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How To Make Tacos Al Pastor | Hilah Cooking Ep 31

How To Make Tacos Al Pastor | Hilah Cooking Ep 31

How to Make Tacos al Pastor
Buenas dias! Y Bienvenidos a Hilah Cooking! Me llamo Hilah. Today I am gonna show you
how to make al pastor tacos which are my favorite kind of pork tacos in the world, and I will
show you how I make them, and we’ll start with the marinade with several different delicious
ingredients, and then I will show you one way of cooking them, but if you look at the
website, you can see other kinds of ways of cooking them. Let get started. Vamonos!
[MUSIC] Okay, so I am gonna start with the marinade
first. Typically what al pastor means nowadays, it means it involves pineapple and chiles,
so I am gonna use some guajillo chiles which are smooth and very fruity smelling and then
some ancho chiles which are dried poblano, and they are all wrinkly and they are kind
of more smoky. Some pineapple. Let’s see. I am gonna start throwing some crap in the
blender. I got some garlic, and maybe like half a cup of onion, and I have got some water
boiling over here because I am going to rehydrate these peppers so that I can get the seeds
and the stems off easily, and obviously soften them up since they are dry as a bone. My God
I almost cut my finger. Okay, that , and then like a cup of this pineapple
juice. Thank God this thing has a measure on it. Oops, okay, let a couple go in there.
So pineapple is known for kind of having enzymatic properties that tenderize meat. I am using
canned pineapple because I am gonna marinate this for a while. Canned pineapple because
it’s been processed and cooked, the enzymes are pretty inactivated so it doesn’t have
the same tenderizing qualities as fresh. If you were gonna use fresh pineapple in here,
don’t let it marinate for longer than an hour or the meat will just kind of turn to mush,
unpleasant. So fun fact for you. All right, that was oregano, some cinnamon, some achiote
powder which I don’t know, I think it’s kind of for color mostly and a little bit of vinegar,
and some pepper. And while I am waiting for my water to boil,
I am going to go ahead and slice my pork tenderloin. Okay, so normally it’s, this is cooked on
like a big rotisserie with huge, giant pieces of pork, but I don’t have a big rotisserie,
so I am going to slice it and then cook it on the grill later after it’s marinated. So
I am cutting it on a diagonal so that we can end up with larger pieces that will be easier
to cook on a grill and then when it’s all done we’ll dice it and put it in some tacos.
Just kidding, it’s pronounced “taco,” even I know that. All right, one down, add my water,
just boiled, I turned it off, and now I am just gonna drop these babies in, and they
are gonna get all mushy and stuff. Get on in that spa you peppers, and we’ll just let
them soak for a couple of minutes and just sort of jab them because it’s fun.
It’s been about five minutes and these things are hotter than hades, so I am gonna gently
pull off that and then that comes out, pour out the seeds and the water that’s in there
now, and drop it in my blender, and you might want to let these cool if you don’t have amazing
man hands like I do. Whoop, and there’s another one. Okay, I am gonna save this water just
in case I need to add some to thin out my marinade. Now I am just gonna blend this crazy
concoction. Get ready! Let me make sure that’s tight. Jab it a little. And you always want
to be careful when you’re blending anything hot because the pressure builds up and if
I was safer I would have a dishtowel and my hand over this, but I am living on the edge
here. [blending] Beautiful! Mmmmmm! It smells all pineapply
and chileey, Okay, now I am just going to pour this over my meats. Okay, [laughs] okay
onion fumes making me cry. Anyway, okay, so this is all covered up. Every little piece
soaking away. I am gonna put a lid on it, and we’ll come back in a few hours to cook
it. Okay, here I am in my backyard. I got my grill going. My pork has been marinating
for about four hours, and I have stirred it couple of times in that period and now we
are ready to put these puppies on the grill. Okay, now here I go. Putting them on the grill.
Hey, there’s flies. Okay, it’s hotter than hell over here. So I cut these about three
quarters of an inch to an inch thick, so shoot, I don’t know. I ain’t know grillin’ whiz,
but I imagine it will take about five minutes on each side. We’ll just see. We’ll see how
it goes. All right, so it’s been a few minutes, and
I could see these first ones I put on are starting to get white around the edges, telling
me they are getting to be done. So I am gonna go ahead and start flippin’. Hot damn! I am
hotter than hell! And these are done, so I am gonna take them off. See what I did was
as the skinnier pieces got more done I moved them to the cooler side of the grill so they
didn’t get overdone, and then I moved the fatter pieces over the hotter part of the
grill. So I am gonna get these off, and I am gonna let them rest. I am gonna let them
take a little chill pill while I cut up my onions and my cilantro for my tacos. These
might still need another couple of seconds, we’ll see. Okay, screw it. They are probably
fine. All right, I am gonna go cut up some meat.
One thing I didn’t show you was I put some pineapples on a spear and barbequed them too.
Son of a gun. That looks just beautiful. I am gonna come around this side. Let me get
it chopped up real small because that’s how they do it in Mexico. Okay, now, I am gonna
heat up a tortilla and make me a taco. So here I have some cilantro and some onion that
I am gonna put on my taco, and then, what else you do is get you a couple of them pineapple
chunks. Then some of that, some of that. I’d like some hot sauce, there. Taco city here
I come! Mmmmm. Mmmm. Hmmm. Mmmm. Mmm. That’s my favorite kind of taco. There you have it,
al pastor. The recipe is at the website at, so try that out, let me
know how it goes for you, and I will catch you later amigo.

100 comments on “How To Make Tacos Al Pastor | Hilah Cooking Ep 31

  1. What's up with the pepper seeds,do you remove them because they would be too insanely hot,can you use them for anything,the pepper seed water that is?

  2. This recipe is wonderful, i loved it and i learned something. i didnt know they used pinapple in this dish but it sure does make it tasty…thank you again…

  3. hey in mexico we heat the tortillas in the same way as you i never thought that americans did it as well.

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  6. I think that would work great! You could grill it like you would grill any chicken, depending on if you use boneless or bone-in (bone-in will take longer than boneless)

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  9. Hila…good job but let me give you a great and very important tip. I´m from México and the tacos al pastor without chopped pineapple on the taco, is not a taco al pastor.

    congratulations and you are a pretty girl…i like you

  10. I have a request for you. Care to tackle making gyros? I can make the tzaziki sauce for them but I have never been able to get that dense meat-loaf like consistency like all the ones in the restaurants at home. It always just comes out like regular meatloaf that tastes like gyro but still sucks. Also, if you know how to make the pita like bread they are served on please toss that in.

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    Every night I get stuck on Youtube watching your videos until 3 in the morning.
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  14. Just so you know, you could actually cut the chiles with scissors, remove all the seeds and the pepper stem before boiling them. That way you don't burn yourself and they will be VERY soft as they must be soft to be able to make them puree in the blender.

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  17. se ve rico, le falta guacamole (crushed avocado with onion in fine square and a pinch of salt, you canto make the guacamole, put in the blender avocado, a pinch of salt and alittle of coriander liquefy and it is all),

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    I think you might have a problem handling your anger.

  21. I just started this in the slow cooker for a morning snack tomorrow. I cant wait to try them. I couldnt find the ancho chiles so i got pasilla and mulato chiles instead. Hopefully they are similar

  22. For better results, Cut the pieces thin, Let it marinade all night. Make a real salsa and some guacamole. Dont forget to squeeze some lemon on the tacos.
    Never use any of the water you boiled the chilies in. If you have to add water, use fresh water.

  23. Muchas felicidades por su estupendo video. Esos tacos se ven realmente deliciosos. Un cordial saludos desde el país de los tacos, México.

  24. Hilah I was wondering if I could make this with beef instead of pork. we gave up pork a while back and we always loved al pastor so it was one of the hardest things to give up (plus bacon lol). so I just wanted to know if you think this would work for beef roast, and if so what cut?

  25. It looks delicious I am 100% Mexican n the pineapple juice is added directly in the meat after is all seasoning n the onion is just added fully to let all juices combine together n the original way to make is by pork that is how my family in mexico do it I did try it with beef steak n is delicious n no bacon is added just chop cilantro n onion make green tomatillo sauce serve next some radishes n lime n yuh eat it n is delicious I love this recipe cuz I am a taco alpastor lover 😀

  26. Nice vid… Just a quick tip: slice open the chiles and take out the seeds before you boil them (that way your fingers won’t burn as much and there are some salsas you can do with the seeds and some oil) Also, try achiote paste… It’s so much better than powder and if you can’t find the paste use some freshly squeezed orange juice with your achiote powder

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