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How To Make The BEST Fish Tacos

How To Make The BEST Fish Tacos

Tonight, we’re making fish tacos! Step one: make a drink!
We’re gonna use Mexican coke. (music) That’s really good.
Okay! Fish tacos have fish in ’em!
Cod! The white people fish. This fish is not frozen. It’s thawed.
I thawed it. Gonna add some spices. Actually, step…not one: Put all the fish in the same bag. ‘Cause you’re lazy! (whiny voice) Smells fishy in here. Alright. Gonna add some cumin. A little bit.
That’s like, a teaspoon. Mexican brick oregano. Some onion powder. Some…that’s not chili powder. Some chili powder! We need some limes.
(singing) Rollin’ it. You can actually partially cook fish in lime juice. This is why you don’t wanna marinate your fish for, like, overnight, or like, a day or whatever. You want fresh fish. It’s nice.
Wonderful! Alright, close enough.
Salt, pepper. You should use a bigger bag than I did. Okay, so, close your bag up, and gently massage it. If you don’t do this gently, you will destroy the fish. You will be having fish mush tacos.
That doesn’t sound good. We’ll just leave that over here. Probably a medium-high heat. Put a little olive oil in it.
It’s what you’re gonna fry the fish in. And get your secondary pan over here on medium heat. Meanwhile, you need a clean dishtowel,
or a towel that you hope is clean, and this is what you’re gonna keep your tortillas warm in. Now, do I want corn tortillas or flour tortillas? They now make hand-made style corn tortillas that are a blend of corn and wheat. Now, the corn people are like (high-pitched) “Hey, that’s how they do it authentically!” (high-pitched) “I’m not Mexican, but I wanna eat like one!”‘ (normal voice) And the flour people are like (high-pitched)”Your tortillas fall apart! And they suck!” (normal voice) Now, you can have both!
In a single taco! You’re gonna heat your tortillas in a pan.
The whole point of this is just to heat ’em up. Once the pan’s actually hot, it’ll take about fifteen seconds per side, and you can tell when they’re heated when the brown marks start being browner.
Looks nice. Okay, after you heat up your tortillas and you got ’em in your dishtowel, time to cook the fish. Make sure the pan’s nice and hot, and just put your fish pieces in here. Oooh that smells nice!
That smells really nice! Now, the good news for people who are not good at things, this is fish tacos. So you could, like, literally break up the fish at any point.You don’t have to keep it whole. Beat the crap out of it.
Chop you in half, chop you…sideways (giggles) Chop you in half, oh goddammit. We want bite sized pieces for tacos! Smellin’ great, it’s ready to be put in a taco. We turn the heat off, and we’re gonna assemble our tacos! Gonna show you how to make one taco.
You’re gonna eat more than one taco. You take your taco, add some guacamole, It’s nice. You could use store bought cole slaw, but it’s not gonna taste as good. (plastic bag of cole slaw crinkling) Get the fish!
Oh yeah! It’s ready to eat! Let’s give her a shot. (dramatic music builds) I’m gonna eat, like ten more of these.
(dramatic music building) That’s amazing. That’s how you make fish tacos!
(music reaches a peak) (giggles, dramatic chord)

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  1. Hahah I just finished making this man it was really good. I think I over cooked the cod a little but who cares

  2. Cant wait to make them. Love your video's.  Great delivery and especially the Drink Breaks. I like to take a drink break myself, so as to not take my kitchen time to seriously 🙂

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