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How to Make Rockfish Street Tacos

How to Make Rockfish Street Tacos

Hello everyone welcome to proper chop Today we’re gonna be making rockfish street tacos All right shout out to Paul. He helped me out today picking out this rockfish from his favorite company and nautical sustainable seafood wild-caught really great stuff We got other ingredients that we’re gonna be using here our cabbage a fat stack of tortillas these little mini ones some cilantro onion and some garlic All right, so rockfish does fall apart as you can see here these grains here when you’re cooking it up It was just like tear up it breaks out very flaky so what I’m gonna Do is just gonna chop it up in little size cuts Little pieces just because it’ll cook up faster too when you’re on when you put it on skillet All right now. The rockfish is all cut up and now I’m gonna add some of my secret lemon pepper seasoning Lemon pepper is one of my favorite Seasonings with white fish it just goes great. It’s a great combination and pretty simple an ingredient that is optional that you can use I forgot to mention is lime Let’s get to it all right now. It’s all chopped up. We’re gonna squeeze this juice in there Get it all soaked up really quick Now that the rockfish is gonna be sitting with the juices and and the spices We’re going to cut this cabbage What we’re gonna do with the cabbages we’re gonna shred it up, and we’re gonna mix it with the rock You don’t need too much so probably just half of a cabbage will be perfect It’ll be plenty and we’re gonna fry it up with the rockfish at the same time All right now that our cabbage is all shredded all up. We’re gonna mix this with the rockfish Just add it to Now that’s all done here. It’s ready to be cooked Let’s prep up our skillet Couple things that I’m gonna be using for our skillet is a couple cloves of garlic and this onion here I’m probably going to use 1/3 of it chop it up nice and fine and the rest of the onion I’m gonna use it for our toppings Sweet now we have our skillet here our onions and garlic. It’s all mint stuff You could go ahead and use oil or butter. I’m gonna use butter Cause we’re real cooks here All right now that the butter is all melted. We’re gonna add our garlic then saute And also our some of the onions here all chopped up Okay, so it should take a couple minutes for the onions and garlic to caramelize. It’ll get a little brown here That’s how it should be you see the edges It’s a little little crisp Brown there and let’s dump the main course of the rockfish We’re just gonna give this a little quick mix get the Get the onions and garlic all around it and Overall it should be like seven to 12 minutes. You can put a cover on it But you should be fine, and I’m raising the heat up I started with a low heat We’re gonna. Go low up some medium to high heat Meanwhile this is cooking up. We’re gonna throw in some tortillas here as you can see we’re gonna heat them up In between the cooking I took up the cover just because I want these juices to start evaporating out You don’t want it to be too watery and as you could see it breaks apart Rock fish is getting there. We’re halfway there I’m just gonna add a little bit more black pepper to this to give it a little bit more of that taste This is what it should look like once. It’s all cooked up as you can see if flake out Got a little color in there Tortillas are on point, and it’s ready to serve Here we go everything’s all set up. We got our toppings. Got some shredded cheese cilantro onions some of this fire roasted salsa I doubled up on the tortillas. That’s how you get people filled up and it holds up better So here you go guys. Hope you enjoy this video Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe and salute You

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