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How to Make Easy Steak Tacos with Avocado Salsa – Paleo & Gluten Free!

How to Make Easy Steak Tacos with Avocado Salsa – Paleo & Gluten Free!

Hi, I’m KC from G-Free Foodie, and
today we are making some incredibly delicious and totally easy steak tacos.
Check it out. First we’re gonna put together the
avocado salsa, so the flavors have a little bit of time to melt, so I’ve got
two avocados here, and I’m gonna add some fresh tomato, and about a quarter cup of
lime juice, red onion, little jalapeno, you can leave this part out if you want to, I
don’t want to obviously, and then the recipe calls for cilantro. I am one of
those people who thinks the cilantro can get a little soapy, so I actually have
half green onions, half cilantro, but you do whatever works for you. I’m gonna hit
it with a little bit of salt, maybe a little more, and toss this all together.
This salsa is actually perfect at parties, with chips too, but it’s gonna be
an amazing topping to our tacos. Let’s cook the steak. All right, so now I’m
gonna season my steak. You just need one steak to serve, like, four people for this
recipe. Love it. I have a New York here, you can use a Newark or top sirloin,
whatever works for you. I’ve got some salt and chili pepper, lots of cumin, and
some fresh garlic. I’m just gonna mix all this together to make a rub for the
steak, and then you can use the spoon if you want to, I’m gonna use my hands, and
I’m just gonna rub the steak liberally with this get it all coated. You can cook
this under the broiler, on a grill pan, on the grill outside, barbecue, whatever you
want to do, however you like to cook your steak. Okay, we’ve got all the taco
components working out here. You of course can use gluten-free corn
tortillas or lettuce wrap if you’re going paleo or
feeling healthy, I just like to let everyone build their own tacos, and I’m
going to tell you how this is. Amazing, like I knew it would be. G-free foodie.
you got to make these and all our other recipes.

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