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How To Kill Aquarium Algae with Bleach

How To Kill Aquarium Algae with Bleach

Cleaning aquarium equipment with bleach When thinking about cleaning aquarium equipment,
very few of you will consider cleaning aquarium equipment with bleach. However many of the
large aquarium shops and fish wholesalers use this method as par for the course. Bleach
is very effective at killing algae and other nuisance aquarium pests and if used correctly
it won’t harm your aquarium or fish. How to use bleach to clean your aquarium When using bleach make sure that it is unscented
and doesn’t have any other additives. Any brand will do so long as it’s pure bleach.
Mix the bleach with water at the suggested mixture recommended on the back of the bottle
for bleaching in a container which doesn’t react with bleach. Put the aquarium parts
that need cleaning into that bleach solution and allow upto 24 hours for the bleach to
kill off all of the algae. After bleaching soak and rinse
the equipment that has been bleached for a
few hours. I recommend soaking in a bucket water with aquarium dechlorinator for at least
an hour and then a thorough five minute rinse using tap water. SMELL the equipment, if it
still has a slight smell of bleach, continue to rinse until it has gone. Once bleach free
you can put the equipment back into your aquarium. Using bleach is something I have done many
times and consider a safe thing to do on my aquarium. However you are following my advice
at your own risk and I do not take any liability for your own misuse of bleach. Bleach can
be dangerous to aquariums, fish and you; be safe around it.
What not to use bleach on Only use bleach on hard plastics. DO NOT use it on things which
can absorb the bleach such as wood or ceramics. DO NOT use it directly into or onto your aquarium
or aquarium filter or filter media.

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  1. I have a an aquarium that is tainted and would like to preserve the Mopani and Malaysian Driftwood and Sponge Filters. The plants I know how to bleach Dip, but what is the best, but quickest way to disinfect my driftwood and sponge filters? They do have Anubias and Java Fern on them, which I’m assuming I’ll need to take off?

  2. Mate I'll pass on the tea cause my pinky finger is a bit soar lol. About the bleach- is there a ratio of water to bleach that you use. btw im in Australia so i understand your measurements.

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