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How to Make Smoked Salmon Canapés – Smoked Salmon Canapés Recipe

How to Make Smoked Salmon Canapés – Smoked Salmon Canapés Recipe

[Intro music] To make smoked salmon canapés, you will need bread, I chose rye bread because it’s pretty dense and that will absorb the cream, smoked salmon, this is Sockeye salmon from the Pacific West coast, it’s a white salmon; lemon zest, lemon juice, chopped dill, fresh pink peppercorns- this is optional, capers, sour cream and seasoning- salt and pepper. Cut the bread slices with a cookie cutter- this is a 3 inches cookie cutter. Rye bread is a very nice bread as it is pretty dense and it will be perfect to absorb the moisture from the cream without being soggy. Place the sour cream in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice, the dill- finely chopped and I will add the lime zest. So for the lime zest, you want to make sure you wash the lemon very well it’s better to use an organic lemon and you want to grate just the rind. Then combine the ingredients together. Taste. Pretty lemony, very nice. The cream is acidic. I will add little bit of salt, pepper Taste again. Nice! The cream is well seasoned, I can taste the dill, but the main flavour is the lemon, the acidity of the lemon. Perfect to complement the smoked salmon. You may even add a little bit of iced vodka. It will be great. Assemble the canapés. So on a round, put a little bit of cream on a piece of toast. Take a salmon, twist it, add it over the cream. Then add a bit of cream over the salmon Add the pink peppercorn if you are using it, the caper Perfect! And repeat the operation for all the pieces. Smoked salmon canapés. Keep your smoked salmon canapés refrigerated and take them out from the fridge just before serving. Bon appétit and have fun with your cocktail!

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  1. I tried this on sunday and oh my Gosh… it was so delicious. The salmon and the bread (I used normal sandwich bread) just melted in my mouth 😀 So creamy, rich and… YOUR SAUCE!!!!! It was absolutely delicious and we all loved it! It just disappeared from the plate. 😀 By the way, could you please tell me what kind of salmon did you use? It looks different from the thick one which I used. I made roses with my salmon instead of your poppy 🙂 Love your recipe, thank you a lot Chef Eric! 😀 <3

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