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How to Make & Serve Tuna Salad : Ways to Serve Tuna Salad

How to Make & Serve Tuna Salad : Ways to Serve Tuna Salad

Hi, this is Richard Buccola here in New York
City and today on behalf of Expert Village I’m going to show you how to make some tuna
salad. Alright continuing on ingredients, I just wanted to touch in with tuna salad
you can serve it so many different ways. I know as a kid, my mom, one of her secrets,
again I’m giving all of mom’s secrets away. But she would toast the bread in the boiler
so one side would get toasted, the other side would stay white, you know soft and you would
have the best of both worlds I guess. You would have the crunchiness of the toast but
the softest of the white bread, so that is, you know as far as that goes you could also
have like some cheese and just melt some cheese over it and put it on English muffins, that
is another great way to serve it. I know for health conscious people, just slice a tomato
in half. Put the half down and put the tuna on both halves and that is a great way of
serving it also. I also, you know health conscious people might want to go with the whole grain
breads which I am going to use today. So whole grain bread I would toast it on, like I said
the one side and yes this is a whole grain bread we are going to use today. I also happen
to like it on something like an everything bagel, which is my favorite way to eat it.
I don’t know if it is the healthiest way. So when we come back I’m just going to tell
you that we are going to put this together, it is going to taste pretty good, it might
not be as healthy as it could be but you know it if you are a health conscious person you
are going to know who much to take out of this to still keep it tasting good. Come back
we will show you what you need to put it together.

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