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How to Perfectly Pan Sear Fish

How to Perfectly Pan Sear Fish

You can opt to pan sear fish with the
skin on or the skin off but we’re using Australis Barramundi today and we’re going to keep the skin on. Now, fun fact: Australis Barramundi is really high in omega-3 fatty acids and half of those are contained within the skin. We’re going to start by making sure our
fish is patted very nice and dry. This is going to help prevent sticking
in the pan. And we’re using cast iron which I highly recommend for this job.
We’re going to season it on both sides with salt and pepper.
We have our pan heated over pretty high heat. Add in just a little bit of olive oil and then
we’re going to go in with the fish skin-side down. [delicious sizzling] And that’s exactly what you want to hear—you want to hear it sizzle and pop. We’re going to let this cook for
about two to three minutes on one side. This is a thicker piece of fish, so it
might take a little longer. After you put this down in the pan you
want to press down just slightly with your fish spatula. Now if it sticks at this point means
it’s not quite ready to flip so you want to give it another minute. Gorgeous! We’re going to just cook it through
another minute or two… Right, so you can see the fish is fully cooked through, so
I’m just going to remove it drain off some of that oil, pop it on our plate and then I’m
going to make a quick pan sauce. I’m just going to put in a few tablespoons of butter and let that
melt. It’s going to melt really quickly and it’s going to start to brown.
To that, we’ll throw in a few sprigs of thyme… [crackle & pop!] They’re gonna sizzle and pop! So stand back. Then add in some capers. I’ve already drained these and rinse them of their
brine and then some freshly squeezed lemon juice. Pour the sauce right over top.
Yuuummm! This is my favorite way to eat fish!

8 comments on “How to Perfectly Pan Sear Fish

  1. cooked some fish tonight before I saw your video. Using a stainless All-Clad style pan and coconut oil. Set my head on about 3-4, oil was nice and hot but it stuck to the pan and even burned. Could it be not enough oil or maybe I didn't pat it dry enough before placing in the pan?

  2. Those sizzle and pop kind of moments, I am ok with it getting into my arms and so on, one time I was unlucky and it got straight to my eyeball, damn it took really look to recover back then. But still, outcome of food was great! So the pain was worth it I guess? 😅

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