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How to make Vegan Smoked Salmon | Mary’s Test Kitchen

How to make Vegan Smoked Salmon | Mary’s Test Kitchen

hey friends, Today we’re taking my least favourite vegetable
and turning it into something magical. That’s right. Stupid carrots turn into smooth, savory,
lucious vegan lox. Recipe by Olives for Dinner, one of the best
vegan food blogs out there in my opinion if you like creative dishes, Asian fusion cuisine
and beautiful photography. Erin, the creator of Olives for Dinner, was
kind enough to let me demonstrate her amazing technique for turning this ordinary root vegetable
into an amazing stand in for smoked salmon. It’s so good in anything you used to use smoked
salmon for, including this creamy spaghetti carbonara. To start, preheat your oven and clean and
dry some carrots. My local store only had these little wimpy carrots; thicker carrots
would be nicer. But do with what you can get. Then, pour some coarse sea salt into a glass
baking dish. You may be wondering: Why does your salt look so dirty, Mary? Well actually, I’ve already used this salt
once and I’ll use it a few more times to do this same thing. Place your carrots in the dish, leaving some
space between, then pour over more salt. You want to completely cover the carrots,
leaving no parts exposed. The salt will form a crust over the carrots, allowing them to
cook in their own moisture. I am adding some regular salt since I ran
out and still have some spaces. And then into the oven they go. We roast for
about an hour. This will be very hot so let this cool just
a little before continuing. It’s oddly satisfying to break open this salt crust. Makes you feel
like a fancy chef or something. Now we peel the carrots. I imagine you could
use a vegetable peeler for this. But my vegetable peeler really sucks so I’m using a knife. Then, cut the carrots into thin jagged slices
like lox. Can you see how the texture of the carrots actually resembles the flaky texture
of smoked salmon already? And I know what you’re thinking: So it looks
somewhat like lox but that’s just roasted carrots. How is it going to taste like anything
but carrots? That’s where the marinade comes in. We mix
a mild acid, liquid smoke and oil. Cover the carrots completely and this will go in the
fridge for a few days. The longer it sits, the more tender and silky and lox-like it
becomes. Even right away, it tastes pretty good. You
don’t have to add salt because the carrots are already perfect salted after the salt
roast. But after 3 or 4 days in the marinade, it doesn’t taste like carrots at all. It’s
just this delicious smokey thing that’s incredible. I had many bagels with carrots lox and capers
and red onion. More than I care to admit. And sushi, which I devoured before taking
any video or pictures. But this creamy spaghetti carbonara took me
right back to the days when I was obsessed with salmon carbonara. Actually, I was obsessed
with salmon everything in general, but that’s another story. Friends, not-yet-friends. Do yourself a favour
and head over to Olives for Dinner to get the full recipe for carrot lox and tell Erin
that I sent you, then go over to my carbonara video and make this creamy pasta dish. It’s
so good. Thank you so much for watching this video.
Please give it a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe for more easy vegan recipes
every Friday. Bye for now!

100 comments on “How to make Vegan Smoked Salmon | Mary’s Test Kitchen

  1. cheese and fish are the things I miss the most since going vegan
    you just made my life 100% better, Mary you’re amazing!!! <3

  2. Going to try this very soon.
    I'll buy a pound or so of seasalt and keep it especially for this . I just know I'll love it.

  3. Oh wow! That's really amazing. The creativity in the vegan cooking world never ceases to impress me. I've always hated the taste of anything like fish but this is so interesting that I think I'm gonna give it a go.

  4. Mary! Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe. While watching this video all I could think about was your hand. Hope it's getting better xx

  5. I am so happy you're back… and I am really excited to try this recipe. I like your idea of reusing the salt because that is an awful lot of salt to waste. How many times do you think you can reuse it for this recipe?

  6. This looks incredible! I used to love lox as well. I love the texture of the carrots- incredible! Simply Brilliant, Mary!

  7. I love Olives for Dinner! I made this a while back, when first posted, and you are right, it's delicious and really tastes like lox!! About how long do you think it would be safe to keep in fridge? It's just me, so when I made it I had quite a bit left over. After a week I wound up throwing the last out cause I was scared it would go bad. I want to make it again, but was wondering if I could freeze some, or if it will last indefinitely in fridge?

  8. I am vegan now for about a month and I could not do it without you!
    You make it so easy! I love your recipe's! Thank you Mary!

  9. Such a cool recipe! I tried it out! I didn't have any liquid smoke, so instead I added a bit of smoked salt right on the carrots and covered with the rock salt. Still had a nice flavor! Thanks!

  10. hey Mary, in Astig Vegan's Longanizza recipe you used regular white vinegar instead of the coconut vinegar and this recipe by Olives for Dinner calls for the same. Did you shell out for it this time or did you sub white vinegar (or another kind of vinegar) again?

  11. I just had these in your carbonara recipe. Oh my god it was unreal! The only thing putting me off having it regularly is the length of time it took me to clean up all the salt!

  12. Omg. I saw her post with this recipe and was curious if it was as good as it looked! Thanks for testing it out and sharing! Gonna have to give this a go when the weather is cool enough to turn the oven on!

  13. Unluckily liquid smoke is a highly carcinogenic substance, sometimes even worse then cigarettes smoke. It's like eating this stuff :S

  14. These turned out FANTASTIC!!! Carrot lox are now my new "bacon." I put them on warm buttered bread (with butter I made using miyoko schinner's recipe…sooo delicious) and I shoved them in my veggie sandwiches and I can't WAIT to put them in creamy cashew pasta. Thanks so much. you have the most inspirational vegan food videos ever. BTW…carrots have always been MY least favorite veggie too…along with celery. These smokey, sultry slivers are a GAME CHANGER for me.

  15. I just made this. Already tastes pretty good, but I still need to let it marinate for a couple of days.

    You are probably my favorite vegan channel. And thank you so much for making me discover Olives For Dinner!

  16. Thank you very much for sharing your recipe with us, dear Mary. I'm Vegetarian and I like to taste vegan food. In the past I've bought "vegan salmon from Sophies Kitchen", but it's hard to find in Germany. So now I can make it of my own. Great and thanks again. Have a nice weekend, dear friend!!!

  17. Making me wonder if these things might work as bacon if you fry it… maybe add a little black salt (Kala namak) or something.
    This faux lox is a must-try!

  18. is there any negative side effect (e.g. getting too salty) for peeling the carrots before baking them in the salt?

  19. Thanks for the recipe. I've already made this 3 times! It's so delicious. I added a shredded nori sheet to the marinade.

  20. Finally made this last week and fell in love! I just used it up yesterday & am now sad I don't have more! They were soooooooooo delicious.

  21. This is amazing and we serve it on our bagels with capers, cream cashew cheese and dill with rocket and spinach leave. Also in a creamy filo.

  22. DAMN! I got to try this ! looks damn delicious and tasty ! wow ! i'm glad i'm vegan si i caqn cook such amazing recipes!!!! thanKS MARY you rule !!!!!!!!!!11

  23. Very interesting recipe! The other smoked salmon recipes I have seen using carrots don't use anything close to this method. This method is the same way that you would make gravlax. This goes awesome with a mustard dill sauce from Scandinavia. And great on my Dave's Killer everything Bagels with vegan cream cheese and onion and tomato. I would eat that for supper! Mmmmmm! 🙂

  24. What is smokey liquide where can I find it? mine taste like normal carrot and taste salt as hell until have to throw them away.

  25. Ha ha. Stupid carrots. I did a double and had to rewind to see if I heard it right. This recipe really is like some sort of magic. I'm making it again today. Thank you.

  26. NEEDS SEAWEED! And smoked paprika and Nori seaweed strips a hit of garlin n onion too
    I've made by now 20 lbs of this
    So addictive and good

  27. I to haven't been able to find a Vegan substitute for salmon, and i tried this and unfortunately this was just awful. The only thing that tasted good was the marinade. I've got very sensitive taste buds, and the carrot taste come through clear as day regardless of how much marinade is used. The texture was the worst part of it all. It was either to firm or to soggy with nothing to remotely compare salmon too except for maybe the color. I understand that you aren't going to get the exact same flavor and texture as the real thing, but there are just some things that just cant be mimicked, and salmon is one of them. However, this one recipe certainly doesn't take away from your other amazing recipes.

  28. Thanks a lot. I look forward to trying this out. Most vegan dishes I've come across so far do not taste like the real food that it's imitating. which has been discouraging for me and challenging to stay vegan. It looks like it but doesnt taste like it

  29. I dont want to use all that salt, is there an alternative method?
    Plus, is that just a means to getting the skin easily off the carrot?

  30. Also! Ich nicht kennt das sie bist Deutsch 🙂 or I could be wrong and people just call salmon Lachs 😣

  31. I was vegetarian some 3 years, then pescatarian for another 3 and now I plan to go into vegan diet. This might be the answer for me. Your recipes are gorgeous. Thank you.

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