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How to Make Raw Lettuce Tacos

How to Make Raw Lettuce Tacos

[Music Playing] Hi, welcome to Down to Earth! My name’s Mama T… And today, I’m going to show you how to make raw tacos. Hey! Hey! Don’t make that face! Because raw tacos are absolutely delicious! And I’m going to show you how and why… Raw foods are so popular right now! I know you’ve heard about them… And it’s because of the nutrient value that they have… And how they make us feel so great! So easy… let’s get started. Ok, to start with our taco filling… We are going to begin with whole raw walnuts. This is going to be our taco meat. You’re going to place two and a half cups… Into your food processor… And we’re going to gently pulse… Because we don’t want to turn it into walnut butter. So we want to just gently pulse… And get a crumbly mock-meat like texture. [Pulsing Sound] After pulsing a few times… Remove the cover and test… To make sure you have a nice crumbly texture. Not too big, not too small… But perfect for lettuce tacos. Now it’s time to assemble our raw taco filling. So we’re going to take our pulsed walnuts… And put them into a large bowl. We’re going to add one garlic clove that’s diced… We’re also going to add half a cup of black olives. We’re going to add a half a cup of chopped sun-dried tomatoes. And I like… for this recipe I really like to use the ones… That are in the jar in the Olive oil… Because it’s loaded with flavor… And that Olive oil just helps blend all of the ingredients together. So nicely… And we’re also going to add three tablespoons of diced red onions. Half a cup of cilantro, chopped… The juice of one lime… And the juice of one lemon… And we’ll give this a nice stir… The wonderful benefit of raw foods… Is that none of the enzymes are cooked out of it. So you get all the live nutrients… And the live enzymes that are so beneficial to your health. And some of the health claims that people make that are on raw foods… Is that… “They give you more energy…” “They stop the aging process…” “They slow it down…” And… “they help you to maintain and control your weight…” We’re also going to add a teaspoon of cumin. A teaspoon and a half of cumin… We’re going to add a teaspoon of oregano. A pinch of cayenne… Or more if you like it spicy… A tablespoon of chili powder… Or more too… You want to taste it while you go along… Just to fit your best flavor… And salt and pepper… To finish it off. We’ll mix it all up… And we’re ready to assemble our lettuce tacos. You can probably make six to eight tacos… Depending on your lettuce leaf size. Or maybe even more… I like to add fresh avocado right on top. And some of our homemade Down to Earth Salsa Fresca… Made fresh daily in our deli here… It’s so delicious! And we’re just going to add that right on top of our taco. Thank you for joining us for our video today… On… “How to make raw tacos.” If you’d like to learn some more raw foods recipes… You can visit us on our website… At … Or you can come to our free raw foods class… That’s held once a month at Kailua…. From 4:30pm to 5:30pm the first Tuesday of the month. We really are happy you joined us today… Remember… “Love Life, Eat Healthy, and Be Happy!” And enjoy your raw tacos.

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