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How to Make Baked Salmon Easily- The Best Salmon Recipe

How to Make Baked Salmon Easily- The Best Salmon Recipe

Hello, lads! Welcome to the Dwarven Kitchen! Today episode gonna be a special one. It’s sponsored by Dun Morogh Association of Tinfoil Producers! Tinfoil is pretty handy thing. You are probably asking yoursel what you can do with a tinfoil produced by Dun Morog Association of Tinfoil Producers. Just grab a piece of tinfoil and Carefully put it on your head making a tin foil hat And why anyone should put a tin foil on his head? Ha ha no, no, it’s not funny Everyone is seeing them. The blue hooves creatures Why did they come to Azeroth? What do they want from us? No, no, they are probing my mind! Gotfar, you’re delusional again… Huh? So what this episode was going to be about? You were supposed to make salmon Aaah! Salmon! Allright. It seems that you can also use a tin foil to put a salmon here We need salmon, lime, garlic, pepper and butter for this recipe. A tin foil! Salmon is basically ready to eat swimming food, so you can even eat it raw. Just be careful not to choke on the bones. It would be extremely shameful death. However If you want to bake it, just put it in the foil and add pepper, garlic and butter. You should grind pepper, but I’m to lazy. Then throw it on the hot coals Now it’s time for the most difficult part. Waiting… Fifteen minutes and five beers later your salmon is ready. I’m guessing you’re very hungry… … so just grab the foil. It will burn your hands a bit, but delicious food is waiting. Before serving… …sprinkle the fish with sea salt and add few drops of lime or lemon juice, as you apparently need to… Aaah! I should eat it raw. Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this episode, don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe.

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