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How to Make Fish Tacos |  Tacos De Pescado

How to Make Fish Tacos | Tacos De Pescado

Hey dudes, I’m Hilah and today I’m Hilah cooking
and remaking the second recipe video I ever did. That is Fish Tacos.
Can you believe it’s been that long since I ate some Fish Tacos? I mean,
come on. So, this is a great summertime recipe. It
comes together in a cinch. It’s nice. It’s refreshing. It’s light so that
you can keep your beach body figure. It’s totally working on me. So I’m
really excited to share it with you, especially because that old video, the
sound was totally f’ed up, dudes. Time to get hoppin’ on the Fish Taco toppin’.
Taco Toppin’ was actually the old Aztec name for this. So I’m going to update
my slaw a little bit. I’ve got some green cabbage that I shredded up,
some white onion that sliced, and some jicama. So this is a root. It’s starchy.
It has a texture like a raw potato, but it’s sweet like an apple and
mild. So it adds a nice little flavor to the slaw. I’ve got that in there.
And then I’m going to add some salt. This is a super duper simple coleslaw recipe.
All we’re going to use is salt and lime juice to get it softened up
to get that cabbage releasing some water, and get it nice and tender so
we can eat it raw. Everyone’s on this raw diet thing. Whatever. But some raw
vegetables obviously are good for you. Like salad. Like celery sticks. Like
carrot sticks. So that’s about a teaspoon of salt. I’ll get
that tossed around with my tongs. You could use your hands also, nature’s
tongs. Use a bigger bowl than I did so you don’t have to worry about
it flopping out everywhere. So salt’s coating everything. Now we’re just going to squeeze in some lime
juice. And if you are be stricken by horribly high lime prices, you
can use some lemon juice. Just don’t tell anyone. I really expected more
juice from that lime, since I paid 33 cents for it. Hopefully that was close
to two tablespoons. We’ll get that tossed around. Toss that salad. And
then I’m going to add some cilantro, or fresh coriander, if you are British.
And I don’t bother pulling off the stems for cilantro. I just
chop it up really really fine because there’s a lot of flavor in the stems
actually. So I can see with my little eyes that the
cabbage has already started to soften up just with that little bit of motion
in the ocean, so I’m just going to set this aside and work on some other
stuff and just leave it at room temperature, and I’ll show you what it
looks like when we’re done. You’ll be amazed. You’ll be like wow, you’re
a genius. For the mayonnaise sauce, this is an update,
I’ve got some mayonnaise here. I’m going to add some minced chipotle peppers.
So chipotle and adobo, they come in a little can, it’s a dollar, and it’s
the adobo sauce that’s sweet and slightly vinegary, but mostly sweet. And
hot. There’s smoked jalapeno peppers, and then they’re put in this adobo
sauce. So whenever I get a jar home, I like to transfer it into a jar and
keep it in the fridge, and then they’ll stay like that forever. So they’re pretty spicy. I’m going to start
with half of one and just mince it up, and it pretty much just turns into
a paste as you’re mincing it. I’m just going to put all of it in there. I like
it spicy. All minced up, it’s about a tablespoon of chipotle in adobo. Plop
that in with some mayonnaise. Lick your finger, because who cares. I’m only
cooking for myself and this guy, and he doesn’t give a sh**. I’m going to add some lime juice. So about
a tablespoon of that. And I’m going to add a little bit of malt vinegar,
which is really really good on fried fish. It smells vinegary, but it’s nutty
and sweet. Anyway, if you can’t find this, then you can just add some
more lime juice. It’s just going to add some more tartness. But also
it’s nice because of the whole fish connection. Then we’re going to mix this
up. So the sourness of the vinegar and the lime
juice should balance out the heat of the chipotle pretty well, but if it’s
a little bit too spicy for you, I would recommend that you add a little
bit of honey or sugar to temper that heat a little bit. But this tastes
pretty good to me. Thumbs up. So we’ll just set this aside and start working
on the fish. So, I haven’t changed anything from the original recipe
as far as the seasoning and the spices that I’m putting on it. So the two
main things here are some cumin seeds and some anise. This is not star anise.
It’s just anise seed. And it has a licoricey fennely flavor. If you can’t
find it you can leave it out, but it goes really really nicely with fish.
And then whole cumin seed. So those two. And some chili powder. And when I say chili
powder, me, personally, I just mean ground up ancho chilies, or ground up
New Mexico chilies. I don’t mean commercial brand of chili powder that has
garlic salt and all that stuff mixed into it, although if that’s what you
can find, and that’s what you have in your pantry, that is totally totally
fine. Please don’t worry about it. A little mortar and pestle. You can use pre-ground
spices if you want, but you know me, I like to make things hard on
myself. So put our whole spices in and crush them up. Good. And then I’m going
to add my chili powder. It’s already ground. And salt and pepper. What’s
life without salt and pepper. You wouldn’t have that song, Push It, for
one thing. Mixed up. Now for the breading part, I’m just using
some cornmeal. If you are in another country that’s not the best country
in the world, America. If you are in another country and you don’t have
cornmeal, you can use fine polenta. It’s basically the same thing. We’re
going to add this to that, and mix it around. It’s combined. Now we’re going to do the fish. So, I do the
fish last so I don’t have to wash my cutting board between. I’m not getting
raw fish juice on things. I’m using some wild snapper, but you can use
pretty much any lightish fish. You could probably use salmon or something
like that too. Any old kind of fish that you like. And I asked the fish monger
if he could skin it for me, so these are skinless and boneless. So, I’m
just going to cut them into pieces, maybe an inch wide by however long
it is, so that usually ends up being about the right size to go into a taco. So you got your fish chunks. Now we’re just
going to toss them around in this cornmeal mixture just to coat it. We
don’t really need anything to help adhere the cornmeal, just the moisture
from the fish will keep it on there. And you can do this fish coating part
ahead of time too and just cover them and leave them in the fridge up
to a couple hours and then it’ll help the coating stick on better too. But
you can leave them sit for awhile. So the fish is all coated. I’m just going
to let it sit here in my little dish for just as long as it takes to heat
up a skillet with some oil in it and then we’ll get to fry in the fish. Fish
fry party. So you want to heat your pan up over medium, or medium high heat,
and then add maybe two tablespoons of canola oil or corn oil or peanut
oil, something neutral, with a high smoke point. Swirl it around like
a lava lamp. Don’t get all high and get distracted. And then you want to cook your fish in two
batches. Cook the smaller pieces with the smaller pieces and the bigger ones
with the bigger ones. And when you lay it in the hot oil, lay it away from
you, just in case, so you don’t splatter hot oil on your beautiful face and
make Jesus very sad. So they’ll probably just take about two to three minutes
on each side depending on the size. And with thicker filets like this snapper,
you might need to do more than just two sides and go ahead and get the sides,
sides cooked as well. Once they’re nice and brown on every side we can
take them out. And when you break one open the inside should be flaky,
like that. And these are super duper hot right now so
you want to let them cool off for a few minutes, and while that’s happening
we can heat up our tortillas. Put some of that on there. Some of our chipotle
mayo sauce. So if you’re interested, be sure to check
out the original Fish Taco video for some really hilarious Fish Taco jokes.
And also make sure to check out for this printable recipe
and all of my recipes. And if you make this, please tag me on Instagram
or Twitter and send me a picture, because I’d love to see that. Look at that. It’s so gorgeous. So colorful.
I did it again. You’re welcome. Thank you for watching. Have a great
day. Bye.

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