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How to make rolled and folded tacos

How to make rolled and folded tacos

Should I look into the camera? (yeah!) ok Today we’re going to be doing the folded tacos and rolled tacos folded tacos like a crunchy taco with shredded meat; shredded chicken, shredded beef today I’m going to be working with mostly the shredded chicken so what I’ve done here is I’ve just boiled chicken thighs that’s going to be the meat that we use
for the tacos and the rolled tacos and it gets to that point where it just shreds apart it’s a nice texture for these tacos it’s just salt, garlic powder some bay leaves and water and just boil it for 4 hours until it just falls apart one little thing that I learned recently is
that when you want to know how much salt to put in there a good thing to do is to just salt the water and
just make sure the water tastes the way you want it to taste because whatever the water tastes like
that’s what the meat is going to taste like so I think you need to decide how
much salt you want to be in there and your really the judge of that because you have to eat it I don’t (except when you do) huh? (except when you do) except when I
come over your house and eat it if you invite me I will come because I love a free meal (music) (music) I’m going to walk over to here now Let’s get through some of this, this stuff is going to be as hot as heck so I don’t want to burn myself but let’s get through some of this stuff here, it’s good to do it by hand this is the same base your going to use
when you make enchiladas when you make tostadas one thing when we do our carnitas we like to put a can of Coke in there with the oil that’s a real popular
maneuver, some people use Pepsi some people use diet Pepsi when they don’t
want those unwanted calories just kidding starting to take shape right there, getting a little bit of shredded chicken going…get a little salt on there Let’s talk about the tortillas real quick I want you to use a nice tortilla a nice corn tortilla from a reputable tortilla place and keep in mind there’s two sides
to a tortilla there’s the top and the bottom and I don’t really know how to explain
which is the top or which is the bottom the only thing I can see here is you can see the lines in the bottom and thats the way your going to want to put the meat in the side right here let’s warm these suckers up first, it’s going to be hard to roll them if you haven’t warmed them up that’s one mistake I made when I tried to make rolled tacos without being properly trained the tortilla fell apart right in front of my face it was a disgrace but if you do it this way, it’s not going to happen we have our tortillas we have a corn tortilla right there your going to want to fill it on the inside not the outside the inside has a little more texture on it let’s take a little chicken here you want to put just a little bit just a little bit and of course will take a little bit about our “glue” that we made from flour and water and let’s just roll we’ll leave a little bit of excess right there I’ll just go ahead and set that right in there let’s do it again it’s nice to get a nice little rhythm going here like Johnny Cash said get a rhythm while you work…right (music) now if you like to do a folded taco just go ahead and get this meat smashed down smash it up you don’t want it coming out of the edges too much cause it’ll get burnt so just gonna fold it like that just go like that right folded taco, right there…boom and that’s how we do this here we go ahead and use the fry basket here and set it right there, right…and just let it drop you get that? (kind of) You kind of got it? I hope you got that (well you were in the way kind of) your going to just fry for about two and a half minutes we got our rolled tacos right here, they’re nice and crispy guac and cheese a little bit of lettuce right there…boom pico de gallo and then of course, some cotija cheese there’s our rolled tacos right there…boom folded taco, were’ gonna open it up a little bit I like to put the cheese in first then we get a little lettuce going, right some pico de gallo and then we always top it off with the cotija that’s some good stuff right there…for real yo these are two staples of the taco shop smorgasboard here I think your going to like them

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  1. that looks good enough to eat that looks like CALI style rolled tacos, where i live at now the mexican food SUCKS and that shit tastes like DOG FOOD.

  2. Made these last night but with beef. Turned out awesome. The best trick was the flour/water mixture to seal up the taco. Thanks

  3. Where is El Rey Taco shop? I want to make sure I don't go! Flour & water?? Why would you throw away that perfectly good chicken broth down the sink? You have no idea what your doing, you should be working @ a hamburger stand , you are NOT a cook!

  4. Hey everyone…the reason I use the flour and water is to avoid using tooth picks…when things get busy I don't want an employee to leave the tooth pick in.

  5. I'll be trying to make these however I'll be using tooth picks. The flour paste just doesnt do the carnitas justice in my eyes. 👀

  6. U put ur finger in stew pot to taste saltiness of the pot? Use a spoon. No one wants to share ur dna. Be professional. Use gloves.

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