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How to Night Fish

How to Night Fish

How to Night Fish. Although fish do not sleep, most change their
behavior at night. The tips given here can help you catch your
limit after the sun goes down. You will need Timing Shallow water Artificial
bait Needle-nose pliers Flashlights Insect repellant and boat (optional). Step 1. Start fishing after sunset or 1 to 2 hours
before sunrise. The best time of year for night fishing is
between the months of April and October. If you will be fishing from a boat, make sure
it is running properly. You don’t want to get stuck on a lake, day
or night. Step 2. Fish near reefs and ledges, or within casting
distance of shallows. Retaining walls, docks, and brush areas are
good places to find night-feeding fish. Fish that are active at night often leave
the muddy bottoms of lakes and streams at night to search the shallows for food. Step 3. Use artificial bait. Most fish that are active at night have keen
senses of touch and taste, but weak sight, and are very sensitive to slight movements
in the water. Step 4. Carry a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove
hooks from the mouths of fish in the dark. Step 5. Bring flashlights or a headlamp and spare
batteries. Step 6. Take along plenty of insect repellant. Even if the fish don’t bite, the mosquitoes
probably will. Did you know A traditional method of night
fishing in Japan uses tame cormorants to catch river fish.

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