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How to make pancake fruit tacos

How to make pancake fruit tacos

These pancake fruit tacos are about to
become a regular guest at your table. Perfect for breakfast ideal for brunch
and quick and easy for a healthy weeknight dinner, there is no wrong time
to serve these. These tacos are the perfect vehicle for transporting healthy
goodness directly to your mouth. Bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and star fruit
come together beautifully in this taco. But why limit yourself?
Choose your favorite fruit combinations. Apple, blackberries, pear, kiwi, there
really is no way to go wrong. Make a fruit bar for the family. Award goes to
the most creative taco. Honey is sweet and delicious and perfect when drizzled
over the fruit and peanut butter. Maple and blueberry syrup would be tantalizing
alternatives. Make them organic and low sugar for a bit of extra healthy
goodness. Speaking of healthy goodness, you can use half white and half wheat
flour for some added fiber without changing the fluffy savory taste of the
pancakes. Is there any occasion when these
wouldn’t be a welcome treat? Kids get delicious choices, you get a healthy
breakfast. Everyone wins.

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