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How to Make Sweet Potato Breakfast Tacos | Hilah Cooking

How to Make Sweet Potato Breakfast Tacos | Hilah Cooking

>>HILAH: Hey everyone! Welcome to Hilah Cooking. So thanks to everyone who bought the breakfast
taco book on the Kindle which we just released recently. That’s been really cool. Looking back over the book I realized that
a lot of time vegetarians kind of get the short end of the stick when it comes to breakfast
tacos because they get stuck with like potato and egg, or like bean and cheese, and like,
those are great, but sometimes you get a little bored. So, it just so happens my buddy Eric has this
food trailer called The Peached Tortilla, and while they make a lot of delicious things
like sliders and possibly the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had, they also make some
breakfast tacos that are really good and really creative. One of them is a sweet potato hash taco, so
I thought it would be really fun to go over there and cook in a food trailer and see what
the inside of that looks like, and then eat some delicious vegetarian breakfast tacos,
and so let’s go! [MUSIC] [Sweet Potato Breakfast Tacos Recipe]>>HILAH: All right, now we’re inside, so
this truck you can see it’s very efficiently designed with lots of little cubby holes or
trap doors if you will. Where do you keep stuff?>>ERIC: Well, like I was telling you earlier. This truck was built specifically for the
purpose of being a catering truck, so it’s pretty efficiently designed, you know, every
square foot is utilized really well. It’s like over here we’ve got our freezer,
and then this is our, basically our cold table where we keep mise en plas, all of our topping
for our tacos. Obviously this is sort of our prep station,
and any sort of chopping we need to do on the fly. Our fridge is down here, and I’ve showed
you this earlier there’s an ice block back in here.>>HILAH: Yeah, yeah, that’s really cool.>>ERIC: It basically forms into an ice when
charge overnight and it keeps everything cool in the fridge.>>HILAH: Yeah.>>ERIC: Back here we’ve got our steam table
so that we don’t have to make everything on the fly. It’s kind of like the Chipotle model where
you see everything is kept hot.>>HILAH: Uh huh.>>ERIC: This keeps all our meats and proteins
hot, and some of our veggie products. Then we’ve got our grill, our fryer, and
we don’t, we just use this to store our slider buns and stuff, but this can also be
used as sort of like an oven or like a mini oven.>>HILAH: Like a proofer or something?>>ERIC: It just keeps stuff hot.>>HILAH: Okay.>>ERIC: Yeah, but we don’t. There’s a pilot at the bottom.>>HILAH: Wow!>>ERIC: And then this is our expo window,
and then all of this space over here is basically storage.>>HILAH: Awesome. Well, let’s, let’s start making some tacos. So you’ve got a vegetarian taco, a vegetarian
breakfast taco that we’re going to do today.>>ERIC: Yeah, we do a, we call a sweet potato
hash taco. We utilize, you know, diced sweet potatoes,
onions, poblanos, and corn with their all on the flat top.>>HILAH: Sounds good. I actually had it the other day. It’s really good.>>ERIC: Sort of veggie taco with it.>>HILAH: Yay!>>ERIC: Yeah.>>HILAH: Cool. We’re going to make that one then. Okay, so we’re going to cut this stuff up,
and so you used to be, you were a lawyer, and then you were like f this noise, I am
going to move to Austin and start a food truck.>>ERIC: Yeah, I quit my job in July. This has been a project I was working on for
a while. Originally I wanted to open a restaurant,
and at the time when I was an attorney I was going after a lot of, a lot of, you know,
restaurant owners who’d flaked on their leases or weren’t paying.>>HILAH: Oh, wow!>>ERIC: So, basically I kind of got scared
out of opening a restaurant. I raised a bunch of money and I said, “Look,
this is what I am going to do. I am going to open a food truck.”>>HILAH: Nice, good compromise.>>ERIC: Yeah, I mean working in a food truck
is just not like working in a restaurant. I mean I’ve worked in restaurants before
and it’s just, it’s totally different.>>HILAH: Yeah, yeah, I know I mean it’s
tight quarters, and you have to. I imagine you have to do a lot more like planning
ahead.>>ERIC: Yeah, you do and you have to think
about, you know, a lot of stuff. I mean basically I had restaurant people working
in the truck with me early on, and I mean I still do, but just because you work in a
restaurant doesn’t mean that working in a food truck is a seamless transition.>>HILAH: Right.>>ERIC: Our pilot lights get blown out of
the grill. You run out of, you are worried about running
out of propane. You got to make sure your steam table is hot. I mean nothing is electric, so there’s just
a lot of things you’ve got to keep tabs of.>>HILAH: Yeah.>>ERIC: And if you’ve never worked in a
food truck before, you know, you’re kind of at the mercy of the food truck initially
at least. Once we got our head wrapped around it, I
wouldn’t say it’s easy, but I would say it’s easier than it was early on.>>HILAH: Right.>>ERIC: But now, you know, we just got through
like a brutal summer with the heat and everything.>>HILAH: Dude, I was going to ask you because
you got these vents here and it’s really nice right now, but shit if it was 108 degrees
outside, how hot, I mean.>>ERIC: It gets to about 120 here.>>HILAH: Good lord.>>ERIC: The grill cooks, the line cooks get
it the worst, you know, because the fryer is on, the grill is on, there’s no ventilation. If there’s a wind right now, there’s a
breeze right now, so we’re okay.>>HILAH: Yeah.>>ERIC: I mean I would say like you know,
two weeks ago on a Friday night, there’s no mercy in this truck.>>HILAH: No.>>ERIC: The second you get in, you’re sweating
and you’re hot, and it’s not the most pleasant of environments, and I’ve had a
lot of people working, I’ve talked to a lot of people working these food trucks who
worked in restaurants, and they are like this is a little harder.>>HILAH: Harder than any restaurant, yeah.>>ERIC: You got to be, if you’re a cook,
you’re also the dishwasher, you’re also scraping the floors out.>>HILAH: Umm hmmm>>ERIC: If you’re the owner, you do the
same thing, like, everybody’s got a hand in everything. There’s no, we don’t pay somebody to wash
dishes. We don’t pay somebody to clean their truck,
like, we do it all.>>HILAH: Right, well, there’s only room
for like two people in here probably right? Or three?>>ERIC: I mean, when we get busy we do like
four.>>HILAH: Wow!>>ERIC: Yeah, and then some, on average we
only run two because we have really good cooks, but special events, three, South by Southwest,
four or five.>>HILAH: Wow!>>ERIC: Yeah.>>HILAH: Okay. All right, well cool. Are we ready to make some tacos?>>ERIC: I think we are.>>HILAH: Wooooooo!>>ERIC: We’re going to put some sweet potatoes
down. The sweet potatoes probably take the longest
to cook even though everything is cut so small that it’s really not going to take very
long. I am going to also put down some red peppers,
some poblanos, diced poblanos, some diced corn. If you want to get me some onions, I’ve
got to get. . .>>HILAH: Yeah.>>ERIC: A little spatula. And we’re just going to let it cook on the
grill for a little bit. You can kind of get that smell already.>>HILAH: Yeah.>>ERIC: A little salt and pepper mix. Just give it a little extra flavor. I mean this is a really simple taco, but because
it’s got a lot of different flavors you get a little bit of a bitterness in the spiciness
from the pepper, the sweetness of the corn and the sweet potatoes, and then you got the
onions. That sort of caramelizes. It’s really good flavor all around.>>HILAH: Yeah, and it’s so pretty.>>ERIC: So you’re going to let that cook
just for a little bit longer, and in the meantime I am going to. If you want to hand me some eggs.>>HILAH: Yeah. That’s fun.>>ERIC: So we’re just going to scramble
the eggs right into the mix. Where do you normally eat your breakfast tacos?>>HILAH: I make my tacos a lot.>>ERIC: Oh yeah?>>HILAH: I make a lot of tacos. Yeah.>>ERIC: This is awesome. You’ve got to.>>HILAH: I know, well, everyone should know
how to make their own tacos, but I am going to do something, yeah, this looks pretty.>>ERIC: It looks pretty, and it tastes pretty
good.>>HILAH: Can I stir it?>>ERIC: Yeah, absolutely have at it.>>HILAH: Can I just do like that?>>ERIC: Yeah. So I’ve got a couple of corn tortillas. We double wrap our tortillas.>>HILAH: I like that. Okay, is that done?>>ERIC: Yeah.>>HILAH: It looks like it’s done.>>ERIC: It’s starting to brown a little
bit. Take the tortillas right off the grill. They’re nice and hot, and then you can go
ahead and plate it.>>HILAH: Yay!>>ERIC: That’s our veggie sweet potato hash
taco.>>HILAH: Are you totally jealous, but I am
eating a taco and you’re not?>>ERIC: I’ve never eaten our tacos.>>HILAH: [laughs]>>ERIC: I’ve never had it before. Is it good?>>HILAH: Mmmmmm. Umm hmmm. That’s really good. Wow! Awesome! That is delightful man. Well, um, thank you so much for letting us
come in and check out your business.>>ERIC: You’re welcome.>>HILAH: Well, thank you, sir. And y’all move around town.>>ERIC: Yeah, we’re always moving. We’ve got about eight different locations
right now. The easiest way to find us is to check out
our website at, or follow us on Twitter. It’s @peachtortilla, and we even have a
hotline you can call on our website. I don’t know the number off the top of my
head.>>HILAH: Wow!>>ERIC: But it’s right there on the front
of my website. You can call anytime, and we’ll tell you
exactly where we are.>>HILAH: That’s awesome!>>ERIC: So there’s no excuse for not finding
the truck.>>HILAH: And tacos. Yay! All right. See ya. I am going to eat this taco now.>>ERIC: Thanks for having us to be on the
show.>>HILAH: Yeah, thanks for letting me eat this
taco. [MUSIC]

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