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6 comments on “How to move a fish tank / Aquascape aquarium with an iPhone ;-) Umzug mit einem Aquarium

  1. Pretty nice editing!
    I had to laugh when you used the iPhone as a tool – I would never have imagined an Apple product could be that useful 😀

  2. Nice video.
    I have moved house 3 times in the last 2 years and every time i had to take aquascapes around.
    My method is similar, but instead of paper i use plastic bags to fill the tank.
    Because my tanks were small i also put them inside bigger plastic boxes which served as protection for the glass.
    Never broke a tank and the scape always survived.

  3. That method great!!
    I alway wondered how (others would)i could move my planted tank without having to remove all the plants & start all over..
    Excellent🎉b/C i will be moving soon in the coming yr..
    Cheers will b great help🍸

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