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How To Make Lipstick & Lip Balm From Scratch | How to Make Everything

How To Make Lipstick & Lip Balm From Scratch | How to Make Everything

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we’re going to slash make everything the lips are one of the
most sensitive organs on the human body and their shape and color strongly
linked to sexual attractiveness and feminine attributes some studies have
shown that the fullness of female lips be an indicator of their health and
fertility historically the coloring of one’s lips to enhance that attribute
dates back at least 5,000 years coloring made from crushed stones or red soil
called ochre were some of the earliest forms of lip coloring the red dye from
the carmine insect was used by Cleopatra for her lips the fashion ability of
lipstick has varied throughout history with the becoming associated with
prostitution and sexual immorality at various points or brought back again
because of royalty or other celebrities who popularized it lip balm shares a
similar history to lipstick as it contains many similar ingredients of
oils and waxes that can help moisturize chapped lips lip balm worn by both men
and women can be traced back to at least 5,000 years ago in China both lipstick
and lip balm didn’t reach the actual modern stick form until around the turn
of the 20th century previously being more like creams powders or paints for
my lipstick I’m gonna go with the same crimson color use since Cleopatra /
instead of the Mediterranean carmine bug I’m gonna use the bug that eventually
supplanted it as it even stronger source of the dye cochineal this tiny bug is
still commonly used in many shades of lipstick today
down in Mexico I got to learn how these little bugs are raised and harvested
taking around three months from when they first hatch between the ready to be
used as a dye thanks to Manuel I was able to collect a batch for myself to
take home next I’ll need a waxy substance to form the base of my
lipstick so I’m gonna collect some beeswax back when I made my original
sandwich from scratch I was able to harvest some honey from a colony however
I didn’t get to collect the leftover wax fortunately since then my brother and
his wife have started raising their own bees so I paid them a visit and
accompanied them on one of their regular inspections I went every few weeks they
need to do an inspection and check on the health and size of the colony one of
the big issues is checking to make sure they don’t outgrow their hive box we’re
at 80% full right we are going to seal putting another Box stock once a box is
about 80% full they start to raise a new queen and half the colony swarms and
flies off to find the new location for new hives so if they start to reach that
size need to add a new box for them to expand their hive they don’t have stinger
so if you want… males do not another item that’s needed to be checked in the
state of the hives queen in this inspection actually couldn’t find the
Queen so the next step is in to try and find any fresh eggs which is evidence
that the queen has been there in the past 1 to 3 days no eggs one of the frames they found a cell that
contained a new queen larva here queen cell right there see it’s capped on the
bottom which means the old one likely died in the colony is already working on
replacing her next a mite check needs to be done to check for any parasites there
colony last year was nearly wiped out from a mite infestation under the hive
is a board where any dead bees and mites would fall off on to ya you can see a
little black things it might be some old ones right there reviewing if there is
any infestation forming and on which part of the hive it’s at fortunately
this year they’re looking pretty good with minimal mites lastly sometimes the
bees form honeycombs outside of the frames called Burkle which can just make
a mess basically in time they’re not building where we wanted to we just end
up scraping it off make wax out of so these need to be scraped off and will
provide me with some of the beeswax I’m after now you’re a murderer and smash
all these baby bees baby tell me thanks to my brother and his wife I now have
some beeswax to render it into something useful I’ll just need to melt it and
then screen out any dead bugs or other debris the beeswax will form a fairly
hard substance so next I’ll need some ingredients that will soften it so it’ll
spread on the lips first up a vegetable oil I’ve already made one vegetable oil
previously when I made my sandwich from scratch from sunflower seeds
fortunately I still have a bunch of them left over way back then I built a
crude makeshift oil press to extract the oil which was not the most effective
fortunately since then I’ve been able to acquire a better press which makes it
slightly easier lastly to soften my lip compounds even
further some cocoa butter previously when I made my own chocolate from
scratch i was able to help harvest the seeds of
the cacao tree which we then fermented dried and roasted from those beans I was able to press it to extract the fats of the seeds to produce my own cocoa butter now that had my cochineal, oil, butter
and wax I should have everything to make some lipstick but before I attempt it
I want to consult with professional cosmetics producer Karoline Wells and do
a trial run with some store-bought ingredients first so I have some cocoa
butter and beeswax and then I took some of the cochineal and grinding them up
and it’s a little bit of oil to see how they mix I’m gonna have you swatch those
on your hand and show us how much pigment you got out of there because I’m
suspecting you didn’t give very much all right so that’s that’s very very sheer
so you’re not gonna get any kind of opacity out of your lipstick so
basically what it’s going to end up looking like is it’ll look dark like
this but it won’t have any pigment payoff so payoff is the measure of how
much color comes off on the skin and there really won’t be a lot of color
coming off on the skin how would I get more color to come off then well if
there’s a difference between a pigment so these are pigments this is a pigment
dispersion of red 28 and it’s the closest in color that I could find to a
carmine lake this is actually vegan we don’t use carmine in our lab but so you
can see how much there’s more opacity there and you know this is also this is
a titanium dioxide so this is an inorganic pigment but there’s also a lot
of opacity there another thing that you’re going to need to do when you
grind this stuff as you can see that there’s a whole lot of stuff in here
that’s not completely ground you’re going to need to make paint basically so
you need to grind that stuff and grind it and grind it some more and grind it
some more in order to get it smooth like those so those are the textures that I
would go for but anything that’s going to be gritty you’re not going to want
that okay so still a little ways off yeah
so the pigment it’s not really gonna work at this point right but I can at
least make a chapstick on this right yeah okay so roughly what type of
proportions what I want um you’re gonna want more oil than wax and butter so the
butter you probably want a limit I would recommend only about maybe a half ratio
of that and then probably about three of this and maybe one of that maybe more
maybe less you’re gonna have to experiment until you find the right
thing okay if you’re gonna use the microwave I would use it very very
slowly so temper it like chocolate maybe 15 seconds 20 seconds 30 seconds at a
time yeah it’s really going to depend on your personal preference it also doesn’t
feel as nice so are you gonna pour this into a stick? yeah okay we’ll find out
all right just pour it into one of those you just pour it right down like this
it’s called the flood method so you’re gonna flood the entire thing with
with that carefully now we’ll put this in the freezer okay
for a few minutes okay got most of it on the counter yep you know if it’s opaque then it’s
solid okay so you can scrape that off well what you’re trying to do is you’re
trying to get those even on the top and then you’re gonna put that back in the
freezer for a few more minutes all right and then you’re gonna pull that bottom
there you go there’s your lipstick without any pigment in it yeah that’s
that’s hard enough to be a lipstick but the question is does they have any
product payoff and you can tell by here I’ll show you
this is one of ours and this has stick structure so obviously it’ll stay in
that form but I’m gonna swatch this on your skin and it’ll show I’ll show you
what it should feel like so see how there’s a certain amount of give to that
mmm that gives both the product and the color that comes off so swatch yours
next to it and see if yours is too hard or too soft like it’s close but probably
a little too hard I think it’s a little bit too hard to put pigment in so you’re
gonna probably have to redo this formula again and measure it really carefully so
that you know how much is in there it works good for a lip balm Oh actually
yeah it does I mean it’s very matte so because it’s got so much wax in it so
there could be a good men’s lip balm all right well thanks for helping me make
some chapstick yeah and hopefully I can figure out how to make this pigment work
all right last time with Karoline I learned
there’s a little bit more to using the cochineal and then actually we need a
compound called alum in order to turn it into a pigment it’ll actually work with
a lipstick unfortunately alum is a little bit difficult to source there’s
some vague information online I’ve been able to find this supposedly the ancient
Greeks and Egyptians had a natural source for it however I don’t have that
and I haven’t been able to find a way to simply make it from scratch so for the
first option I’m gonna try using a calcium salt and some sources I made it
sound that that can be used in the place of alum sounds like it might produce
more of a purple hue but I’m gonna try it see if it even works supposedly the
metallic salts in general will work for this process so I’m gonna try using an
iron oxide that I collected in Arizona and use it as an iron salt that will
hopefully extract some of the pigment then lastly also do control with the
store bought alum and how it’s supposed to look but let’s get
a shot and crush up my little bugs make it some pigments Music Glass Shatters maybe it won’t fall this time Cracking Sound No you cannot boil that so have some of the iron oxide mixed
with water a little bit of the water to have the calcium carbonate Cody gave me
calcite technically they’re an aluminum compound alright
next have some of my soda ash I’ll add that to some boiling water one of them had
the desired reaction well I’ve made a huge mess so I’ve let the different
solutions settle and precipitate and have taken off the clear solution at the
top and washed them further so that just the pigment should hopefully settle at
the bottom surprise this one was the clearest one calcium carbonate which I
was skeptical would even work actually seems to work the best this is the alum
I say the iron oxide here which has pretty much no precipitate no
separation so that’s probably basically bust but I’ll strain it anyways and see
if anything comes out then to remove the solution at the top from all of them and
then strain them and dry them and you’ll see how these pigments turn out so dark
maybe because I didn’t add enough alum Music I got a little bit of powder it’s very
weak I’m gonna try adding some of the just straight iron oxide to it as well
it has some kind of a reddish hue so at least get something that works ow! that metal gets hot what a beautiful shade of purple and by
purple I mean brown so that turned out pretty
brown but of actual pigment it’s still pretty purple so I’m gonna try just
using this but that looks a bit more purple I think
so last I have the actual cochineal lipstick made with the alum this is how
it’s supposed to be done hopefully we’ll get a little bit better of a result from
this one it’s still a little wet definitely looks a lot redder than
anything else we’ve done though this one might actually work so here I have all the final results of
all the lipsticks and chap sticks I’ve tried to make I’d say it actually looks
pretty good and now go do the final test the moment of truth you know try it out
and see how their spreadability is and for that I’m just gonna put on my arm
that’s a fail and get a very little bit it is uh not that good it’s hard to
judge because it’s skin tone but I don’t think I’ve worked either and then actual
cochineal with alum yeah that stuff that actually worked everything
actually made entirely from scratch failed did not even spread so doesn’t
even function as lipstick as chapstick it probably works pretty good but I’m
gonna keep going and see what I can do for some other cosmetics and maybe I’ll
eventually make it back to making this lipstick work a little better maybe
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