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How To Make Fish Tacos on Jicama “Tortillas” By Gwyneth Paltrow

How To Make Fish Tacos on Jicama “Tortillas” By Gwyneth Paltrow

When she ain’t actin’, this is how she rolls. She is an amazing cook and she is cooking up, what’d you got? Fish tacos today?
Yes. Very clean, allergen-free fish tacos. She is also the CEO of Goop, celebrating its tenth year. These are fish tacos, but they’re not made with corn tortillas. What are the tacos? Well interestingly enough, corn can be an allergen for some people. And so if you’re on a program where you’re really trying to clean out, I was testing all these recipes and I was on kind of a detox, like super-clean, to really try to get motivated. Like, what do I wanna eat? Right, right, right. ‘Cause sometimes constraints help you be really creative with recipes, right? Exactly. Necessity is the mother of invention. Well, thank you. That was much better said. But I was like, “I will kill someone for a taco right now” Right.
But I couldn’t have one. So one of my food editors actually came up with this brilliant idea of making a taco shell out of jicama. But there’s something about picking up a taco and eating it. Eating with your hands. Psychologically you’re like, “I’m not on a detox.” I’m not detoxing. I’m rolling with taco night. Before I put my fish in, I just squeeze some nice fresh lime on some beautiful purple cabbage. Just a little for some crunch and some acidity. You know, a lot of the diets in here; not diets, but cleanses, they had overlapping ingredients and cruciferous vegetables was in like five out of six of them, no? Yeah. We love some good veggies at Goop. Okay, this is ready. They’re gorgeous. She has her toppings. I gotta put my onions. Alright so he’s your foodie buddy. And he loves to cook. He loves to be in the kitchen. He’s just the sweetest. So he’ll try anything. He’ll cook anything. He’s a very open eater. Apple is less.
of an open eater. She’s still writing her music. She’s a young singer-songwriter, shocking. She’s a young singer-songwriter. I’m just gonna put some cumin and lime in my aquafaba. Yeah, I love. These tacos look gorgeous, by the way and I think that’s what’s fun about this. It’s that mental fake-out that you’re eating something that’s not so great for you that you associate with being a little bad for you. Tuesday taco night or whatever. But really, it’s delicious and lovely and light. Okay I’m getting my tea and then I’m coming to sit with you. Another thing happened since I saw you last. (applause)

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