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How to make a Salmon Poke Bowl in 15 minutes! | Nadiya’s Time to Eat – BBC

How to make a Salmon Poke Bowl in 15 minutes! | Nadiya’s Time to Eat – BBC

This salmon poke bowl is my take
on this hip Hawaiian dish. It’s delicious, nutritious
and, best of all, super fast and easy to make. Every good poke bowl
starts off with rice. You could use any rice that you want
but I like sushi rice because it’s a short grain
and it’s really sticky. If you’re really short of time, just heat up some microwave
packet stuff – easy peasy. But cooking rice from scratch
is in my DNA. My grandad was a rice farmer and if
we didn’t know how to cook rice by the age of about seven,
you’re ostracised. But don’t worry, I have
a foolproof method that will ensure you’ll never end up
wasting your time. Find yourself a wooden spoon
and stick a line on it, about a centimetre and a half. And as soon as you kind of have
enough water up to that line, that’s about right. When you get it right
every single time, you can almost pat yourself on the
back and say, “I did that again.” Give it a stir and simmer until
the rice absorbs all the water. I’ve got three little kids,
we live on salmon. This is the kind of stuff that
we have in the house all the time. This is uber-fresh farmed
Scottish salmon, so I’m not even going to cook it. Because we’re eating this raw, I like to have small chunks, otherwise it just feels
like you’re eating raw fish. Is that weird? You can see that there’s
no water left. Leave that to steam for about ten
minutes, and then that gives me loads of time to crack on with
the rest of the dish. Next, my simple dressing. I’m going to make this dressing
out of stuff that I have in the cupboard all the time. So, we’ll start off with
some mayonnaise. I’m going to add Sriracha. This chilli sauce will
give it a spicy boost. Some soy sauce. It smells so good. A bit of sesame oil – not too much,
because that’s quite strong. Fish sauce. That’s so fishy. Lemon juice. And then give that a little mix. Just to finish it off, just a little bit of black pepper. I say a little bit of black pepper – I like a lot of black pepper. If you’re going to dress
your salmon, dress it well. Even when you’re flagging, this is so easy to put together, and – bonus – you get to use up all
those nagging little leftovers knocking around in your fridge. I’ve always got spring onion. I’m not even going to bother
getting the knife out. I’m just going to just
use my scissors. My number one hack for making
quick work of chopping. I’ve always got this odd carrot. It’s not enough to make
a carrot cake, not enough to do anything else with, so this is perfect
for something like this. As a simple short cut
to the authentic flavour of sushi, I’m just going to roll up these
sheets of dried seaweed and give them a snip. Now, I’m going to just
check on the rice, and you can see – look at that – that’s what sushi rice is all
about, and that’s what makes great sushi is because
the rice all sticks together. Season it with some salt and sugar. And then some vinegar. That smells so good. This is it. I’m ready to
put my bowl together, and all in about 15 minutes. Your rice is almost like the canvas. No matter how tired you are, take time to create
something beautiful. I always have pickled red cabbage. Look at that colour. What’s not to like? This recipe isn’t about cooking. It’s about piling on
your favourite ingredients… ..and making it special. Oh, there’s something about
that creamy goodness that you get from peanuts.
I love it. Some sesame seeds. Just a bit of black pepper, because I think salmon
likes black pepper. Food shouldn’t look like art,
but when it does you kind of almost don’t want to eat it,
but I’m going to eat it! My salmon poke bowl – a tasty,
streamlined supper that will lift your spirits as well as
bank you precious time. I’ll have to put them down because
they’re slowing me down. No two mouthfuls are the same. They taste different
every single time. After a long day at work, sometimes dinner is
the last thing on your mind, but, in 15 minutes, I’ve just cooked
up some rice and put some stuff together and we’ve got
this beautiful, beautiful dish that tastes out of this world. Now, if you don’t mind, could
you leave me with my bowl?

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