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How to make Soft Taco Fast and Easy Tacos Recipes

How to make Soft Taco Fast and Easy Tacos Recipes

sup guys I’m making soft taco and it’s
so easy healthy for hot summer days so easy to make one two three and done
so I’m gonna start with cooking the meat and I have a ground turkey if you have
ground chicken or ground beef it’s fine you can use a two as well whatever you
desire so today I’m using the turkey ground turkey
easy or goes into a pan and I’m gonna start cooking our meat so ground chuck
it goes into a pan and breaking it with a fork or spoon and have wooden spoon
and I think it’s easy to do with a fork dance form then I’m gonna add one slice
Lee done baked onion there’s that now I’m gonna add a
seasoning and this season up the cup from the whole food or your student I
don’t really remember but you can cook up on any organic section or organic
stores for South Pass taco and this one is my favorite I love it a lot
so you’re going to add there and you’re gonna mix this really well and cook
together with the meat so the meat is all cooked through I’m gonna tune up
this dough and here I have precise regulators avocado I pick up from the
whole food and sauce I pick up from Whole Foods sour cream precise tomato
cheese any your favorite cheese so now we’re good to assemble our tacos and
before you assemble the tacos I’d like to just warm up the tortillas so it’s be
softer and more tastier for me so you do have to babysit them never leave them
just warm up on each side and it’s good to go
and I pick up these two tears from the new season you can pick up from where
any other even Costco whatever is your favorite and this one organic I’m using
it so now I’m going to assemble our tortillas and when you sample to tears
you really have to do the way you like it so if you want to put cabbage first
meat first whatever you desire just it really doesn’t matter so I just like to
put sour cream on the top I don’t know why so here we go and the taco is all
done look so beautiful and delicious if you guys make taco during the summit
time soft taco please leave a comment below what do you put in your taco I
really want to know so please share this with me don’t forget to thumbs up
subscribe and share with your friends thanks for watching and have a nice day
see in my next video bye

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  2. These look so delicious!! 🙂 tfs! I enjoyed this video. Thumbs up! I just found your channel and subscribed! Please check out my channel ( when you get a chance, thanks! 😀

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