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29 comments on “How to Make Gefilte Fish

  1. everyone, try the new CC option (in red next to volume setting) and see how the experimental program translates this video – its hilarious!

  2. Hmm… looks pretty good. But this definitely doesn't have anything on Newfie-style fishcakes. Mmmmmmm…..

  3. as an israeli jew of polish and romanian origins I'm sorry to say this is not the way to do it.
    this vid makes it look obnoxious.

  4. I never quite saw it made this way. I'm a Jew of Russian descent and the way grandma made it was to take 3 fishes: white fish, cod and carp.  The head and tail of the carp and carrots and onions was brought to a boil to make a fish stock. Separately, the cod, white fish and carp, and eggs and matzo meal was mixed together to make fish cakes. The fish cakes, once shaped, where then added into the fish broth already cooking and then allowed to finish boiling until all the fish cakes finished cooking.

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