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HOW TO Light your Planted Tank. Lighting your Aquarium Tips. Timers on your planted tank.

HOW TO Light your Planted Tank. Lighting your Aquarium Tips. Timers on your planted tank.

what’s up fish tank people dustin’s fishtanks fish tank is now fish tank
you can drop the that ning or whatever fish tank is the old fish tank to
be that so just go to fish tank in your there they would
understand that the old places aquascape that ning calm if anyone’s still hanging
out there let me know we’ll move you over it’s like moving fish tanks it’s a
pain in the butt but in the end it’s worth it so check it out speaking of
fish tanks here’s what we got going on I want to talk about something I talked
about last week but I think a bear is worth repeating and it’s all about
balance in this game everything and your tank has to be balanced and I’m showing
you this tank is Matt’s looking pretty good you see a little bit of a haze on
it there’s a little bit of like a haze on the class and here’s what happened I
was I was cleaning it out over the weekend and my boy Brian came over
helped me clean out the tanks and traded a bunch of plants it’s cool and yeah I
left the light on so I came down yesterday was it yesterday yeah it was
Sunday morning and the lights were on so I basically left the lights on in
this tank for like I don’t know 16 hours or something and that matters that’s
really all it takes okay so some of you guys really go up new you know I just
don’t have a timer I throw it on look spend the money get a timer I can’t
emphasize it enough it’ll just save you maintenance overall and your plants will
be happier and grow and I’ll look I can’t get rid of that algae it’s not a
problem speaking of algae I have not wiped off
the algae on this tank right here and actually I’m probably not gonna because
I’ve got those snails you can see up on the glass there I’ll get a little closer
maybe not these snails up on the glass that are
doing a pretty good job and if they don’t clean it all I’ll wipe it but I
want to show you know did a nice water change on here probably bout 50% and I
turned off that power head it was kind of bothered me the neons were not as
much neons like a chill so I got a couple plants floating yada yada I got
tons of Anubis right now if anyone’s looking for it so you know I just kind
of threw some plants in there but um algae you definitely want to make sure
your lights are on it’s that time again I’ve run mine six hours you can get away
with more I recommend six six to eight just watch it make sure you turn them
off and so that’s one of things also I was showing you guys the jungle here
they what we redid the jungle we had to bring the jungle back and that’s what
the jungle is looking like and I want to show a couple of things here one part of
the part of the mistake was that I had not enough gravel and substrate over the
dirt please excuse is cloudy I’ve just in there playing around but so I added a
bunch of black gravel just regular sized gravel nothing too small a lot of people
been throwing around the whole sand versus a gravel thing I’m a gravel guy I
gotta be honest I am I just think with sand if you’re doing dirt you got that
potential to let the the dirt come on top and it will kind of just not look as
good whereas with the gravel you can get away with a little more so I ended up
just adding black gravel some Giants edge really really like this plant came
in on two Fridays ago and it’s doing really well you can see the new growth
there speaking of this Michael and recepy both your orders went out today
no problems long ice line the post office but whatever but excuse me
burping I want to talk about something though let me show this though this is a
tiny little piece of the commodores Vesuvius and I want to say somebody
offered me some of this and I’m totally gonna take you up on it because my piece
sucks and there’s a kind of doors to Nellis and what I did was I added the
gravel over it so these plants are already up out of the water they’re
shooting me up out of the dirt so it didn’t really affect them so feel free
to add gravel to your tanks I need to get back there you can see it’s still
kind of fun you’re looking now all kinds of
pennywort creeping Jenny available this is a broadleaf crip and I really heard
up scream uh look crip what am I saying that’s Liguilla Cuba actually and I’m a
little salty about it because I got it in and here’s what it looked like
I got it in and it came to me like this now this is you know I can’t say that
you’re always gonna get plain smooth roots but like this had no roots on it
at all none so why can I not only one this obviously growing above water
because it’s got longer pointy or leaves when they’re grow underwater they have
like the rounder leaves with a little more space and chew there’s absolutely
no root so my guess is it was just hacked and given to me the good news is
with plants like this see this tiny little root right there off my finger
booyah is really really a hardy plant in case you don’t know I love liver yeah
because it’s able to grow it’s actually hooked because I had it just floating so
it’s floating up for some life so I’m gonna throw that back in there but you
really wanna I mean when I saw plants I want to make sure that those plants have
been there and they’ve developed at least a tiny little bit of a root
structure or at least I’ve had time to be you know in some kind of a good
substrate so it’s so important I can’t emphasize it or know if you’re good
substrate you gotta have it in there says what’s going on in this tank we’ve
got the narrow leaf just a little bit of narrow leaf liquid get left I’m actually
uh selling some of that I’ve also got the regular broadleaf and then I’ve got
that dwarfs edge down here and some new crypts and some star grass in the back
they’re my Lotus but up here I move some crypts from my 125 check this out so I
move some crypts for my 125 up in here now I move these crypts on Saturday
here’s what’s the dope about it new growth new growth new growth no melting
just I’m sorry pimping ain’t easy but making that look pretty good so I havin
fun with it also I got rid of all that most of all I say all of it a nice
portion of the duckweed ugly he’ll come back and then let’s talk about something
else crinum Callum the strop awesome awesome
awesome awesome plan okay these plants do not look that good at all but if you
look closely to the untrained eye they look like they’re dying however you look
closely you can see that green vein there you can see the green coming up
there in the back and then what I like about this plan is that unlike other
plants it will live will like grow like it’ll just kind of break off and keep
growing so you don’t have to like remove a whole leaf you can just cut it and
that leaf will grow so it grows kind of wears like an Amazon sort of relief goes
bad you get rid of the whole leaf here it’s got these crinkly leaves that just
kind of break off on the end so I can just kind of cut these back and it’ll be
good to go so I’m really excited about the Krenim obviously not selling it at
this stage just cuz I don’t know it needs it needs a while to get really
looking good but I’m really happy with it though I can see it coming back you
see some coming back there and just doing really well so that’s what’s up Oh
crypt under lotta also cool just plant that last night though so these little
time so here’s something else going on aquatic jungles calm is up if you want
to see all the plants I have for sale check it out aquatic jungles coms live
few blogs I need to work out you know you can see the plants I’ve got though I
need to add some pictures around maybe you know anyone give me some feedback I
really always appreciate feedback as you know on what I can do maybe maybe better
plans to be on the front page right now I think I got like jungle
battle on there three times whatever but it’s a good plant so a lot of good stuff
for sale on there I got a new anubian Anna for sale a new banana
I got obviously rippen’s tons of pennywort
the Giants as the rotella behind it you see it Rotella back there I’m or newbie
Asst I got a bunch of the Lotus for sale and but really just go check it out let
me know what you think use the feedback I can make it better a lot a lot of
plants are listed on there more than I just I’m not trying to you know I want
to sell some planes but it’s not the purpose of the video so that’s what’s a
couple of things again to recap fish tank T meaning calm is now fish tank and aquaticjungles calm is live you know we’re taking orders if you get
some error messages just let me know anything that you can see to make it
better and we’re just going to keep rolling
welcome to

26 comments on “HOW TO Light your Planted Tank. Lighting your Aquarium Tips. Timers on your planted tank.

  1. Hey Dustin,tanks looking great by the way….just wanted to know from what time to what time do you leave on your lights on your tanks Thanks

  2. oh, you can sell me that sexy Apistocaca you have ;]! or just do a Species Sunday on him so I can stare at him haha : ]

  3. @dustinsfishtanks thanks for the shout out and shipping my order! Any chance you can send me the tracking info… No rush bro. Tanks are looking good. -giuseppe

  4. what are the stands that you use that are able to support multiple tanks. I have a 75 gallon i am about to set up and looking for a cheap stand.

  5. @Thatonefishguy it is crinum Natans…. its awesome. I don't have any of it for sale. just the crinum calamistrata

  6. @maevle sadly i didn't build them, my boy bill did, these were his old tanks. Just do it beefy, cross supports and a good frame..

  7. good info on the lights I think I do leave mine on to long.
    question for you. a neighbor of mine gave me a 250 gallon tank. I can't put it in the house, but i set it up in the unfinbasement/ man cave. It gets cold in the winters and I want to stock it with fish and plants that can withstand a natuaral northeastern pond enviorment. How would you do it? Thats what I want to know.

  8. what about lighting tips???? WHAT THE FUCK DUDE! all you talk is about the damn site of yours…and all other thing BUT lights! JESUS

  9. hello can u help im new to fish keeping got the tank running good now i wont to ad plant but not sore if my light is high light or low light i have to 20w hagen 1 aqua-glo and 1 life-glo im in the uk eney thank

  10. I just bought the marineland aquatic plant LED for my 55 it comes with the blue lights or lunar whatever it called… Should i throw those on for a few hours a day?

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