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How to Make Fish Tacos – Chef Kendra’s Easy Cooking!

Hey Cookaholics, Chef Kendra here and today
we’re making fish tacos. But first I want to let you guys know you only have few days
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quality cooking videos. OK, guys, let’s make it happen. So in this bowl we’re going to add some
flour, baking powder, black pepper, salt and baking soda. Fish tacos are usually not made with beer,
like I used my recent fish and chips video. We’re going to grab our trusty red whisk
and then pour in our water. We’re going to whisk our batter until it has the classic
pancake batter consistency and then we’re going to set it aside to prepare our fish. You can use any firm, mild, white flesh fish
you want. Swai, tilapia, whatever. We’re just going lightly salt our fillets, then
we’re going to cut it into thin strips. We’re also going to get a pot with 2 or
3 inches of vegetable oil over 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Now there are a few things to know to fry
these things likes a BOSS, especially when we’re not using a vat of oil. You want to
make sure your start frying at the right temperature. You want to dip the fish pieces into the batter
and shake off the excess, then you want to gently lower the fish into the pot letting
it start to cooking before lowering the whole thing into the pot. Trivia Time! Rubio’s fish tacos uses what
kind of fish in their beloved fish tacos? A. Swai B. Pollock C. Cod Leave your answer
in the comments below! We’re going to flip these boys once, and
when they’re a beautiful brown color we’re going to remove them to a cooling rack. We’re slicing some lime for garnish and
slice some red cabbage to go on top of our delicious fish tacos. Let’s make a little tasty sauce to go over
the top of these things. What’s cool is that this sauce only has four ingredients.
Salt, lime juice, mayo…mayonnaise, and the last ingredient for this is sour cream. We’re
just going to stir this up until it’s nice and smooth. We’re going to taste it and
check for seasonings. We want to make sure there is a nice balance between the lime juice
and salt. Now once it’s all smooth we’re going to take a baggy and we’re going to
put the sauce in the baggie so we can just clip the tip off the baggie and drizzle the
sauce onto our fish tacos. Once we get it all in the baggie we’re going to set it
aside. I have to tell you guys, this is one of my
favorite things on earth. I used to eat them all the time down in San Diego where I was
first introduced to them. I mean they’re delicious. The last thing to do is to heat up some corn
tortilla in a little non stick pan. Yes, you can use flour tortilla. It’s your kitchen
do what you want. All right, let’s put these boys together. This handy little gadget to hold the tortillas
is called the Taco Rack, and no this is ad or sponsorship. So anyway we get the fish down, and then we’re
going to put down some red cabbage. A you can use regular cabbage but red cabbage is
really pretty I think. And the next thing we’re going to do is drizzle on some of
that wonderful sauce. And that’s basically all it is to it. Share
my videos and if you haven’t already subscribe. That’s all I have for this week, see you
next week Chef Kendra is out. Peace.

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