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How to Make Portobello Mushroom Tacos | Hilah Cooking

– Hey dudes, I’m Hilah and
today on Hilah Cooking, I’m making delicious
portobello mushroom tacos. These are actually vegetarian
and even vegan, who knew? But if your New Year’s resolution
is to eat more vegetables, this is the recipe for you! And if your New Year’s resolution is to eat more delicious tacos, this is also a recipe for you. (upbeat electronic music) We’re gonna start out by making a little quick slaw to go on our tacos, to add some crunch. We got some finely shredded,
purple cabbage here and I’m gonna put a lot of salt on it. Then massage it into the cabbage until the cabbage starts to soften. I’m doing this first because it’s just a good rule of thumb that if you’re making something
that has multiple parts and one of those parts
is some kind of salad or a cold accompaniment, make that first, so that your hot food is not waiting on your cold food, when you’re ready to serve. Ok, so I don’t know if
you can tell if it looks a little bit broken down, but
I can feel that it’s softened. It’s quite a bit softer
than it was when I started and that really just took
a minute of crushing it. I’m just gonna crush it! Then I’m gonna squeeze in about
a tablespoon of lime juice, probably half of a lime. Or a whole lime, if your lime
sucks a dick like this one! Ok, sometimes I add cilantro
or sliced, fresh jalepenos or green onions, but
today I’m gonna keep it, keep it simple, stupid. But this is also a great
little slaw to go on fish tacos or anything, any kind of tacos, really. So we can set this aside… like that. Then I’ve got a couple of very nice, beautiful portobello mushrooms here, that Chris picked out. Thanks for paying such good attention to the aesthetics, my love. I’m going to brush them
with a little bit of oil and I’ve got a spice mix
here that’s smoked paprika, salt, pepper and chili powder. Look, I’m using a brush to stir. My New Year’s resolution is to live wild. Brush ’em with a little oil, mushrooms will soak up
like, any amount of oil that you put on them, so
that’s why I use a brush, so they don’t just get super oily. Ok and then we’ll sprinkle
a little bit of our seasoning on both sides and a lot of it will
fall off, but that’s ok. That’s just the nature of the game. Ok, so you can let these sit as long as you want to or
need to, before you cook them. I’m gonna go ahead and do it now. So I’m gonna heat up
another small amount of oil, a tablespoon, in my
skillet over medium heat. Put these in, put a lid on it and let it cook for about four minutes, then flip ’em and then let ’em cook another four minutes or so, until they’re really nice and tender. Then at the very end, I’m gonna dash a little bit of soy sauce over them and it’s gonna soak right in and it’s just gonna
add a lot of delicious, rich, kinda meaty flavor, honestly. I mean, these are vegetarian, but hey, doesn’t mean that we can’t have all that hearty goodness, right? Then once your mushrooms are cooked, we’ll just slice ’em up
and stick ’em in a taco, the end. Look gorgeous, they smell amazing and smoky and chili-ey. So if you wanted more vegetarian recipes, I’ve got a vegetarian cooking course that’s out now, it’s only 17 bucks for the month of January. It’s 20 recipes, 10 videos
and a four week meal plan. So, check that out, I’ll put a link below. But for now, let’s eat some tacos. Sorry for saying tacos. Woah, that mushroom squirted. If this was summertime, you could totally grill these mushrooms,
outdoors would be amazing. So I like to put a little of
my slaw down on the bottom. A couple slices of mushrooms and then I made a little chipotle salsa with just some tomato, chipotle, some garlic, some oregano and some salt. I just put that in a little pot and cooked it over medium heat, until the tomatoes cooked down and turned into a salsa. You can buy some salsa too, but this is really, really good with it, because you get the smoked paprika and the chipotle flavs. Then I’m gonna add a
couple slices of avocado, so let’s give it a whirl, shall we? Oh my God, I’m gonna get my lipstick
all over the tortilla. These tacos are so amazing,
I hope that you make these. Your family will love them. Check out the Homestyle Vegetarian course for more recipes, videos
and a four-week meal plan. I’ll put a link below. Thank you so much for watching and I will see ya’ll next week, bye!

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