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HOW TO medicate sick aquarium fish – Cure for ICH

HOW TO medicate sick aquarium fish – Cure for ICH

regardless of the backlash or what
people think of me I share every aspect of my hobby from fish dying to trials
and tribulations within it and this has encouraged many others to do so as well
but I think everything is a learning experience and it’s always humbling as
well today’s video isn’t going to be any different let’s start from the beginning
On February 18th I received a large shipment of fish in that shipment I’ve
received 18 Vita I know it’s pronounced vieja I like to say VJ leave me alone
oh but one or two arrived fine of course there were some torn fins maybe a little
of ammonia burn some of them were a little listless but over the coming few
days they settled nicely into the aquarium on January 23rd I aired that
video and shared with you guys for the first time that shipment of fish as you
can see from that order these guys were doing perfectly fine nothing was wrong
with them nothing apparent nothing external or anything indicating any sort
of sickness illness parasite or pathogen now you guys will also remember each
racking system they’re actually connected at the bottom at the sump but
I’m always advocating quarantine on isolating new fish for anywhere between
four and six weeks the benefits of the subs that I’m using is if you guys
remember me setting them up I was able to connect them with a PVC pipe if I cap
that PVC pipe off it creates two individual subs and I can run these
aquariums on separate pumps and they become individual systems and that’s
what I did in order to keep these systems separate during the first
thirteen days of keeping these fish I noticed nothing wrong with them
whatsoever and closely monitoring the systems however on that thirteenth day I
was barking by my wall room tank and I noticed they were covered with thick my
mind was boggled how did they get this it how did they get a problem like that
in the first place but no other tank had it these systems are just as separate as
being side by side so I had to rewatch the footage and what I noticed what I
was doing was every time I would release one of the fish
to their new aquariums I tossed the net down they’re essentially cross
contaminating the aquariums now when it comes to cross contamination and adding
new fish you never add the water from your quarantine aquarium to a fresh
aquarium you never add the water from the shipping bags to your fresh aquarium
simply because if the fish aren’t exhibiting external parasites maybe they
dropped off in the bag and you could be cross contaminating the water that way
cross contamination can be as easy as a net now I’m not sure if some of the
water dripped off the net and got in the aquarium or if I ended up using it in
this tank eventually completely forgetting what I was doing of course
when you were adding new fish you got so many things on the go lighting
audio-video you’re trying to capture so many shots educate and talk throughout
it things can get a little hectic but the thing was is that the WHA group had
pick and these guys never experienced it at all there was no signs of it on any
one of these fish and I spent almost an hour one day truly examining these guys
up-close trying to figure out if any of them actually had it I think that
perhaps one or two of the fish might have had some ik on them and come off
onto the net I got it into the tank below and it basically exploded within
the tank the thing I want to point out though is that I didn’t notice anything
until thirteen days later some people quarantine a fish for just a few days is
absolutely ridiculous it for example is temperature dependent we’re gonna get
dive into that in a little bit but it just goes to show that just because the
fish looks okay for the first few days or even a couple of weeks doesn’t mean
it doesn’t have anything and in my case it took two weeks for this parasite to
appear after the first the next day it got even worse the fish were just
absolutely covered in it just the wall Roux though none of the tetras actually
had any and I must admit and I have to be completely honest I haven’t had to
deal with it for about twelve years now so seeing it again for the first time in
over 12 years was certainly a shock to me but it’s a simple reminder that
anybody is susceptible to this regardless of your experience or who you
are in the hobby it can affect you so in today’s video I want to talk about how I
treated it what it really is and you know some of the
things that we can do to prevent it in the future so on the first day I noticed
the ick the second day February 2nd which was actually my birthday it got
even worse on the third day I don’t even know if there was a fish left in this
tank it looked like it was just balls of X swimming around but fortunately my
fish were healthy and were able to withstand such an infection however
because it was so severe my typical treatment for it when I only see a
couple of spots wasn’t going to work in this case but like I said I haven’t
experienced it for so many years that all the ick notification that I did have
was simply expired it wasn’t any good anymore typically it only lasts for a
couple of years the type that I use so I ordered some pic online the first sign I
seen it now I don’t care what brand of it medication I use I’m looking for two
ingredients malachite green in formalin and the one that I came up with on
Amazon was Cordon Rick ik+ I’ve never used it before but it has the
ingredients that I find are the most effective in treating severe cases of it
so I bought a bunch of bottles now we’re gonna get into how I treat it and what
the steps were well I guess we should first talk about the life cycle of it
and when we can actually kill it in order to treat it we first have to
understand it though because it cannot be killed at any given moment
luckily it does have a very simple life cycle and we can almost control it like
I said it is temperature dependent the warmer the water is the faster the life
cycle is going to be treatment can take days or depending on the temperature if
it’s much lower it could take weeks to treat however our temperatures of about
84 degrees Fahrenheit and up the life cycle of it is about four days it always
starts off by you seeing it all over the fish sometimes it’s just a few spots on
its body but a large it’s usually going to be on its fins this is the easiest
place for it to actually attach to this the softest tissue what it’s doing there
is feeding off of the fish while it’s feeding it’s creating a cyst
over top of it that makes it impossible to treat with medication so you guys
might know that you can’t treat it while it’s on the fish and sometimes your fish
might even be carrying it like I think some of the video work but it just
wasn’t appearing on the outside of the fish it do prefer to attack the gills
and the mouth the inside of the mouth of the fish first sometimes fish will even
give it away that they have pick by flashing or rubbing up against surfaces
and your clearing but that doesn’t always mean that they have it it could
be an irritant in the water but it is also an irritant and potentially causes
secondary infections but most importantly what happens with ick and
why it is so deadly is the fact that it’s feeding off the fish leaking in a
weakening weakening it over time plus since its attacking the gills it could
literally suffocate the fish which is the most common problem or the most
common cause of death with it while on the fish it’s called a tro font when it
falls off the fish that’s called a toment
all these names are gonna be pretty much useless you don’t need to remember it
but them but there’s just simply interesting now here’s the scary part
remember when I said it was literally feasting off the fish and we can only
see maybe 20-30 infection areas on the fish when it falls off it forms
something on your aquarium floor called a toe mite and this is where the ick is
actually multiplying itself into the hundreds or even thousands from there
this thing explodes releasing all of these they’re on switch become free
swimming and can attack the fish to summarize it attacks the fish it
eventually falls off multiplies at the base of your aquarium explodes and those
all of those baby ex explore the aquarium looking for new hosts your fish
only at this point can we actually kill the ick this is when it becomes most
effective I suppose you could kill it around here and here but this is when it
is most effective this is when we’re trying to kill it we have two benefits
here one we can kill it at this stage to the ick at this stage only has about 48
hours to find its new host before it dies anyways
this is why it gets worse and worse over time you might only notice a few
dots at first but once that falls off you think you’re in the clear it’s going
down to the bottom of your aquarium multiplying into the thousands exploding
in your aquarium essentially and attacking your fish coming back with a
vengeance but like I said we can effectively
control that life cycle that I just showed you with temperature of the water
the lower the temperature the slower that lifestyle cycle is gonna take the
higher the temperature we increase – the faster that’s going to go that said this
is what I did I first noticed the ink on February 1st on the 2nd I slowly started
to raise the temperature by the fifth I had the aquariums temperature up to 88
degrees Fahrenheit this is the day I received my medication however when you
are raising your temperature of this to this magnitude you got to worry about
two things one can the species of fish that you’re actually keeping withstand
those types of temperatures a lot of the times it’s simply no sometimes they can
depends again on the types of fish second thing is when water becomes more
warm it raloo it loses the ability to hold as much oxygen as cooler water so
we have to ensure that the aquarium maintains and not oxygen in it to
support life I do this by adding in an air stone now a lot of you guys will
know air stones don’t add oxygen to the aquarium the bubbles are simply rising
too fast to dissolve in the water column that doesn’t add bubbles at all the
bubbles do drag water from the top tube due to suction and circulate the
aquarium at a lot of times that’s why I have them in the tanks but when they
release when they reach the surface of the aquarium those air bubbles burst and
when they burst they create a ripple in the aquarium when you have hundreds or
even thousands of bubbles doing it at the same time you’re creating a lot of
waves at the top and what happens is you are creating a larger surface area at
the top of your aquarium which allows for greater oxygen exchange the release
of carbon dioxide then replaced with oxygen now at this point the fish are
actually void of all if the ick has already felt off I’m racing against time
at this point I know I have maybe two or three days to get the
medication in the aquarium and effectively treat it I start off though
by draining 50 percent of the water and siphoning that gravel what I’m looking
to do is to remove all of that egg that fell to the bottom of the aquarium and
is now multiplying into the hundreds or even thousands you’re never going to
remove it all because to the human eye you’re never going to see it after I’ve
done my 50% water change I filled the aquarium back up and I add the
appropriate amount of medication based on what the bottle tells me to do I
don’t add it and dump it all into one place though because some of this can
all at once if you dump it onto a fish for example and when you are putting
your hand in healthy fish will try to come up and think you’re going to feed
them so I like to dump a little bit in the sump and let the pump circulate it I
also like to dump a little bit in the aquarium above the water bubbles and
wherever I can get it to circulate the most so it doesn’t have a negative
impact on any one fish the very next day I perform the same thing I do a water
change once again I’m siphoning the gravel I’m doing about about a 25
percent water change at this point and then I reMed acade now for a severe
infection like this I was doing this in the morning and then doing it again at
night and I did it for two weeks as of today I’m still treating the aquarium
however the water temperature is slowly going back to what the temperature of
the room is and if you remember I heat the room not individual aquariums so in
order for me to heat this tank I did have to add a heater to the aquarium to
maintain higher temperatures than the rest of the area in order to cool it
back off some water changes and of course just removing the here is enough
all through this time I didn’t lose a single fish everybody’s healthy the the
tetras especially are tend to be most susceptible to medications like this
didn’t lose a single one all the water which tend to be one of the biggest
babies in the hobby such a big sensitive fish none of them lost none of them
they’re all still eating everything’s fine and of course the viga are doing
fantastic as well so clearly quarantining your fish is
absolutely beneficial you could use anything from a Rubbermaid tote to a
spare aquarium I’ve shown you guys how to do the do-it-yourself method in the
in the past using a sterile light container with a do-it-yourself sponge
filter it could be as simple as that quarantine should typically last
anywhere from four to six weeks although in the future I’m going to show you a
video on how I expedite that to about two or three weeks you see the problem
with this entire gallery is that it’s gone smoothly all except for a few bumps
here and there but my problem was with with importing so many hundreds and
hundreds of fish with no problems that was never faced with any issue other
than needing to quarantine and my quarantine process is to thank for the
health of these fish however I’m kind of glad this happened simply because I
don’t want all of this to look as simple as it is and me just constantly bringing
in fish and adding them and having so much success I don’t want to lead
anybody any false hope that you can do this as well of course I’m going to
experience problems I’m just happy it kind of happened so how can you truly
prevent it in the future well there’s nothing you can truly do if the fish is
actually carrying it however if you only notice a few spots on the fish a lot of
the times bumping up the temperature and adding salt to the aquarium is enough to
kill it and that’s typically my code too however I know so many newer hobbyists
add salts to their aquariums anyways I’ve never understood that all you’re
doing is building up an immunity to some of the parasites that can’t with sand
salt so when you do have an issue and you start increasing salts it does
nothing to them however in this situation the it was just too severe I
had to jump to medications and medications and chemicals there’s not
something I like to pour in my aquariums blindly so regardless of where you get
the fish how much experience you have if you’ve had all kinds of success with a
certain type of fish and have never experienced any issue
my suggestion is this one get your head out of your butt and quarantine your
fish properly anyways especially if your YouTube or promoting the way we’re
keeping fish and spreading the facts that you only need you know to
quarantine fish for three or four days because in your experience they didn’t
need any more wild caught fish are arguably one of the most infectious fish
in the Hobby because they are coming from the wild usually infected with
internal parasites as opposed to external internal parasites in bigger
fish taking tremendously longer to make show their head as opposed to smaller
fish of course the smaller fish do have smaller bodies and show their signs
much sooner than a larger one but I love the example here that I had these fish
for two weeks before any signs of anything actually happened which then
cements my claims and saying you need to quarantine your fish for four to six
weeks minimum and you know I’ll admit having new fish and needing to
quarantine them for four to six weeks sucks you want to take them and add them
to your new aquariums I’ve only ever done that if they were the only fish
going into that aquarium meaning that they’re not going to have the
opportunity to infect any already existing fish within the aquarium with
that sound I guess I’ll close this video off with stating the simple fact that
quarantine is one step too many – becoming a successful Aquarius and
actually enjoying your fish instead of continuously losing them and stressing
over them oh I also want to mention that the big fish deal is in a few weeks
that’s in Maryland I’m being I’m gonna be there again for the third year in a
row I’m going to be doing a talk there I’m gonna leave a link in the
description below also the Colorado event which is in like less than two
weeks away still has tickets available I’ll leave a link to that in the
description as well I hope to see many of you guys at both events you know what
the scariest part to this entire situation is that this one case of pick
could’ve potentially wiped out this entire gallery of fish if I didn’t
practice proper quarantine procedures and keeping all of my things separate of
course I slipped up here and made a mistake and I paid for it
luckily I was able to treat it but I just kind of want to point out that
something that simple could have literally wiped out hundreds of fish
worth thousands and thousands of dollars based on me not thinking you should do
quarantine as often as you should or you know getting lazy or rushing something
just to make a video quarantine is the utmost important to me I don’t care if
you guys lose your minds over the fact that you want to see the new fish that I
just got it it’s in quarantine and it’s staying there until it’s completely
healthy and I’m sure that’s gone through the four to six weeks YouTube views
everything else can wait

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    Amm: 0
    Nitrite: 0
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    Water changes seem to help, when done 25% every 2 days. I have good water agitation with spray bar and an air stone in tank.
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  6. i use Methylene Blue but i remove first my biofilter which is pumice so the beneficial bacteria wont die. after the medication a put a activated carbon to remove the methylene blue and partial water change. i do this every time theres an ich infestation in my aquarium i dont know where it came from.

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  9. I use to do the same routines for quarantining fish. For treating or as a preventative I use to use Aquari-Sol and it worked great, but unfortunately you can't get it anymore. Not that I condone this, but it does work for me, I don't quarantine as long as I use one thing and that is a Vortex Filter from Innerspace Products Inc. It does not cure Ick, it filters down to .3 microns and removes the cysts out long enough to break the life-cycle. Living in Arizona, Ick is a common aquarist problem and this method has some advantages: 1) no quarantine needed, but Vortex must run for about a week 2) no malachite green, so no tank staining or invertebrate/live rock issues 3) no water changes or temperature changes 4) existing filtration can be left on and 5) no medication residual. If it has a water-borne cycle and is not viral, the Vortex can get rid of it. One catch, only use their DE, it's a much high grade than pool DE. Last note – I do not use their SUPER-CHAR, too difficult to work with (stains anything if you spill it).

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    I forget the dose I used for the 4 ft tank affected, maybe a teaspoon or two. It wasnt bucket loads thats for sure lol. I researched at the time and saw the heat+salt+water changes being claimed as a good natural treatment as many raised concerns about the 'ich medications' on the market…..I was no expert and chose to give it a try (seemed safer for me). This happened many years ago, sorry I dont remember doses etc. Love to hear others thoughts on this remedy, did I just get lucky or is it proof that its a good treatment.

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  23. It should be stressed that Ich is always within any body of water and is dormant. Factors such as wounds, bad water quality, and stress can cause fish to be susceptible to ich. Constant water changes are key, raising the temperature to 87 F ( Raise by 1-2 degrees every 12 hours) will kill ich at it’s early stages. If severe, malachite green or methylene blue, as well as API ich cure or API salt, may be used. This is all on my experience, please correct me if I am wrong. Cheers.

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  44. Hey, I have a barebottom tank, and I see one spot on my convict, could I just wait till it falls off take it out and be all good?

  45. You said on February 18 you received package for fish but this video was uploaded on February 15 explain that time traveler

  46. So I'm here cause my yoyo loach got it and my dalmation molly the other fish don't have it yet(fancy guppies/zebra loachs/fry)…. I just caught it late last night on his tail and fin looks like little salt pieces so I know it's time for treatment asap at half the dose cause I have dojo loach too and read use half dose. So upsetting seeing it when I take so much pride in it….. Thats what I get for saving a fish from friend trusting it was healthy when I always QT! Never again. I will update my progress. Started to increase heat slowly. Going to buy meds today take carbon pad out etc. I think I caught it early so fingers crossed!

  47. This was a wake up call. I only experienced ich 1 time and used heat and salt to kill it. That was years ago and I haven't had a sick fish since. I think I started to get too confident in my ability. If it can happen to you out of the blue it surely can happen to me. I have lost fish though because mbuna are murderous. Took me months to figure out how to minimize aggression in my Mbuna tank.

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