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How To Make Shrimp Tacos | Hilah Cooking

How To Make Shrimp Tacos | Hilah Cooking

>>Hilah: Hey there! I am Hilah, and welcome to Hilah Cooking,
so I just got back from Florida, and I ate a lot of delicious seafood, but I sure did
miss my tacos, so today I am going to show ya’ll how to make some delicious shrimp
tacos, and they’ve got some habanero and some tequila and some orange juice, and they’re
super-spectacular, supe-spec, as I like to say, and I hope you enjoy, so let’s get
shrimping! [MUSIC] [How to make Shrimp Tacos]>>Hilah: Ok, so I thought I was going to
be real clever and show ya’ll how to shell shrimp with a pair of scissors, but I accidentally
got these easy peel ones that have already been like slit up the back, and actually even
deveined, so all you have to do is pull off the, pull off all the junk and give that little
tail, kind of like, pinch It, poikkkkk, and it pulls out like that. If they hadn’t been already slit up the
back, you just take a pair of scissors, I like these because I can just throw them in
the dishwasher, and then just kind of like cut up the back through the shell, tttt, ttt,
tth tshh, and then you end up with this and then you can pull out that black, um, vein
or whatever, it’s not really a vein, but I don’t want to tell you what it is because
it’s kind of gross. Anyway, I am just going to peel these. Once your shrimp are all shelled and deveined,
I am just going to pat them dry a little bit, and then toss them in a bowl here, and then
I’ve got my dry seasoning mix including my salt. Ok, and then I am just going to let these
sit aside for like 15 minutes to get all those seasonings absorbed and then we’ll fry ‘em
up. Alright, I’ve got my skillet pretty smoking
hot here, just add a little oil. I imagine you could do this on a grill too
if you wanted to on some skewers. Ok, yeah, see, see what I mean by smoking
hot. It’s actually about to catch on fire, and
just put your shrimp in a single layer. The idea is to get them really good and charred,
and work fast because they cook really super-fast. Ok, so just until the underside has gotten
a really good crust on it, hopefully it won’t take more than about a minute. Ok, once I can move around freely, then we
can flip them over, c’mon you little bastards. Ok, great, now once everything is turned,
you are going to add the garlic and habanero that I just, I minced up as fine as I could,
like super, super tiny, and some orange juice mixed with a little lemon juice, some green
onions, it smells really good, and a little splash of tequila. Now, it smells even better. Ok, just cook it on high for maybe another
30 seconds, kind of until that tequila smell burns off a little bit I guess, and the orange
juice is starting to thicken up, green onions are getting soft, and it’s going to be awesome. Ok, great! Now, we don’t want to over cook them, so
let’s see, I am just going to pour these out into a different dish so that they don’t
just sit there in the hot skillet and keep cooking. Ok, now let’s make some tacos! Tacos! Talking about tacos! Alright, I got a corn tortilla here that I
just kind of heated up on the stove over the flame, a few little scrimps, and then this
is just some finely diced cucumber and radish that I just put salt and pepper on, and a
little bit of cilantro. You could also put some Cotija cheese or avocado
on these. Good, c’mere shrimps. Let’s see how you taste. Mmmmmm! Shrimps taste good! Oh man! That is a fine taco. It would be really great grilled too. You could do like a glaze or something with
the orange and the tequila. Alright, now I am just getting off on some
crazy ideas. Ok, there you go, there’s how to make some
delicious habanero tequila orange shrimp tacos. I hope you try this recipe. If you have any questions, leave them below
and I will get to them as soon as I can. Thanks so much for watching and have a wonderful
day! See ya! I got shrimps to eat. [MUSIC]

100 comments on “How To Make Shrimp Tacos | Hilah Cooking

  1. Well, it did NOT taste like chicken! Texture was kind of like chicken, but the flavor was more like catfish I thought. Or snake, if you ever ate snake. 🙂

  2. Beef is cheaper and taste better. BTW did you know your nostrils are HUGE! Save some air for the rest of us!

  3. looks yummy…my daughter will only eat shrimp and fish,and she LOVES Mexican food so this will come in handy! Thanks !

  4. nope…never had snake.i thought that when i saw paula deen cook it (as fish n chips) it sorta looked like walleye meat.they sell gator in a little meat shop near here…i am tempted to buy some(but my youngest daughter likely would rebel…she is a reptile fan!)

  5. Oh, good! I hope y'all like it! Be careful with the peppers if your daughter is young – it's fairly spicy.

  6. Hey Hilah! I bought a bag of frozen easy peel shrimp so I could try out this recipe. I cooked a different dish first though and noticed the shrimp had an unpleasant fishy odor and taste. I've looked up the best way to thaw and prepare frozen uncooked shrimp but I'm getting a lot of different answers. lemon juice didn't help after it was already cooked. What's the best way to fix it so it's not so fishy? Thanks in advance!

  7. I notice you always use a iron skillet.. Whht part of Texas you live in? I live in The Rio Grande Valley. McAllen.

  8. The best way to thaw is overnight in the refrigerator, the second best way is to run cool water over them until they thaw. If they smell fishy, try sprinkling with lemon juice and letting that sit on there a while before cooking. I've also heard you can soak "fishy" fish in milk, but haven't tried that with shrimp. Good luck!

  9. Come over to my town in San Diego to eat some REAL 😉 tacos! haha, I mean, the Mexican border IS right across the street 😛 Seriously though, they are the bees knees

  10. This was delicious! The amount of lemon juice in here was perfect for my taste. I skipped the ground cumin (since I didn't have it) and added in a dash of red pepper flakes and dash of black pepper instead.

  11. Thx cutie pie….. I'm Mexican but I ran outta flour so I decided not to do Ensenada tacos….. Instead I'm gonna try these baby's with a side of fried rice 😉

  12. OH MY GOD is right! This IS one fine taco(s). Serves two? I don't think so. All gone! Thanks for all the recipes and videos Hilah.

  13. My dh and I like to cook together and I sent him this video (he's in Afghanistan) and we're both super excited to try this when he gets home.

  14. 2:30 "c'mon you little basterds" 🙂 I was wondering why there was an age limitation for this vid… Youtube worries about polite speaking…hahaha !

  15. Ok Darlin'-made these last night-Big Hit! Also made the cucumber salsa and it was super scrumptious also. Makin' your baja fish tacos tonight using the cucumber salsa and mahi-mahi (dorado). Our household are definitely your biggest fans 🙂 Thanks and keep 'em coming. XXXO

  16. these are freaking amazing! I made them tonight and copied it down on a recipe card so it will stay with my family forever! haha

  17. Try with more sea food, its awesome, and also add some pico de gallo with avocado, you are way to much of a good cook with mexican food for beeing american, thats awesome!…o and also, for a lighter version you can boil or roast the shrips

  18. I see Hilah you like Mexican food.I am new person in your video but I like your show. Do you have something from Texas?? I know Texas have a good food please make something with Texas.

  19. Easy peel shrimp should be cooked in the shell. It gives so much more flavour to the sauce. And expand on the vegies and tempura them to get the crunch while using soft tacos. Sliced jalapenos tempura with a lemon/lime drizzle is a knock-out!

  20. Thanks for the recipe I add to my tacos guacamole, pico de gallo and salsa mmm so I have to double stuffed with tortilla.

  21. to do a new up to date video on shrimp tacos this a good video can you please do a new video that's different from this video ?

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