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How to Paint a Butterfly Fish With Oil Paints – Narrated

How to Paint a Butterfly Fish With Oil Paints – Narrated

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will make an oil painting of a fish. We begin by sketching the overall
general shape. I am doing this with a small brush and blue paint. But not very much paint. The brush is nearly dry. I also sketched some coral,
at the bottom, and now we begin to paint the background, or the sea. For this I´m using a mixture
of ultramarine blue and cobalt blue. While for sketching the fish I used cyan. Generally, I use a darker mix
for the corners and the edges, and I will mix a lighter tone for the center part; using much less or no
ultramarine blue and adding the cyan to the mix. The complete list of material
is in the description below the video, as always. When applying most of the paint
I´m doing the strokes in a similar direction to each other,
like slanted, to create that texture or feeling like the sunlight is coming
in that direction, through the water. And to make this even more evident, I will add some white to the mix and apply it. Like so. And we can also add some strokes
of different tones. And let´s start painting our fish which
will be a Butterfly fish. It is mainly white, which in the shade
looks gray, with yellow stripes. And this lines that I am painting
are seriously not right! They are tilted. So I erased them with a rag and
draw an axis line, to repaint them perpendicular to it. That´s better! And the lower side of the fish
looks gray because it is in shade. And I will darken this gray
even a little bit more. Like so. This tone is better. I think. Some touches up here also,
because that fin may be in shade, and then, let´s give it some light
with the white. Yes! All the upper part will be lighter. This whole painting is going to be fairly
easy. If you don´t have a lot of experience with oil painting, this may be a nice project to do. Let´s refine the outside line
a little bit better, and blend it in. We can do this since the whole
painting is wet. And let´s add the eye… it´s a black eye. A bit bigger… like so. And I will add some further
shading and tone to the whole body, but this time with a very small
brush, and in small dabs. To give the illusion of the texture of the scales. And with some titanium white we can give some nice highlights. I had been using a flake white
which is not as intense, not as a white. While the titanium white is ideal for the
highlights. I made some dark lines by the yellow ones, and I will add
one also by the tail, right here. And let´s intensify some of the colors. I don´t want a totally definite line
in the border, so I smudge it, a little bit. Very good! ¡Excelente! I like it how it is looking
so far. It also has a big black dot
toward the top, right here and I will test adding
some yellow spots to the background. If I don’t fully like them I
will take them off. And let´s paint the coral reef
with some reddish brown. That on the shaded part,
the rest I leave it yellow. And I will take off the yellow
spots after all. I like them but not thoroughly Let´s add some more blue to the areas
so that it doesn´t look greenish. Al right! And we should complete
this tail which is like a fan, a bit. More like this, smoother than
what I had it. Al right! Very good! And now let´s reestablish the fin. It is a little bit tricky because
it is white, but translucent. However, I let this painting
rest for a day, and so now it is practically dry. So I can go over it, without
it smearing. Ok, let´s enhance those lights
with the titanium white, we give it the last touches,
and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it please
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Fine Art-Tips. And I will see you
on Tuesday 😉 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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  1. i always feel happy.. when i see ur videos..ill try them too.. now ur like my painting guru..thank u so much☺

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