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How to kill Ich and marine velvet parasite in saltwater aquarium: saltwater fish dying

How to kill Ich and marine velvet parasite in saltwater aquarium: saltwater fish dying

I have an eBook on Amazon for $2.99 that walks you through the entire process of killing ich and marine velvet for good. Check the link in description. I have saved many fish in many tanks by following this process on how to kill ich and marine velvet. Good luck to you all! Any questions let me know. I learned a lot about ich because my fish were in need of help. I finally found out what the issue was. I had a parasite in my tank. I lost a handful of fish in my aquarium. I couldn’t figure out why they were out of it and not eating, and dying after 3 days. garlic guard will not kill the ich parasite. thank you by the way for watching. I didn’t expect this video to help so many people. I am going to show you how to kill the ich parasite. if you do not remove ich from your aquarium it will kill all your fish guaranteed. this doesn’t kill the parasite, it just helps your fish to heal while in the quarantine tank. you must get all your fish out of your display tank and put them in the quarantine tank. it is here that you will dose the copper solution / cupramine by seachem. your fish must be kept in your quarantine tank for a minimum of 5 weeks! NO FISH should be in your main display tank during this time. You are basically removing your fish from the main tank to let the parasite die. The fish will be safe in your quarantine tank (the copper solution will kill any parasite in your quarantine tank.) once you kill this parasite it will never come back. no amount of stress will cause your fish to get ich if it isn’t in the tank to begin with! just a quick tour of the sump my tank is reef ready, meaning it is already drilled. eshopps 120 skimmer you want to get a skimmer rated for a larger tank than what you have so it cleans better.

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  1. Nice…. black and white truth….hate getting the amazing fix everything overnight bogus sales pitch. Nice to so you taking the proper steps to fix it right….the first time. This also brings up the other big item, which is dipping and making sure your corals are clean before adding them to the display tank. But that's another video.

    Good info, Thanks mang!


  3. I have Marine Velvet and thanks to Steve again for his research and clear path to ridding it. Started my Biocube QT last night. Caught my Maroon Clown with no problems. That's the only fish I have left 😞 and he is one of my favorites. He's doing well. I used Cupramine in the QT and have ordered Seachem's Dip for corals. Lesson learned, I will always QT everything before going into DT. I never had this problem back in the 90's and I never QT'd anything in my 90 Gal reef tank. The worse I ever got back then was a Mantis shrimp. Thanks again Steve as I searched high and low for an answer.

  4. I have to say that I have had incredible results with the Dr G's anti parasitic caviar, "as long as it is given at the first sign of an Ich infection" . I have successfully treated my fish, 3 Yellow Tangs, one Achilles Tang and one Powder Blue Tang. It took about 6 weeks and two bottles (2 capfuls /day) for it to completely get rid of it . It has been a year now and I have no signs of Ich in my aquarium. This is a great product but will only work if the fish has not lost it appetite from the parasitic infection. Hope this helps

  5. Hi mate your doing great,small tip put something in your quaritine tank that your never guna use in your main tank for the fish to hide in,behind ect or they'll get more stressed….a fish thinks if it can't see you,you can't see it and when you buy more fish in future lower the salinity fish handle it better the slowly raise it less stressful for it your corals might close up while you do this but they'll be fine

  6. I had a beautiful aquarium. I got ich and finally got rid of it after loosing many fish. As bad as that was I replaced the fish and got some kind of red worm. The worms were so hard to get rid of I finally just gave up and drained the tank. The worms kill the snails and shrimp etc that help keep the tank clean so then you get other problems.

  7. 20 MIN to tell us that, and that was your condensed version, Jess!!!!!!!!!!God your long winded, I skipped your 19 minute tutorial. And listened to the best 6 seconds ever.

  8. I just bought a damsel and a misbar clownfish really recently thank god I paid attention to the diseases out there that'll harm them. Hopefully, (wishful thinking) I dont have to deal with this in the near future but I will prepare myself and get a spare tank and the copper treatment when they need it I love my fish to death, thank you so much for the videos

  9. I'm new to the hobby with a lot of questions but I will just ask you one more. I have a sponge filter in my hospital tank And want it to know if cupramine will kill the good bacteria from the filter? Thanks in advance

  10. question…how did you transfer the fish from the QT to the DT, did you acclimate the fish to the salt-free ro/di water, and if so, how did you then transfer the fish from the salt-free ro/di water to the DT? I just wanted to know the details because i am starting this process today and i wanted to know how to successfully transfer the fish without the worry of copper in the DT. Thank you for the great informative vid!

  11. so cupramine will kill ick , marine velvet , black spot and clownfish disease? My coral beauty angel and sailfin tang have ick . my sailfin also has black dots on his body. one of ny clownfish looks like he has white slime on him

  12. i see your vidios. You have very interesting and beautiful vidios) Do you know that i also have vidios here. If you want u can see and subscribe to my channel👍👍👍👍👍

  13. Sorry I'm panicking lol so I have a copperband and a yellow tang in a QT tank with copper and iv noticed that the yellow tang has white marks around the eyes! I think it's hllt !! Or lateral line disease ! Is it contagious? Should I return it to shop? Does this mean my copperband has it? Cheers for your help mate

  14. You hit the nail on the head! Starve the parasites in the display tank and quarantine your fish. Do you have any advice for killing aptasia?

  15. I don't agree with the having to ALWAYS quarantine every fish. There are some fish that don't ship well that quadrating them makes things worse…also some fish, mostly bottom dweller fish have a better protective slime on there bodies and get ick less often, along with other diseases. I do agree though that your method does work well…when your dealing with tangs especially and clownfish, or any fish that swims a lot its best to do what you did…other tanks with more creptic fish can have ick in them forever basically and it usually wont bother the fish because there more disease resistant.

  16. I have fresh water corys and I think they have you know if its safe for me to treat them with copper cos I have tried other things and it wont help.

  17. Hey rotter what can I do to Kill all of these marine velvet parasites. I have vids up on my Channel of what I'm doing to get rid of them but I'm not sure if it's enough to get the job done. Can you take a look and tell me if I need to do something else to help this process

  18. Ok kool will do the tank is now full with fresh water (no salt) just with rocks that was live lol. But ok will do

  19. found ich yesterday, my tank is 5ft with 24 fish some have it most dont at the moment. i dont have another tank to put them in or much money to set up another tank so how big would you suggest bearing in mind in a big tank they get on.thanks you're very helpful.

  20. Asking for help here…

    42 Gallon Bow Front. All my fish died because of Ich. I have 2 starfish, and a few snails left in the tank. Live rock, no corals. Salt at 1.024, water is perfect.
    I continue adding some food everyday, for the invertebrates. Adding some Kent Marine, Garlic Xtreme; daily.
    How long should I wait til I can add some fish back in?

  21. Going to setup a saltwater fish only tank. After cycling, Can I just treat the main 75 gal tank itself since I Don't Run carbon or have corals.Will have about an inch of sand in bottom. After the 6 weeks run carbon and do frequent water changes to remove the cuprimine. will add dead base rock after.

  22. Ouch rookie move no inverts in fish aquarium. Invert in there own tank just clown. Fish. Fresh water dip inverts then isolate for two weeks.

  23. Steve it's not all about ich it's about tank crashing from dead inverts when your not there bro. If an anemone dies the tank will pollute in less then an hour. That tank looks like a 70 to 100 gal. Very handsome young man Regards Al

  24. Hey hey RT…. How long does it take for the parasite to dye? I had a outbreak of inch or marine velvet about 7 weeks ago.
    I removed all fish 6 weeks ago. Some made it. And are living at my local reef store. Anyway, I've thinking about adding a new fish this week. Do you think parasite is dead after 6 weeks with no fish in my 55 gallon?

  25. Hey Steve, I got some photos for you, I can't tell if it's velvet or ick, can you give me your best get? could I get an email to email them to you?

  26. I was gifted a cube with water and reef already made. unfortunately my first fish died after 4 days. I'm hoping it's just because I stress it out. It looked good the first three days but after adjusting the temperature I went to work and when I got back the fish was laying in the sand. I'm going to try one my fish before I scrap it all. I have a new tank I'd like to set up tomorrow with all Live rock and wet sand and water from the reef shop

  27. is it okay to add stuff into the main tank during the 6 week Cycle. say I wanted to add an anemone while my fish were in the QT tank

  28. All my 10 salt water fishes just started dying from yesterday morning and by evening all were dead, expensive about $25-$65 a piece I'm still mad. The big yellows were the first to go followed by the 'Dori's' , Nemos(clown fish) put up huge fight paddling around but later fell to the bottom of the tank dead. The 75 Gal tank looked clean and they been living in it for 2 months now playing eating and swimming well. When I looked at the dead fishes they were covered with a slimy white coat, looking close I saw the tank too had this coating on the glass and plants and rocks in the tank. This coat wasn't there last week where did it suddenly come from? I drained all the salt water cleaned the tank and replaced it with tap water dechlorinated and added NO marine salt because I'M DONE with salt water fishes, I'm now getting ready to go stock up regular fishes.

  29. I know this is based on saltwater aquariums, but in my fresh water tank I had Ich, 70% of my fish had the disease. I raised the temperature to 80F, added 30G of freshwater salt and it all cleared, killing two fish only. I've had the tank for a year since, and no more Ich since that incident.

  30. I have a six line in a 20g tank and it has ich (velvet)

    I wasn't thinking about it at the moment but I netted him and moved him into my 55g but never let him escape my net. It's probably for about a minute then putting him back in the 20g remembering all of a sudden about ich. I hope there isn't a huge chance of it getting into my 55g tank.

  31. Great info thanks. Im going through exactly the same thing right now except adding the copper, i was afraid to but im going to do it right now.

  32. Will these rules and the information in the other video you have about ich prevention (it's like 12 minutes long) also apply to Uronema? I just took out my chromis who died to Uronema and now have an empty reef. Should I just wait 8 weeks to add anything? Thanks!

  33. Love your videos. May i ask how do you change water in the QT and how often if there is no biological media?

  34. Hey I hope you see this message. I did everything to prevent ich and my chocolate chip tang got it ich. Started feeding dr. Gs. Will this help???

  35. I used to hate electric kits.. Then I bought one because my drum kit took up too much room… Loven the electric kit because I don't have to tune the bastard!.. I'm getting a 16 gallon tank soon I have a 8 gallon with a clownfish , coral banded shrimp and hermit crab.. Ah lots of beginner errors made but so no ich problems my clownish Sushi has had a parasite/worm on its gill since I bought him though over a year ago. Going to use the 8 gallon has a QT tank!

  36. hi.. i would like to ask, in fowlr system only, when dosing cupramine do you need to remove the live rocks since some ppl are saying it will absorb the copper and give false readings and may leech out the copper during treatment period over time raising the levels unexpectedly? seachem say LR over 6 months wont absorb since there will be a bio film over the LR, but many beg to differ. Any thoughts?

  37. So after 6 weeks in qt. No parasites in main tank? I'm going thru same problem my fish been in qt for 5 weeks now

  38. i know i have to keep my fish in qt for 8 weeks but my question is change 50% of water everyday or every 2 days so add the copper when i change the water thru 8 weeks or when can i stop adding the copper?

  39. I'm dealing with the same crap right now. Did this process work out for you. I also have an extra 28 cube in the garage and thinking about using this method. I already dosed the main tank with copper bc I had no choice. Plan to trash the sand and bleach the rocks. Is it possible to get the copper back out of the rock?

  40. Awesome playlist mate,I have never had ich in my reef yet but after watching these videos I will be ready if it ever happens

  41. Good video I’m going through something similar in a planted 55 gallon with shrimp and snails I can’t medicate so they are going into a hospital tank and I’m adding copper to my main tank

  42. Hi there r no fishes left in my tank due to white spots they died living invertebrates like anemone , rednob star , cleaner shrimp and snail's how do I get rid of white spots from the water

  43. Seachem Cupramine Copper 250ml to kill ich and marine velvet in quarantine tank

  44. Hi, How many days should the effected fish need to be in medication using Cupramine ? My clarki clown is in the early stage of Itch. Also my next question, can we treat with cupramine to any fish, from the same tank, to any other fish, which is not effected with itch ?
    Pls suggest.

  45. GEAR I USE:

    KILL GREEN HAIR ALGAE with FOOD GRADE 12% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. Dose 1ml per 10 gallons every other day.

    Finnex LED Aquarium light:
    MAG-FLOAT glass aquarium cleaner:
    REFRACTOMETER to measure salt level:
    100% Pure Magnesium:
    SYPHON to vacuum sandbed:
    Ecotech Marine MP40W:
    Measure Master Syringe:
    Turkey baster for cleaning live rock:
    saltwater tank maintenance gloves:
    Seachem Cupramine Copper to kill ich:
    Copper Test Kit:
    Miracle Mud (Marine) 5 lb:
    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt:
    Aquarium Filter Media:
    3ft X 1 Flex Hose by Eshopps:
    T5 LIGHT:
    Instant Ocean Sea Salt:
    Rio Plus 2500 return pump:
    New Life Spectrum fish food:
    Stainless Steel Algae Scraper:
    Blue Yeti USB Microphone:
    EHEIM Jager Heater:
    Seachem Ammonia Alert:
    Tripp Lite 7 Outlet Surge Protector:
    Two Little Fishies Seaweed food:
    My favorite Protein Skimmer:
    Marineland Canister Filter:

  46. Going thou this now .Lost four fish in three days .Rest have gone into quarantine tank yesterday .Added Cupramine by Seachem. I've put full dose into quarantine tank after .All the rest of fish are doing well and feeding after thirty six hours . My question is how long are you leaving the main tank empty of fish . Plus how long for the ich to die off in the quarantine tank and the main tank . Many thanks

  47. Copper Power guys! After initial setup and fish more than likely you will get Ich. Then add Copper Power in less than recommended dose (even if you over do it won't hurt anything). Ich will be gone in a couple of days. I have some coral and inverts and doesn't affect them. Have my Reefer 450XL for over a year now and no Ich or velvet in sight.

  48. Can you please tell me how you quarantine fishes after getting this from quarantine and add it to Display tank ? In quarantine tank there is low salinity and after giving fresh water dip how and where u quarantine fishes ? In which water ? Because in fresh water fish may not live more than 5 minutes I think and quarantine takes times by adding water slowly

  49. Hey Steve, first off let me tell you. the info you provided is awesome. I have some questions. I bought a blue tang and a few days later it looked like it has ich. then the next night i couldn't see the white specs just like bumps. My question is do i need to take all the fish out and QT? the other fish are not showing signs of ich. Also i have a sand sifting goby in my display tank will he be ok in a tank with no sand?

  50. Steve, thanks for sharing. Aquaforest ( AF Energy) and other coral additives like KZ- has copper based solutions intended for corals- yet, you can kill two birds with one stone. (copper sulfate).These are very low doses that will eventually alleviate and stop the disease from multiplying.
    Just a thought to share!

  51. Hi steve, i’ve been quarantine my fish with cupramine for a week, some of them eating well and just the blue tank sometimes a bit funny. Do i put the cupramine more every couple of day or just put more everytime water change?


  52. Is the copper safe for a snowflake eel? It looks like my porcupine puffer has ich on his fins and contemplating the quarantine tank, I was told by my pet shop to use a product called Nox Ich which they said will treat the whole tank without getting a quarantine tank it is a blue color

  53. Question… after you give the fish a fresh water dip, surely you wont put them back into the old copper treated water, as that would defeat the purpose of the fresh water dip, so what do you put them in to acclimate them to the DT? Im at the 10 week mark and I dont want to screw anything up at this point!

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