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How to Make Fish Tacos and Steak Tacos with Tony Salto | Pottery Barn

How to Make Fish Tacos and Steak Tacos with Tony Salto | Pottery Barn

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How to Make Fish and Steak Tacos Hello my name is Tony Salto. Today we’ll be showing you how to throw a
mojito and taco party for your friends and family. And now on to the star of our mojitos and tacos party. We start off with a nice amount of corn oil. You take your corn tortilla. Go ahead and soak it liberally. Just set it on your griddle. Do about
two at a time. Then you get what’s known as a bacon press and you go and you set it on top. Give that a couple
minutes go ahead and turn it and still set the bacon press on top, and they should be done in about a minute. And here’s a cool secret about getting your crispy shells. Top it off with a little bit of monterey jack cheese. The temperature of the tortilla that it already carries
will slightly melt the monterey jack cheese. Now that our hard shell tortillas are ready let’s move on to the meats. We have here the red snapper that’s been filleted
by our fish monger. This is a simple marinade with a little bit of chipotle,
sriracha sauce and olive oil with a touch of cracked pepper and salt. After you lightly oil the grill, go ahead and lay your snapper away from you. I really like using red snapper pretty much all year-round. It has a great texture, holds great
to the grill, just and all-around great fish to work with. Here I have some top brown beef. Slightly marinated with a little bit of lime juice,
salt, and pepper. I’ll go and set that right here. Most of the snapper is cooked through. I’ll probably
just give it a minute on the other side. The steak has been about two minutes on
each side, I’d say that’s pretty much medium rare to medium. And before we jump into chopping up our
steak, I’d like to give it a couple minutes. That
way all the juices kind of set in. And now, to assembling our tacos. We’re gonna start off with our steak tacos.
Our steak has been resting for at least three minutes or so. It’s really important that we work really
fast that way the cheese doesn’t get over-melted, and the tortilla doesn’t get too hard. Uh so what I do is I set that on top of a
newly grilled tortilla, nice and warm. I get a nice piece of steak, and I dice up a nice hearty serving. Go and crack the bottom just slightly. You sort of want to present it so that you can stuff some guacamole and pico de gallo on
the top and still have a nice chunky amount of uh steak on the bottom. Remember to keep your pinkie on the bottom
so that nothing falls off. You want to keep the guacamole on one
side, a nice hearty serving you want to place the pico de gallo on
the other side. You get a piece of deli paper about ten by
ten inch. Go ahead and fold it up against a cutting board. Take one end and what you’re gonna want to do is uh, just hold it from one of the
taco and wrap it all the way around. Passing it over to your left hand side, Go ahead and wrap it making sure it’s tight, and there you have your taco. And for our fish taco we’re going to change it up a bit
and add a little bit of uh chipotle cole slaw. We have here our slaw mix which is simply
just a little bit of cabbage, cilantro, and shaved red onion. Our chipotle sauce can be as simple
as a Mexican mayonnaise with a little bit of Chipotle pepper, salt and lime juice. We go and add a little bit of pepper
and just a pinch of salt to our cabbage, cilantro, and onion mixture. Just enough chipotle sauce to somewhat coat it and we go ahead and lay this, almost like a bed for our snapper to rest on. Take our snapper, you want to keep the guacamole on one side take a little bit of pico, now wax paper, just wrap it up. You’re set. I hope you enjoy making your own easy to assemble
tacos. Have a great time. Please visit
for a printable copy of this recipe.

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