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How To Make A Miniature Bead Lamp  With (fake) Glass On Top

How To Make A Miniature Bead Lamp With (fake) Glass On Top

hi everyone welcome back to my channel
where the gnomes live this is sharon ojala and today we’re gonna be building
some miniature bead lamps now the miniature bead lamp has been floating
around in the miniature world for many years I have no idea who to credit for
the idea it’s a brilliant idea I think they look really cute I have
never actually made one until just the other day so I thought I’d throw a
tutorial together and show you how I’ve done it I don’t think there’s many
tutorials out there for them although looking at them they’re pretty
self-explanatory if you do type in miniature be lanced you’ll most likely
see the ones with the pushpin on top for glass almost clear pushpin I just took
the nail out of it so at the very end of this video I’m gonna show you how to
take the nail out and we’ll throw this one together really quick what I’ve done
is come up with this idea for the glass so this glass here is made with fishtank
tubing and I have a tutorial that will show you how to shape it and how to keep
that shape and that video is popping up on your screen it’s in the iCard here it
will also be in the description box below in that same video using the same
steps I made to get this glass for the lamps I’ll also show you how to make one
of these bottles and close up the bottom and all of that good stuff so that would
be a fun one to watch if you’re interested if you don’t have access to
fish tank tubing you can use these push pins like I said if you can find
yourself some clear beads you can stack them top and bottom or a cylinder any
clear cylinder would work so let’s quickly talk about the supplies each of
my lamps got a wire inside them and this is a 20 gauge wire I found this
in the florist section I either used one of these or I used a corsage pin
depending on which lamp I was making these little pins here can be cut easily
with the players so if you don’t have any of that florist wire then you can
use a stick pin I also use pliers embroidery thread for the wick but
that’s not necessary I course I use the beads
and an assortment of bead cap sizes I’m going to talk about that in the next
clip and the glue now the very first lamp that I made was this one here and I
use tacky glue to put everything together
that’s only held together a tacky glue and it worked like a charm it’s not as
strong as my other lamps but it can still be used for light play or display
after I built that little lamp then I ordered some jewelry glue this is
jewelry and metal glue and it’s aliens I got it on Amazon for about seven bucks
that is amazing stuff although you don’t want to put it on your fingers cuz you
won’t get your fingers apart but it really really works so if you want to
saw a little app that could be roughly played with or if you drop it it’s not
gonna fall apart then I would suggest getting that jewellery glue I should
actually show you the sizes of these bead caps that I’m using I’ll show you
on the ruler so what I did was I went to the thrift store and I found a bracelet
had great big beads on it it was this one here and around those beads were
these bead caps and that’s what I was interested in it cost me like a dollar
or something like that I had all these wonderful bead caps and these ones right
here which are a half an inch across I believe yep half an inch I couldn’t find
them on Amazon I searched maybe I’m not searching for the right thing because
I’m not a jewelry maker but keep those in mind go to your thrift store and see
if you can find one of these because these ones here actually can be bent
with the pliers or even with your fingers you can bend them with your
fingers and you can bend them up around the glass so they actually hold the
glass in place just like a real one like a real life-sized one how cool is that
but if you only can find these Rey their size two bead caps which I find these
all the time at Walmart you can glue the glass on top of that it’ll work just
fine so I’m just picking out the bead I’m gonna be using for my next lamp and
before I get started I’m gonna make sure that the beads and the caps and any of
the spacers that I’ve chosen will fit on the wire that I’m using or the pin that
I’m using let’s take a look at one of these lamps again so for this lamp here
I have a large bead cap on the bottom then I have a bead and
I have a smaller bead cap on top of that then I have a spacer and then I have my
bead cap on top and then this little piece here that turns the lamp up or
down you can either make one with a bead and a wire which I’ve started here I’ve
just glued it together already I’m going to talk about that in a minute or we can
use one of these pieces here one of those pieces so what I would do to get
started is just cut free so I want this part right here the smallest little loop
there I’m just gonna cut that one and now I can pull it out there it’s going
to close this up a little bit more I’m thinking right about there and there’s
our little turn piece for the lamp so I’m going to set that one aside for now
okay and then inside there you don’t have to do this part it’s a small small
detail that most people won’t even notice but I had also on hand these
little solid caps and I actually pulled and broidery thread through there for
the wick and then for the glass like I said you can use that tutorial that I
have to shape the glass or if you don’t want to do that we’ll just cut a piece
and you can make it any length that you want if you choose to use a piece that
you don’t shape and it’s just going to be a skinny little tube like this one
then I would use a smaller bead cap for it to sit on top of so in the next clip
I’m going to be making this lamp here and I used the shaped glass and for that
one I used a half an inch bead cap so just keep those things in mind as you
watch the next clip all right so this glue says instant grout but it’s really
not it’s not instant grab at all but once it does grab it it really holds on
so I just put glue on the underside of that a larger bead cap drop my pin in
there now I can put my bead rate over top of that or I could put a small bead
cap upside down and then a little bit of glue on the
inside of that cap and I can drop my bead in there
alright so for this guy he’s got a great big hole in the middle of that bead so
what I’m gonna use is the end of a connector this is a connector for
jewelry I’ve already used the other side of it right here so that these two
pieces this one and this one in here screw together and help a necklace
closed so this one has a little bit on the end that’s gonna fit nicely inside
that bead look at that like it was meant to be I’m gonna drop a little bit of
glue on top of there and now I can drop my half inch bead cap upside down this
one is gonna be shaped around my glass so I’m gonna let this dry now guys make
sure everything’s nice and straight up and down I’m gonna let this dry for
about 20 minutes or so just make sure that everything’s straight before you
leave it dry otherwise it’s gonna dry permanently crooked because once that
glue is dry you can’t break it apart so everything is dry enough now I can cut
this wire free and I just bring it down to the top of that cap so from here I
could just shape the cap around this class but before I do that I’m gonna add
in one of my solid caps here and I’ll drop a little bit of glue in there I can
glue this wick on over top and I’m gonna show you that in the next little lamp
that I make or I can just pull it right through this cap and for that I’ll need
a little bit of help so I’ll just grab a pin I’m going to cut the bottom free I’m
gonna stick some glue inside there I remember what I said you can’t get
this stuff off your fingers once it’s on there so be really careful about that
I’m going to put it right through that wire that’s sticking up and then I’ll
push it down and if I would just let that dry for a few minutes before we
carry on I just cut the wick down trim it up to the size that you want if you
have a black felt pin and you can use that over a little bit of paint on top
of that wick make it look like it’s been used if you have a longer wick it’s
better to leave it dry that black paint dry before you put the glass on
otherwise you can mess up your glass and then I gently squeezed together around
that glass now all that’s left is our little Ernie thing I’m super lucky
because I have a little hole I can shove this into when I make the next lamp I’ll
show you what to do if you don’t have one of those so there was a little hole
in there I could shove that into so I was lucky there in the next lamp I’m
gonna show you what to do if you don’t have one of those so let’s just leave
that dry before we move on I’m popping in with an edit because I didn’t figure
this part out until the very end of the video and in case you stop the video
before you get there you’ll never see what I’ve done
so that little pin can be glued in between this cap and that cap and makes
it a lot easier you just glue it right in between there works really well when
you’re using the jewelry glue so there’s one I did all depends on the look you’re
going for of course you can put that pin up here I think it looks good up there
as well so all depends on what you like better but there’s another option for
you so you can see once that glue is dry it is stuck in there there’s no getting
that out okay so the next lamp I’m going to recreate this little one here and
when I made this one I did not have this special glue and what I used was 20
gauge wire so I have three of those little boot caps in there I use tacky
glue now I would prefer to use this glue but
I’m just going to show you that it can be done with tacky glue if you don’t
have any of that special glue on hand I used a wooden bead for this one here I
just put tacky little bear and my bead you know what would make this so much
easier on myself which I didn’t think of the first time around was a little strip
of masking tape so I’ll just wrap this around so that just holds the wire up
straight up and down instead of flopping from side to side and I’ll stick some
glue on this bead cap and I’m gonna slide it down over top of this wire
okay I’m gonna set this aside and let it dry I’m not gonna play around with it
while it’s still wet because things will just get all wonky looking and give it
about a half an hour so that’s been sitting for about a half an hour and
that feels pretty sturdy doesn’t feel like it’s gonna fall apart or anything
okay so for the top part we can’t put a spacer in between I think a leaves a
spacer off you can of course play around with all of these ideas and yeah there’s
endless things that you could do so this so I just down so my friends I have lost
that little wire that I showed you at the beginning of the video no idea where
it ended up that’s okay I just took a little tiny bead I don’t know if you can
see the shape there it’s round and it does good for a little handle so this is
what the final look would have looked like and you can see I laid it across
inside and underneath the glass and again I did that with tacky glue so of
course this needs a little bit of time to sit I’m just showing you how I did it
and then I would let that glue dry fully dry and then you can play around with it
you can cut the wire shorter and then we could install it so obviously that’s not
gonna work for this video so let’s work again
with one of those pins I’ll get one of these pins out of here so here’s one of
those pins I cut it and I bent the end with my pliers so what I can do is
actually lay it inside there and push it down into that hole of a bead cap it I
can also bend this wire over and use this for a little tourney handle thing
so I could bend it over and glue on one of those little beads that I was just
showing you but I’m not going to do that with this one it’s just an idea and
there’s a little wire sticking in there that you can use as the wick you can
totally do that or you can do what I said earlier and just glue this inside and I just realized it’s so much easier
to just pull this through the this bead cap because it’s a bigger bead cap so
I’m just gonna pull this through I’m having troubles getting it to stick on
camera it keeps sticking to my finger so I’ll do it this way because it’s driving
me a little bit bonkers you didn’t see all the ones that cut out I had to cut a
little wick since I tried to glue them on top it worked before but it’s not
working today so we will do it this way then there’s always more than one way to
do things absolutely all right let’s try this
again put a little bit more glue on there and there we go oh okay I caught
it that time now cut this wick and again this wasn’t even necessary you can just
add a little dot of black paint on top of that wire that’s in there it would
look like wick all right I am ready to attach the clasp and the little turn
thingy so I’m going to use a little bit more
tacky glue in there so I dropped some glue inside I’m going to lay in this a
long metal piece little thing that supposed to be a turn handle just pop it
right down into that hole in the middle of the bead cap
and now I’m going to pop on my glass you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna put a
little slit in here that’s what I’m gonna do
where is my exacto knife okay and make a little slit in here for my little handle
a little nick out of there we are in the next morning good morning good morning
I’ve already had my coffee and this is glued in there really nice so yesterday
that was something that I just figured out as we’re going along on these
straight tubes the ones that you didn’t shape when you’re gluing them inside the
bead cap and on top of a little wire you’ll need to make a little slit on the
side and that will make it a lot easier for you for everything to catch at the
bottom of this plastic piece so make a little notch for that handle and it
glues in there perfectly on these ones that I shaped there’s no need to do that
because the glass actually sits just on the outside on the inside edge of the
bead cap and there’s room under it for the handle before I go I wanted to show
you one more thing I saw online a lot of these tinier bead lamps made with
pushpins the glass part so I want to quickly throw one together before we
leave this video and show you what that looks like so here’s that little one I’m
throwing it together I’m using the jewelry glue it’s so much easier and
quicker and for this little tourney handle thing I’m gonna sandwich it
between these two caps and I didn’t think of that on the other ones I just
thought of it new so when you learn as we go okay I also keep in mind that the little
wire in there is gonna be too long for that pushpin so I’m just gonna cut it
okay so I was be learned in the last clip you got to make sure that while
you’re is not sticking up on top of this so before putting on the top cap I would
cut that wire down and now we can’t stick this in there because there’s a
wire in there so we need to remove that little stick things what we’re gonna do
is melt it and count to about seven or eight one two three four five six seven
see if that worked yep probably could have done it on five
okay we are going to glue this and now we can put our pin on top so it’s all
dry now and ready to be displayed in the dollhouse I think that’s a nice
alternative if you don’t have any the plastic tubing on hand or any glass to
use then the top of a clear push pin will work and for the glass part the
ones that don’t have this sort of cap to hold them in then you you’ll have to
glue them in like I said and that tacky glue works great
you can if you pull on it hard it will come off but just for sitting in there
and for display purposes tacky glue works just great but if you do want it
to be permanently attached where you can’t take it off at any time then you
can use jewellery glue that does work when you sit on this one here I think it
clouds up the bottom a little bit but someone could play with it and it won’t
fall apart a little bit of cloudiness on the bottom but that’s no big deal
alright guys I think we’re done I hope you found the video helpful and if you
did please give the video a thumbs up that helps me out a lot if you do make
one of these lamps I would sure love to see it post pictures on my facebook page
where the gnomes live thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you super soon

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