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How to Make Tuna Apple Salad

How to Make Tuna Apple Salad

Hi, I’m Chef Amy and today I’m making a go-to
dish for when you need a healthy lunch or dinner in a hurry. This recipe for Tuna Apple
Salad is versatile, kid-friendly, and couldn’t be easier. We’re going to mix a can of drained
tuna, minced red onion, your favorite type of apple, celery, raisins, and some light
Italian dressing. In another bowl, toss together two cups of salad greens, like spinach, romaine
lettuce, or mixed field greens with more of the Italian dressing. You can get some of
the greens and many other ingredients for this recipe at your local farmer’s market.
Now, cut a wheat pita in half and fill it with the tuna salad and salad greens for a
delicious pita lunch. You could also serve this over a salad or pair it with some multi-grain
crackers for a perfect picnic lunch. To check out this recipe and other ideas for eating
healthy on a budget, visit the USDA’s “What’s Cooking?” website.

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  1. Cameron Brown. I agree. I would make this with chicken, add grapes instead of raisins and add Miracle Whip (or mayonnaise) instead of Italian dressing. Just saying.

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