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How To Make Breakfast Tacos for $15 or less

How To Make Breakfast Tacos for $15 or less

We’re here in Akumal, Mexico with Carlos Capistran And he is the Executive Chef here at Lol-Ha. Which is a terrific restaurant Right on the beach. So, what are we cooking today Carlos? Today we are making a delicious breakfast tacos. Alright! So let’s get started. Just about a teaspoon of margarine or butter. Pretty much everything is pre-cooked. Fresh onion. Except for the veggies. So we have fresh onions, Serrano peppers, Tomatoes. Toasted, not pre-cooked. So now what we are going to do next We are going to sauté a little bit of everything. Okay. If you can tell me what you like We can. Oh! I get to choose. This rocks! Well, I’m going to add chorizo. Chorizo, perfect. Little bit of onions. Onions. Okay. And some taters. Potatoes. Alright. Love the taters. Now now long should we sauté this? We should sauté this for about two to three minutes. We want the onions to be still be really crunchy. As well with the potatoes And the crispiness on the chorizo. So we are going to cook this for two to three minutes. While we are doing that We are going to break. Break the eggs. The eggs. Whatever you like. You cracked them together? That rocks! You do this all day long. I do. And then whip up the egg. They’re a beautiful golden color. And are these local eggs? Those are local eggs. Yes. You mean, you don’t grow your own chickens too? Come on. Okay. Add some black pepper to it. Okay. A little salt. A little bit of salt. Just a little. Alright. Oh! Smell it! Chorizo smells wonderful. Alright! Toss them in there. And now. Do we stir it around? Or do we leave it to sit? We let it sit a little bit Until the very bottom starts cooking. Okay. And then after that we kind of scramble everything together. Okay, the breakfast looks tremendous. Oh! We need Smell-O-Vision. Okay, so that’s it. Okay. Wow! It took like two seconds. So you can make a breakfast in a few minutes. Exactly. Easy-peasy. So now we are going add this to the tortillas. And we are going make a taco. Right in the pan. Yum! That’s it. Okay. This comes. This is my favorite part. Because you know. So we can add cheese Can add beans We can add whatever you like. And ta-da! Voilà! And I get to take a bite. I’m really excited. Oo! It’s hot. Mmmm. Oh my gosh. Is that good? This is so good! Perfect. You don’t get any. It’s delicious. So there you have it. Easy breakfast tacos Fifteen dollars or less. Way under fifteen dollars. In just a few minutes.

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