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How to Make Chicken Tacos | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

How to Make Chicken Tacos | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

Two rules– don’t skip leg day,
and don’t skip Taco Tuesday. I want to show you how to make
an insanely easy chicken taco recipe that will turn
your boring Tuesday into a Taco Tuesday– or Wednesday. [MUSIC PLAYING] So we’re going to add some oil
to a large skillet over medium heat. I’m going to add in some
sliced up chicken breasts. Throw those right in there. Cook it till it’s
no longer pink. It’ll take about
three to five minutes. Now my chicken’s cooked
without our flavor. All we need is one package of
McCormick Taco Seasoning Mix right into other ingredients. I’m going to throw it right
on top of our chicken there. That taco seasoning
is what’s going to give it that really
full, hearty flavor we’re looking for. But I’ma add some water. It’s going to turn
this ordinary chicken into a fiesta of flavor. I like that– fiesta of flavor. I’ve got to be the first
person who’s said that. [BUZZ] [BOOP] Let that water cook down. We’re going to turn it into
a nice little sauce over top of the chicken. It’s going to come to a boil. We’ll reduce the
heat to low, and then let it simmer for about
five to seven minutes until the chicken is
cooked all the way through. We’re going to let all
the Taco Seasoning Mix and do all the hard work. So that’s done. Turn that off right there. Now you can use flat corn
tortillas, flour tortillas. You can use hard taco shells– whatever floats your taco boat! I personally prefer tostadas. Take one of our tostadas here. Get a nice bed of lettuce
going on right there. Take some chicken right there. Now personally, I’m partial
to a little pico de gallo– fresh pico right on top– and some guac. Oh, nice. Top it off with
some fresh cilantro. Gives it a nice, fresh flavor. And there you have it–
delicious chicken tacos or tostadas, on your
plate in under 15 minutes. Talk about easy. [MUSIC PLAYING] Make sure to check out
the Flavor Maker app. You’ll find all the
Flavor Maker videos and tons of delicious recipes. You can even scan your
McCormick’s Spices, add them to your
digital spice rack, and create shopping lists. Plus, a ton of other cool
features that I haven’t even explored yet. Have fun cooking, guys.

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