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How to Make Matty Matheson’s “Guaranteed To Get You Laid” Lasagna

How to Make Matty Matheson’s “Guaranteed To Get You Laid” Lasagna

You should never
date anyone who doesn’t like lasagna. If you don’t
like lasagna, you’re probably an idiot,
and you probably vote for people that you
shouldn’t vote for. I’m Matty Matheson, the
host of Keep it Canada, and you’re in
my apartment. Again, to show you
how to make lasagna. See all this stuff? Lasagna stuff. Do I look skinny
in a red shirt? See these layers,
see these things? This is what lasagna
should look like. Let’s go through this. Step 1. First we are going
to brown our beef. We have to make
our base right? So I just put in canola
oil because it has a higher temperature
to burn. If you put a really nice
olive oil into this pan right here, its just
going to fucking burn. And you’re gonna
get shitty, and fucking shit, okay? So then we’re gonna
just take the beef and you just rip off like
kind of like little pieces and you drop
it in to the pan and you let that
surface area brown. As the beef is browning, let’s get
the vegetables going. If you’re by yourself,
you know, just have a few conversations with
yourself. Ask yourself how you are. How are ya? I’m okay. I’m okay. I have like six
cloves here. We’re just gonna
dice this up nice. And then a neat little
trick that you can do is you just take
a little salt and then you just
press down on it. And you just make kind of like a little
garlic puree kinda. Just mascerate it. So with the veggies I
like to put a lot of olive oil, so they kinda
like almost like confit. We’re pretty much
making Bolognese right, like meat sauce. So a good foundation
to any Bolognese, garlic onion, carrots. This is a large carrot. I won’t need all of it. Get all of the skin
off of it. Okay, so this is a trick, you don’t want
big chunks. Nobody likes big chunks,
so I just have
a cheese grater. Carrots give it
a really rich body that I think is necessary
when making a meat sauce. And then this is just
gonna like melt. In with the onions and
the garlic and the olive oil. And just make for a
really, really nice body. And then we
just cook that. This is my favorite kind
of way to make a lasagna, because I just
honestly think like, people make it
too tomatoey. I don’t like stuff
that’s too tomatoey, because than it
gets soupy, and all this bull shit. No. This is the fucking
good shit. That’s the thing that you
get with me is the best version of food. I think it’s a very
traditional lasagna, but I’ve never had
an Italian make me lasagna like this. But it’s like, I think
this is the way that pe-, Italians should
make their lasagna. Whoa, worldwide beef. Let’s see this. You too. That’s what’s up. This is the way Italians
should make their lasagnas. That’s dark. I take that back, fully. This is nice. Then once that’s
nice comfit, a little caramelization, then you throw in
the tomato paste. You add a little bit
of the pepperoncini, the dried pepperoncini, my father-in-law
makes an amazing one, you can buy dried chilis. Stand back, cause you
don’t wanna put that in, stir that around,
you cook it, you cook it, you cook it, you cook it,
you cook it, its yummy. Its cooking, its caramelizing, you’re
here with me, follow me, all of a sudden we have
a really nice flavor. Then you take that. Put it into the meat,
right? We got the meat. Oh, amazing. You stir that around,
stirring the meat. Oh my goodness. All the tomato paste,
the carrots, the onions, the garlic, developing,
building a foundation, growing into a perfect
lasagna world. Then we’re gonna
add beef stock. More flavor. What you’re looking for
is brown. You’re not looking for red, you don’t
want it to be red. What you want it
to be is brown. It’s at a high heat,
guys. It emulsifies it,
takes the fat, it takes everything, and
then it emulsifies it. You want to boil it down,
reduce, boil it down, all that flavor’s
locked it. All the fat escaping from
the meat’s brought back into it by bo,
doing it fast. Reduce that right
down to the meat. As soon as you see the
meat, you see the meat, and then it’s boiling,
and then it goes
past the meat. And then it turns into
this one, whole unit. We got to add some milk
now, half of the milk. We’re going to save the
rest of the half because we want to reduce
this in two. Stir that in. All of a sudden, whoa, that turns into
this like meat sludge. So we’re gonna add
the rest of the milk. Reduce that. Boom. Then, take it off of the heat once it’s
reduced, finally. Look at this. Pure beef. Add your three egg yolks. Stir those in, okay? Aw, buddy. That’s your big boy. That’s your big boy. You don’t wanna just
throw those in and he, sit there cuz
they’re gonna cook and turn into like
weird cookie oats. You wanna stir
that in and emulsify that into
the meat, more richness, more flavor. Listen to this. This is the noise
it should make. Do you hear that? Now, I’m gonna have
a conversation with my roommate. Look what she did. She had hard boiled
eggs in the fridge. I’m gonna put
that one back. That ones for, that
one’s for the roommate. I’m gonna quickly just
dice up some parsley. Then, what you’re
gonna do is layer the, the lasagna, beyond simple this
is the ultimate. So you put a little
sauce down and you create that sauce on
the bottom of the pan so the pasta noodle
doesn’t stick to it. Now we’re gonna put
down our pasta noodles. Ready to bake noodles. So you don’t have to
blanch and you don’t have to fuck around with
all that stuff. And then we’re gonna
put more meat. And we’re gonna take
our mozzarella. Aw.
So we got the cheese here,
and you pull it over to the sides cuz you want
an even amount of cheese. So then we’re gonna
put the noodles on top here and
press it all down. Little piece of cheese
still on there. That’s for daddy. And then at this point
I like put a little bit of parsley. You just want that one
layer of really nice parsley cuz that is
what’s gonna make it. All of the sudden
you’re eating, you’re like all
that cheese and all that meat and you’re
like whoa, holy fuck, parsley, okay. Okay, I gotcha. Then noodle, then cheese. That’s a lot of cheese. Then meat, then noodle,
then cheese. This is crazy. Then meat, last little
fresh cracked pepper, and then we’re gonna
grate some parm on top. This is heavy. This probably weighs. I don’t know,
like ten pounds. This is crazy. The best olive oil
in the world here. Shout out to the Franks,
love you guys. Little bit of
that on top. Little bit and
maybe a little extra. Then we just gotta
bake this for about half an hour at
350 degrees celsius. And, once this
gets golden brown we bring it out. This is one greasy
little pie. We got everything
fucking, oh my god. This is crazy town. I just sprinkled
a little parsley on top. I think it needs it. It looks a little bit
cheesy so you really wanna cut through that
with the parsley. But you know it’s ready
when it like, see this, it just like
golden brown. You’ve got the edges. It’s looking beautiful. And we’re just going to
let this now chill out, because if I
was to cut this now it just turn
into fucking slop. And you don’t want that, you want it to set and
rest. Slice it and you’ll get
a nice fucking load. Nice load. Okay. What the,
what the fuck do I say. This guys a good lasagna. I think Garfield
would be happy, I think he would be
very excited with me. I think he would
eat this and have a really good day. Probably not too
productive but, you know it’s Garfield. He’s a bit of a a bit
of a slacker. I’ve got
a beautiful chef. He was on
Top Chef Canada. Ever heard of that? Only losers watch that. Complete, utter
losers watch that. So you guys probably
didn’t watch that, did you? No, because you
watched my show. And I got a guy
from Vice News. So we’re going to cut it. We’ve let this rest now
because you don’t want to, you don’t want to cut
it when it’s hot because you’re just going to
get soupy ass bullshit. And dull your knife. Well the, you tap it. Always, when
cutting lasagna. Always.
A twelve-inch French knife. Yeah. Beautiful.
That’s nice. Oh my lord. Look at that. What’s that? A lot of grease. Okay, there you go,
Johnny. Thank you, cheers.
We’re going to pass this down. We’re gonna pass fuck. No, the other way. Yeah.
Here. Thank you very much. This does look
amazing though. Yeah. I’m fucking shocked. I’m the best chef
in the world, feeding one of
the lesser chefs. That’s okay,
I’m not gonna judge. It’s okay. It’s all right, yeah. Like this.
Cut like this? Yeah
That’s fucking good. Delicious. I’m shocked.
It’s delicious. Is this top, Top Chef
Canada shit or what? This is better.
No, no, it’s still on the air.
So it’s better, it’s better. Okay, so
what are you thinking? I’m thinking if I say
that it’s better than my mom’s she’s gonna
fucking lose it. She’ll kill you, right? You make the lasagna for
someone you love, I guarantee
you’ll get laid. I guarantee that. If you don’t,
you got a problem and you fucked it up or they,
they are not nice people.

100 comments on “How to Make Matty Matheson’s “Guaranteed To Get You Laid” Lasagna

  1. My ex girlfriend is a vegetarian and one day we wanted to make a vegetable only lasagne with bechamel sauce in between. Well it turned out raw on the bottom, quite good in the middle and the top was completely burnt. Could that be because we didn't use enough sauce in between the layers or is it because we didn't use any meat?

  2. No dude, it's not the way, i'm Italian From Emilia-Romagna birthplace of Lasagna and birthplace of Bolognese Sauce.
    In original recipe Lasagna need: layers made of homemade pasta, bolognese Sauce and besciamella Sauce.

    You're bolognese Sauce is good!!! 👍 But reduce It Whit a glass of Red wine and no garlic, Just onion Better the golden one.

    Bye Carlo.

  3. I made this for my boyfriend and he liked it so much he ended up fucking the lasagna instead of me. Thank you Matty Matheson- 5 stars!

  4. ~Additional tried knowledge pagade~.
    Good to use boiled pasta, because you can cut it when cold and after cookig it will be much easier to separate (optional). Also a layer of cheesy milky souse on the top or in the middle or both will do good for the lasagne as the taste could be better than the mozzarella itself, but only in my opinion of course. Also I personally would add some canned tomatoes to the scouse, but this way here it is surely fucking delicious. BUT, try to use white wine. A bit to the meat the alkohol to let it boil off and a fair amount (a whole big cup easy) at the end to the scouse. It will release a lot of flavour from all the ingredients. Have fun doing whatever you want in your kitchen, just like Matty!

  5. I would believe anything he says, never trust a skinny cook. And never trust anyone that isnt eating or drinking while they cookin

  6. Scruffy, tacky/ odd decorations. Vulgar and uninteresting, just a bumbling bafoon. This is how to make sure you N E V E R have sex, even with yourself.

  7. I'm all about the big man's cooking.. but… I followed this recipe to an absolute T (chef myself) and this isn't a great lasagne. Actually found it to be pretty nasty

  8. Most def drain the grease heartburn central. So he serve it to two men and so what. He wanted to get his 3 some on. Somebody's gotta hold his stomach to find it.

  9. What a disappointment. True lasagna is made with ricotta cheese and tomato based meat sauce. This is more like a shepherd's pie twist to meat sauce then layer with pasta and cheese. Greasy lasagna doesnt sound very appetizing and I hope you revise with a classic take next time.

  10. Lmfao I love to use a knife dont get me wrong but I'll get the amount I need for all my vegetables then use my ninja to chop it all up into one vegetable sauce

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