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How to make Vegan Walnut Ground “Beef” Tacos! – Episode 8

How to make Vegan Walnut Ground “Beef” Tacos! – Episode 8

– Or that you just wanna be a healthy eater and avoid
heart disease altogether, then look no further and turn
to these walnut meat tacos for your next meal. (funky electronic music) Hey! Welcome! We are here today with a very simple… I got a walnut piece stuck in my teeth. We’re here for a very simple,
very easy recipe today. And super nutricius and delicious. We are making, what’s that say? Ground beef walnut tacos? What? Crazy. Who thought you could
make meat out of walnuts? Well guess what, you
can, and let’s talk about why you should. Walnuts are one of the best
tree nuts that there are. And 55% of Americans
don’t even eat tree nuts, which is crazy, because
they have so many omega 3 fatty acids in them. They have a ton of antioxidants in them. And they’re really, really
high in vitamin E oil. Like unusually high in vitamin E. There’s more. Another great thing about walnuts versus the whole meat thing. So like I know people like
their meat and that’s okay, because enjoy your taco
Tuesday however you want. For those of you who do
eat ground beef tacos, I just wanna talk to you
guys a little bit about the differences in the nutritional facts. So let’s talk about a cup. A cup of walnuts is about 523 calories. A cup of ground beef is about
753 calories, I would say. So these are nutritional
facts I got online. You can look them up yourself if you want. And then cholesterol, a
ground beef is at 177 grams of cholesterol. And zero grams of cholesterol
in one cup of walnuts. So I mean, like a cup of ground
beef is not even that much, you might have like two tacos with that, and that’s already 177
grams of cholesterol. So it’s rough out there. For people who are at
risk for heart disease or heart disease runs in their family or they already have heart disease, or you take multiple medicines for it or a pill or something, just know that it is proven that plant based diets can reverse heart disease. Not just prevent it, so
this could be a great place for you to try to learn
some great new recipes on my channel and you can
click the links below, below the screen here. And on that note, walnut
meat is a lot better than ground beef (chuckles). Okay, so. If you wanna step over here. So what you’re gonna
need for these tacos is a cup of raw walnuts. You’re gonna need a cup
of sundried tomatoes that have been soaked in
water two to eight hours. I did like four hours or something. And make sure that you do not get the sundried tomatoes in oil. Cuz you don’t need any
oil with this recipe. So make sure that they’re
just dried in a pack that’s just sundried
without them being in oil. Something similar to this, so this is just sundried tomatoes from
the 365 Whole Foods brand. And then let’s get started on the sauces, so your best friend
for this recipe will be the fourth teaspoon which I know is the most random one of all. The first one that we’re gonna
need is a fourth teaspoon of cumin. I’m gonna do a little extra
cuz I thought that was kind of a weak fourth. We’re gonna do a fourth
teaspoon of granulated garlic. We’re gonna do a fourth
teaspoon of sea salt. We’re gonna do a couple dashes
of ground cayenne pepper, and a little bit of chili powder. Okay so now we are in the
step where we’re going to bring our walnuts, our sundried tomatoes, and our lovely spice concoction
over to our food processor. Let’s move it. So now we’re here at the food processor. (chuckles) And this step is super
important because if you blend anything in the food processor or blender, you can use a blender to do this. If you over blend it, it’s gonna be like a sloppy mixture, so we don’t
wanna over blend this, okay? So I’m gonna put my walnuts in. Put my sundried tomatoes in there. Put my powder. Okay, now we are going to go
ahead and lock it and load it. And then we’re gonna pulse it. (food processor whirs) Woo! (food processor whirs) See how it looks. Think we can do a little more. (food processor whirs) Okay. Check it out. Let’s have a little try. Mm, okay I’m gonna adjust
the seasonings a little bit. I’m gonna add another fourth of cumin. And now let’s check it out. (food processor whirs) It was good, it was really good. It’s just, I love cumin and I felt like I didn’t taste the cumin at all. So when you’re making this
recipe do two one-fourths. One one-fourths two times (chuckles). Okay let’s try it now. Oh my gosh it smells so good. So check this out, I mean,
it’s just so meaty, it’s crazy. Looks like ground beef. Mm, that’s delish. Wonderful. Now, now what we are doing
is, we are gonna heat up our tortillas. So we got sprouted corn
tortillas cuz we’re super health nerds. But you could do whatever
kind of tortillas you want. Usually we do them like
over the fire directly, but you know, carcinogens. I’m actually gonna having
my tacos protein style, because I’m doing a
cleanse actually right now, a 21 day cleanse of raw food,
so I won’t be eating that, but I’m gonna be having
mine in my little taco boat. And yeah, we’re gonna do
sliced avocado on top, salsa. We have other spicy salsa too. Green onions and little bit of lime. It’s gonna be bomb, can’t wait. And that being said, if
you’re interested in learning about raw food or you are
raw and you want, like, to send me a cool recipe to try, whatever. Hit me up. Comment below or you
can get in touch with me through my Instagram page avocadamama. Or you know, whatever. Whatever way you can. Yeah you can e-mail me too. That [email protected] And that’s avocada mama So I’m gonna take my little leaf here. And I’ll bring my avocado meat over here. And I’ll put it in this bowl. Another great way to
pair this recipe would be with beans and rice on the side. Like a traditional like taco plate. Okay I’m gonna do my ground beef. My green onions. My avocado (chuckles). That looks so good. A little bit of this salsa. And there’s my beautiful– (funky electronic music) This is so good. Hi. Okay so now I’m gonna
make it with a regular shell or whatever, what’s this called? A tortilla. (funky electronic music) And there is your
authentic style street taco made out of walnuts and (chuckles). Walnuts and sundried tomatoes. (chuckles) Thank you for being here today. Definitely, if you’re
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us along if you want. If you like what we’re doing here. We’ve been doing this for
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for us to go around. So yeah, that’s it. Thank you guys for being here
and we’ll see you next week. A-o. Uhh. Uhh. (funky electronic music)

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