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How to Make Back Alley Ribs with Matty Matheson

How to Make Back Alley Ribs with Matty Matheson

So I’m Matty Matheson. This is how you make
back alley ribs. Share these with
the people that you love the most, and
who you respect. If you don’t
respect them, don’t let them have any
of these fucking ribs. Food is about love.
If you don’t love anybody,
you’re dark and you suck. So just do
something else. I’m Matty Matheson, the
host of the most famous show in the entire
planet, Keep It Canada. I’m here to show how to
make back alley ribs. If you guys want to
check out the recipe, which you will want to
because you obviously aren’t as good as
a cook as I am. Check out
the recipe here. So, we’re gonna make
a traditional barbecue sauce, with molasses,
pomegranate, some apple cider vinegar,
some spices. And then what we’re gonna
top the sticky, beautiful back alley ribs, is I’m
gonna make like a duqqa, which is kind of like
a seasoned, nut mixture. And we’re gonna put that
kind of on the sticky, yummy, barbecuey ribs. But the thing that’s
gonna make these ribs really easy for
you guys at home to do is we’re gonna
boil our ribs. A lot of people are gonna
hate on this because we’re not making
smoked ribs, we’re just making sticky,
yummy, fucking ribs. So what we’re gonna do is
first cook our ribs for about an hour and a half. So the first
thing we gotta do is cut these
guys in half, we want these just
to be salty pork, cooked salty pork bits,
really fucking easy. We put them in water,
bring them up to a boil, and then we’re just
gonna simmer them. So you want like two
tablespoons worth per like liter of salt. That’ll make
something salty, maybe a few more, eh? America, you guys should
probably use the metric system cuz the Imperials
were fucking crazy people. So whatever gallons are, what are you, on a horse
galloping around, then we had to build
our barbecue sauce. First, like many
really good sauces, start with onions and
garlic. So we’re just gonna
quickly cut the onions, aah, fuck. We got eight racks of
ribs, so I’m gonna want two full onions
diced up in the ol sauce. So first we’re gonna
start with some just basic canola oil
in a sauce pan, like four tablespoons
worth of canola oil. And we’re just gonna
quickly cut our onions. We got the onions,
garlic, ginger, jalapenos, cut
all that shit up. The ginger’s gonna
bring this really nice brightness. So it’s like adding
citrus that doesn’t fade away, like you’re
gonna get that sharpness, you’re gonna get
like a really big brightness from ginger. And then this heat
from the jalapenos, and then you get
this nice fresh, kind of zingy fucking
zingy, cooking terms. Shout out to
cooking terms, zingy and fucking tasty
and all this shit. Just throw some
ging in there, five jalapenos, I’m going
to keep the seeds in because I want this to
be fucking spicy, so I’m not going
to wimp out. Everyone likes spice,
spice is nice. So I’m just gonna add
this in, same time. Cook it down,
you want it to get color, you want to build
that depth. You want to get as
much flavor in that base as you can. While we’re cooking that, let’s open up some
pomegranates. So, every asshole and their mother literally
has a different way of getting the pumpkin
seeds or whatever, the pomegranate seeds
out of these things. So what I’m gonna do is
just squeeze, squeeze out all this shit. And then we’re just gonna
this a few more times. Four pomegranate. Am I covered in shit? Yeah. Fuck, the veggies
are good to go, we’ve roasted them down, got some really
nice color on them. You can smell the garlic, the fucking ginger, the
onions, the jalapenos. So I got a spoon too,
we can come over here and do a little skimming,
it’s certain to happen. Skim the scum
off the top, and then you keep everything
nice, I guess. That’s as simple as I
can make that sound. So you add your
spices at this time. So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna need about a tablespoon or so
of the onion powder, little bit of
the garlic powder, little bit of
the coriander, little bit of the mace, just a little bit of
clove, cuz when you’re adding the clove, it’s
really fucking powerful. But you want a little bit
of that, and you could add like allspice or
something like that. We’re gonna add a lot of
the, I like the cayenne, I like it spicy. So we’re gonna add
a lot of the cayenne, a lot of the Korean
chili flakes, and a lot of
the smoked paprika. I’m just gonna, I like
that kind of stuff. You can see that
this is dry, I’m just gonna keep
stirring this and kind of wake up
all those spices. So now we’re gonna add
the liquid to deglaze. So we’re gonna use
the pomegranate juice. Oh and we throw all the
pomegranate in there and then we add more liquid. We add our molasses, like
three tablespoons but this is going to make
it super sticky, our maple syrup,
a few drip drops of that. That’s not good. We added the apple
cider vinegar. You want it
pretty acidic, so I’m gonna add a lot. So then we add water and
then we can bring it down to the sauce consistency
that we’re looking for. We cook this down now, it will turn to
fucking sludge. A fair bit of water
cause this is a lot of fucking flavor. And what I’m gonna be
able to do now is control the sauce consistency. I’ll be able to get it
to the right viscosity, I guess. Looks like barbecue
sauce already, doesn’t it guys,
doesn’t it? Cause we’re putting
the fundamental things of barbecue
sauce in this pot but once again, we’re making
it very fucking tasty. Gonna bring that up to a
boil, cook that for about an hour, we’re gonna
puree it and then we’ll be able to just sticky up
those ribs once they’re on the grill and that
shit is gonna be crack. You ever have cracked cocaine before guys,
have you? Because it’s amazing,
don’t do it but it’s amazing. Then next what we gotta
do is make the dooka so the nuts and seeds and
all that kind of stuff. So we got some pumpkin
seeds, some white sesame, some fennel seed,
some sunflower seeds, some pistachios,
some black sesame. So what we’re gonna
do is just literally, like kinda like
just blitz that up, and then we’re gonna have
that little kinda nut and seed crumble on top of
our sticky ribs with some fresh herbs, and
we’re on our fucking way. We don’t wanna fucking
blend the shit out of this, so
you just wanna pulse it. Boom. So now we have,
you can smell that. This once again by
mashing all this shit up and blending it, you’re gonna be able to
smell the fennel seed, the pistachio. And now once upon the
time that we grill and glaze our beautiful
fucking ribs, we’re gonna put this stuff on and
then the fresh herbs and then this rib is
gonna be lit as fuck. So the sauce is ready,
it’s been cooking for about an hour, the ribs
have about half and hour left, see this? If you’re going to be
basting the ribs this is just going to be
chunky and thin so it’s going to slide
off and everything. So what we’re going to do
is just ladle this into the same blender
that we the dooka. Then we blended that
up in the Blend Tech. Shout out to Blend Tech, send some free shit,
all right. And when you’re
blending hot shit, make sure you don’t
fill it to the top. Fill it like halfway, because if you do fill
it to the top, and you blend, it’s gonna
blow the fuck and you’re gonna
burn yourself. You’re gonna feel
like an asshole, you’re gonna make a mess. Then your roommate’s
gonna kick you in the fucking nuts,
and you’re no good. Oh, pomegranate,
the molasses, the fucking jalapenos, the apple
cider vinegar, you’re getting all that stuff,
which is good stuff. So now we got our
barbecue sauce. Now I just gotta
cut up our herbs. So just cut up these
herbs, parsley, cilantro. Then we’re fucking done. So these do look like,
pretty like gray, miserable things, but the
thing that we’re looking for, what we’re really
looking for is that it’s just salty pork, and
then it just comes off, the salty,
delicious pork. You can see the bones
can come right out, another good sign. Gotta cook til the bones
fucking fall off the fucking bones. So now we got our ribs. We got our pomegranate
molasses jalapeno hot sauce, we got our dooka,
we got our fresh herbs. Now is the fun stuff, so we’ve got
the burner going, we got the ol’ Weber out, we’ve got some
coals on there. We’re gonna do
the backs first. I’m only gonna put a few
on cuz this looks like it’s gonna get
a little greasy here. Fuck that’s hot. Ahh! What the fuck? And now we’re
just charring, basting, caramelizing
that barbecue sauce. See how fast this is? That’s what you want to
do because we’ve already done the work inside. Baste, baste, baste, flaming, hot, burn
a little hair on the arm. That’s okay,
we’re cooking. I think in one more turn
and these guys are done. Aah, fuck! See that?Those look
beautiful, don’t they? So now we’ve got
the ribs off. I’m just gonna
give them a quick, like a light little guy. So we got the chopped up
parsley and cilantro, put that stuff on. We’re just gonna
sprinkle a little bit of the herbies. And then we’re gonna
take the dooka, and we slice it. Then we build up
a big rib pile and you serve it. This is a very simple, easy rib anyone
can make at home. Little lime. Little fresh
fucking juice. That’s it. That’s how you make
fucking back alley ribs. It’s from
a different time. It’s from a different
time of ribs. Is that good? No. No, it’s not.

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