died. Well, he's actually a koi fish and is starting to get huge. what do I do? I'm thinking about building and indoor pond for him.

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