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How to make fish tacos from scratch on Appetites®

How to make fish tacos from scratch on Appetites®

Our recipe for fish tacos is inspired by Baja,
California, so it’s light, crunchy, crispy, tangy. And you can cook it with us right now
step by step on Appetites®. One pound tilapia, one red cabbage, half cup mayonnaise, half
cup yogurt, one lime, one habanero chile, two teaspoons salt, half teaspoon dried crushed
dill, half teaspoon ground cayenne, half teaspoon crushed oregano, half teaspoon ground cumin,
flour tortillas, one and a third cup flour, one gallon peanut oil, ground white pepper,
one beer, not dark. Cut the end off the habanero, and then slice it in half. Remove the seeds, and then slice into strips. Finely chop these strips. We like to be heroes and use one habanero, but we suggest you might want to start with a half and go from there. Definitely wash
your hands after this step, and don’t plan on touching your eyes anytime soon, just trust
us on this one. In a large bowl, add half a cup of yogurt. Then add half a cup of mayonnaise. Slice the lime in half. And using a reamer, squeeze out as much juice as you can. Add half a teaspoon cumin. Oops, almost lost that one. Add half a teaspoon of oregano. Add half
a teaspoon of cayenne. Add half a teaspoon of dill. Add as much as the habanero as you can take. Add a few shakes of ground white pepper. Add a pinch of salt. Whisk until combined. Taking a quarter of the red cabbage, thinly slice crosswise. Set this aside for when you serve the tacos. And now let’s create the frying batter. First, start with one and a third cup of flour. Add two teaspoons of salt. Open the beer, take a few sips for yourself,
and then slowly pour into the bowl, whisking constantly until combined. Cut the tilapia lengthwise into thin strips about half an inch wide. Repeat this for the remaining tilapia filets. Get a deep pot and pour in the oil. When you’re finished adding the oil, making
sure to only come up halfway, attach the deep frying thermometer to the edge of the pot.
Then light the flame and let the oil come slowly up to three hundred and fifty degrees.
While the oil is heating, transfer the fish to the batter using tongs, and mix thoroughly
so that each piece is coated. Using tongs, add one piece of the fish at a time to the oil. Be gentle and let each piece cook for a moment before adding the next. After a minute, flip the tilapia carefully so that all sides are cooking evenly. After three or four minutes, check on the fish, it should be a deep golden color. And if it’s not, give it another few
seconds. When the fish is golden, remove carefully using tongs and transfer to a plate lined
with paper towels so that the oil can drain away. Continue frying the tilapia until all
of it is cooked. After you finish cooking all the fish, take a dry skillet and heat
it over medium. Once it’s quite hot, add the tortillas one at a time so they can warm up.
You should flip them every ten seconds or so to make sure they don’t burn. Stuff the tortillas with the warm fish and shredded cabbage. Dress with the sauce and serve immediately.

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