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How to make Seared-Tuna Tacos! – Cooking with Chef Ania

How to make Seared-Tuna Tacos! – Cooking with Chef Ania

and welcome to rainy Stockholm so what are we doing today Chef Ania? Right now we are going for some groceries shopping… hide me. We are going to get some groceries, we are going to make Tuna Tacos Its going to be actually, a mix between Japanese and Mexican cuisine We have actually very close from here, there is a very nice Mexican restaurant, and they have like a deli section so we are going to pick up some tortillas From Mexico, and yeah we are going to get some Tuna watch out. and everything you are going to need and we are going to show you how to make it alright awesome so check it out we’re
gonna get the groceries sorry warm up this evening with some awesome Ahi Ahi Tuna Tacos This is the Mexican Grocers, and they have all kinds of Mexican Sauce as you can see. Also different kind of Chili’s, they have Chipotle’s which is from adobo they have jalapenos and they
have Roja Rojas and green tomatoes Also they have their own tortillas press which is really cool I want to buy it one day in They also have the masa, which you use when you are making the tortillas So you add a bit of water and you make your own tortillas all different sauces I think they are
just according how spicy they are everything looks good so we are back home right now with all
our groceries and the first thing we’re going to do we’re gonna marinate the tuna
before we can start on the tacos>>Sanad: Is it good? so it’s my favorite time right now it’s
time to taste the food and personally I’m a huge guacamole fan and I’m so
lucky to have a fiance that is fantastic with this stuff So I am going have to give it a try, do you want to get started? I think you should give it a try first.
yeah but just to let you guys know this looks like the freshest thing I’ve
ever seen and it smells heavenly okay let’s give it a try my legs can’t hold me this is like so
good so if you guys ever want to check the freshness of the pineapple because
it’s very difficult to be honest but the trick is you have to pick the leaf from
just inside of here and if it’s fresh like that look at this
it’s green and beautiful then you know it’s fresh that’s how you know this
pineapple is ready to eat So good and juicy, just try! right supa supa fresh okay so we have everything ready we have
a guacamole we have grilled pineapple pickle cabbage like lovely tuna seared
tuna with some seasonings and some more tortillas we’re just in here warming up
let’s make some Tacos alright guys so now I’m gonna give it a
try this looks gorgeous another bite this is I can eat this every day the outcome is fantastic, absolutely great
hope you guys enjoyed the vlog make sure to subscribe like a comment so you can
continue to make more of these videos We need it,that’s it
have a good one bye bye

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