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How to Make Your Own Fishing Line | Primal Survivor

How to Make Your Own Fishing Line | Primal Survivor

Now that I’m by the river, I
can catch some fish for dinner. I don’t have a hook
or line with me. But the Raramuri know
how to get everything they need from the plants. I can get my fishing
line from an agave. You can take these spikes. Careful not to go right
through your tongue. Size per size, this is way, way
stronger than cotton thread. I can take this– if I put a little bit
of a twist into it, it’ll make it about
four times stronger. I can’t break it. It’s amazing how strong it is. For hooks, the Raramuri
use another plant– a black tipped agave. What I’m after are these
really hard, woody barbs. Here we go. The ground near the river
is crawling with insects, so I have lots of bait. And my line’s in for just a
few minutes when I get a bite. Just a little catfish there. Doesn’t really matter if it’s
a big one or a small one. All fish are protein.

35 comments on “How to Make Your Own Fishing Line | Primal Survivor

  1. Oh cool! When the 3rd world immigrants/refugees will bankrupt our nations, I will fish to provide some nutrients for my loved ones.

  2. refreshing to see a new face in the survival scene… awesome method, and also new to me w/ the fishing line an hook…

  3. I don't believe he caught any fish with that, why didn't they show the actual catch? They just cut to a fish on the hook

  4. Agave is pretty poisonous, at least, the surface is. This is supposedly because of the calcium oxalate on the surfaces of its leaves. I certainly wouldn't put it in my mouth!!! A guy I was hiking with thought that it looked like aloe and started rubbing it on his skin. He wanted me to try it but I refused, because, well, I don't rub strange plants on my skin! Anyway, 10 minutes later he was washing his skin (with MY water) because he was starting to have a strong reaction to it. I had to give him some benedryll too.

    Just a few months ago, while hiking down a mountain, the back of my hand got stabbed by an agave spike. I was wearing gloves even, but the back of the hand portion of the glove I was wearing was very thin. Anyway, I didn't think too much of it, because I've been agave-stabbed before, but this time I got a red circular rash around the stab point on the back of my hand that lasted for a month! It would come and go, seeming to get better only to relapse. It didn't itch, it only burned VERY slightly.

  5. Lying piece of shit. You didn't catch that fish with that. You're using normal fishing line and you can see it clearly in the video.
    Stupid video. You should feel bad for lying

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