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How to Make EASY and Healthy Fish Tacos | Spicy and Creamy

How to Make EASY and Healthy Fish Tacos | Spicy and Creamy

– Hey guys. – Hey guys.
– Welcome to iFOODreal, where we make healthy dinners delicious, easy peasy, lime squeezy. Today, we’re making fish tacos and I like my fish tacos crispy with sauce and lots of additions on top. And you can do it healthy
and we will show how to. Do you have anything to say?
– Yeah. No.
– No? Okay, let’s do it. You can use any firm
white fish or even salmon. I’m using cod. We will cut it into one-inch cubes. (upbeat music) – Second step, you want to
make the fish taco sauce, so all ingredients have a chance to sit and marry each other. It’s just gonna be more tasty. In a medium size bowl,
combine plain yogurt, mayo, lime juice, taco seasoning, salt, and a pinch of cayenne. I like to use whole milk
yogurt and avocado oil mayo. (upbeat music) So while fish taco sauce is in the fridge, you want to make the flour mixture and we will be dipping fish
into the flour mixture, frying, and it’s gonna come
out, more or less, crispy. And good news is you can use any flour. I’m using almond flour, but I have tried whole wheat flour and gluten-free flour. You can even use bread crumbs. So just add the flour you’re using. Then, we have corn starch here and it helps with absorbing moisture, so while you fry fish it
comes out more crispy. Taco seasoning, garlic
powder, salt, and pepper. You just stir it. Break any lumps, if you
have any, and set aside. And last step in our preparation is to cut the vegetables
and the perfect thing, you can use anything
you like on your tacos. Today, we’re using
purple cabbage, tomatoes, avocados, red onion, cilantro, and lime. (upbeat music) You wanna make sure you have enough oil and if you see dry spots on the skillet, just add a little bit more. And it’s best to turn fish one by one. (upbeat music) Warm up tortilla in a hot, preferably, cast iron skillet for
about 10 seconds per side. It makes them soft. And keep tortillas covered under towel to help them stay soft
and prevent drying out. (upbeat music) – Well. – I’m ready. – And now, finally. – I’m ready to eat tacos. Okay. – You start first. (upbeat music) – More sauce. And in a bottle, it’s awesome. Oh my gosh, this sauce. So good. – It’s a great taco, guys. – Tacos are so messy. – Oh yeah, please make them. Make them.
– I like battered fish versus baked or grilled. You can also bake. This fish, no problem, but fried is good. And the sauce is not that bad
because it has some yogurt. Heaven in my mouth. The best tacos so far? – Mm-hmm. I cannot stop eating. – Make tacos. – Make tacos.
– Give us some thoughts below for the videos. Subscribe to our channel there. – Yeah. – New videos every Friday. Hope you enjoy. – We love you guys. See you later. – Bye.
– Bye. (upbeat music) – This is so good. (laughs) So good.

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  1. Love your videos guys! Olena all your food looks so delish. 😀🤤 Great tip to keep the tortillas under a towel. 👍👍

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