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How To Make Fish and Chips | Hilah Cooking

How To Make Fish and Chips | Hilah Cooking

>>Hilah: Hey dudes! I am Hilah, and today on Hilah Cooking we
are making fish and chips, super-crispy, the crispiest fish and chips you will ever eat,
just like they serve in Ye Olde England, just like probably Sherlock Holmes ate except definitely
better because I am making them and I am making them with love dammit! [MUSIC] [Extra Crispy Fish and Chips Recipe]>>Hilah: We are going to start with the chips
part, and I’ve got some russet potatoes here that I cut up about this size. I like them about as thick as my finger and
about twice as wide, but that’s a little bit, you know, it’s up to you. Some people like them bigger like steak fries,
but I think that’s a little too much, so they’ve been soaking in cold water for about
30 minutes, and now I’m just going to dry them off on a clean towel. The soak in the water helps make them really
crispy because it draws out of some of the excess starch on the surface, okay, so then
just sort of kind of the same trick that you use like if you’re making potato latkes
and stuff like that. I just want to roll it up in the towel and
give it a little squish, just to get all the water off, good deal, okay, and we kind of
just set those aside for now and make our fish fry batter. For that I’ve got some flour and some baking
powder, salt and pepper. I am gonna add a little bit of cayenne pepper,
totally optional and a little bit of dill, and honestly you don’t really taste this,
it just looks really pretty in the final product, but you could totally skip it, or if you wanted
to add any other spices of your choosing, that’s fine. Maybe some curry powder would even be a fun
little variation, and I’ve just got some plain old soda water. You could use beer, but I am using soda water,
and this is sort of like a tempura batter in that it’s just basically water and flour
and then we’re going to add in a couple of ice cubes. Some recipes you’ll see add egg to the batter,
but I think that that makes it a little bit chewy. I like this because it’s definitely very
light and crisp and that’s what I like and my fish and chips, but I guess that’s a
personal preference. That looks about right, and then we’re just
going to add in a couple of ice cubes. That’s going to help keep it cool, and we
can set this aside while our oil heats, waiting for our oil to heat up to 330, so I’ll let
you guys know when that happens okay, so you just sit tight. So our oil is hot at about 330, and our potatoes
are dry, so we can go ahead and do the first fry, and this first time we’re just trying
to cook the potatoes. We’re not really trying to brown them, so
we’re just gonna put in the potatoes, and let them cook for about two minutes or until
like the, all the sizzling kind of subsides a little bit, and don’t overload it too
much just because you don’t want to temperature, so maybe a handful of potatoes at a time;
not that you could use your hands to put things in boiling oil. A couple of minutes later you could see our
oil for the potatoes is not quite as furiously boiling as it was when we first dropped them
in, and the potatoes are soft. They are little, getting a little brown, but
this isn’t the crisping step yet, so we’re just gonna let them drain here, and then turn
oil back up to let it get up to like 365 or so, and then we’ll do the fish and the second
fry of the potatoes. Oils hot up to 365. I’ve got some fish that I cut up just a
little bit bigger than the, the potato pieces. I am using a barramundi which is an Australian
fish that I am new to but somebody recommended it on Instagram, so thanks bud! I really like it, but you can use anything,
dogfish is very traditional, but cod is also good. When I was in New Zealand, the fish shop would
have like five or six different types every day that just whatever was in fresh, and you
could take your pick, so just dip your little fish, and I am going to use my fingers. Do as I say not as I do. Don’t use your fingers. Danger, and again, you don’t want to overload
it, so just fry a couple of pieces at a time. Bloop! And these will be ready when the fish kind
of starts to float and the breading is nice and brown, and again, kind of waiting for
that oil sizzle to subside. Okay, so the sizzling has subsided, and they
are nice and brown. Drain a little bit there, and then these are
so, so hot. I am gonna let them cool for here just a minute
while I do this second fry on these potatoes and it’ll be fine like, the fish will still
be plenty hot by that time these potatoes are done. Just let them go for about a minute until
they look really nice and brown and the oil again is up to about 365, and the potatoes
are done! Super-brown and crisp. I am so excited about this you guys. Way more excited than I should be for health
purposes. All right, and then while everything is still
hot, we want to sprinkle it with a little more salt. You can also use the same batter, the fish
batter, to do like fried mushrooms or zucchini slices. I have even done eggplant chunks. It’s all delightful. All right. Now usually these are served with malt vinegar,
but my skanky old grocery store doesn’t carry it, so I’ve got some tartar sauce that I
made up with some homemade aioli. I’ll put the recipe in a link to that and
the aioli will be up next Thursday, or this coming Thursday, or whatever, sometime in
the future, and I am going to do a little bit of a lemon squeeze though. It’s so crispy. Oh my God! Can you hear that? That crunch. Oh my God! I am so excited! [crunch] Mmmmmmmmmm. My God! It’s so crunchy and so moist and just perfectly
cooked. Wow! This is better than any fish and chips that
you will ever buy in a restaurant or a bar or a pub or anywhere. I promise you. So, I hope you try this recipe, and if you
have any questions or comments, leave them below, and I’ll respond as soon as I can,
and remember if you ever take any pictures of any of the food that you make from my recipes,
you can always put them on Instagram, hashtag Hilah Cooking, and it will go straight to
the website, or you can post them on Facebook or the new Google+ community for Hilah Cooking,
so thank you for watching, and I hope you have a great day, and have some fish and chips
dudes because it’s good for you! Not really. [MUSIC]

100 comments on “How To Make Fish and Chips | Hilah Cooking

  1. I am English, this looks nothing like the fish and chips you get in England. Your chips are way too big and fish looks weird

  2. awesome sis,
    I was finding a beer less recipe and today I found it ….
    Coz I'm Muslim and Muslims don't eat alcohol , beer , etc….

  3. You are my new favorite you tube cook. You are easy to follow, and not condescending. Keep it up. Might I suggest smoke chipotle powder in your batter and do some fresh trout fillets.

  4. pro tip. add acid base (vinegar or lemon etc) to your batter and cook at higher temp. This is a nice little piece but you can make it crisper and thinner on the batter and improve the chips. =]

  5. i think she burned her mouth when she bit into that fish. curious, by now you'd think she'd be used to biting down on something long and hot.


  7. I'm so bummed I bearly found out about your awesome channel. Love all your recipes , has anyone ever told you you look like Lisa kudrow lol.

  8. Some say she looks like Uma Thurman or Lisa Kudrow. Meh i say she looks like my mom, so hot… er i mean Gwyneth Paltrow. Shes the best looking one.

  9. Just wondering, why did you choose to use sparkling water or whatever it was, over beer? Great video by the way!

  10. Made this recipe tonight for dinner. So crispy and good!!! I used cod and cut it into 2" pieces. Served it up with a spinach/apple/bacon salad.

  11. OMG you cooking just like maangchi i see your collab with her and then i check out your channel and now i subs to you

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    ใใ—ใฆ้ฃพใ‚Šไป˜ใ‘ใ‚‚ใชใ—ใ‹ใ ็ฌ‘
    It's better japanes Fish and chips than the others…I think.

  14. I am making mind with love damn it !!! I was`t expecting that… You made my day little lady.. and i like your fish n chips recipe. will try it.

  15. sweet mother of foods. You made my mouth water. I've been craving for some fish and chips for sometime now. That is perfect!

  16. I cooked your recipe with slight changes today- added a bit of garlic powder, paprika and smoked paprika, as well as some chili seeds. used beer instead of club soda. it was incredible! thank you!!
    as a beginner in the kitchen, it was amazing to learn this! thank you!

  17. Wow, my family and I LOVED your recipe. I swear I now don't want to buy frozen or from restaurant. Thank you Sooooo much! Delicious!

  18. Why the British people offended. She just did a favor by showing people how to make them. Lol fucking YouTube and weirdos.

  19. I am not sure why people are criticizing this lady. You guys need to get a real life. I have cooked fish & Chips for a long time. Those of you that say you are from England, shame on you for even posting with a negative comment. I lived in England myself for 5 years. But if you don't live in England, then where do you go or what do you do.

    I tried this recipe out of curiosity. I will tell you, everything she describes is exactly how it turns out.

    For all of you that think you are so much better than everyone else and want to try to bring others down to make yourself feel better, here is my thoughts….

    Understand that there are people out there that do not know how to cook even some basic things. This gal went out and posted a video to help others. How dare you post criticizing comments when her recipe is spot on.

    For everyone else, if you follow what she says, you will get a very simple and nice home cooked Fish & Chips dinner.

    Well Done Hilah. I am a fan!

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  21. I am from Downunder (Australia). Barramundi from the ocean was not on offer 30 years ago in our Southern Melbourne State – except from high priced restaurants who could have it sent down from the North Eastern States. It was never on our Fish and Chip shops selection because of the cost.
    But in current days it is – despite the original rarity, you, and I, are sourcing from fish farms where our fish is fed from a pellet form of fish feed and not the ocean. World fish is mainly manipulated for the world''s market – at a cost to our health.
    Have a look at and

    I am lucky that my fish come from my pool of water, no feed – but natural. I know all other meat to be same. But when dining with family or friends, I will eat it or find something on menu that seems natural and take in the jokes.

  22. Hi there. I got 17 seconds in and you displayed a very arrogant attitude and then swore. I don't need to listen to any more…bye!! Thumbs down too BTW!

  23. Hi there Hilah. You can keep your attitude and your swearing as I don't care for it. Stopped the video at 15sec and gave you a thumbs down. There a lot of very skilled people out there in this department, not just you!. I suggest you learn some humility before you learn to really cook!

  24. when you soak it in flour does it really cook the fish ? the way i see it, it mostly cooks the breaded flour and not the fish so your pretty much eating raw cod.the best way to do it is fry the cod first on a pan then coat it afterwards with flour so your eating cooked fish and not raw fish.

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