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17 comments on “How to Pick a Fish Tank | Aquarium Care

  1. fungshway mungshway, i cant sleep without sound. i either need the tv on all night, or the fish tank.i need one of the my dads,all my fish died right before the move, and so my fish tank wasnt set up when i came,and i couldnt sleep at all.with the fish tank,i slept like a,its beautiful,and makes a room less lonely.all my fish tanks have been in my room since i was about 6,and they all (other than when some idiot friends overfed them without permission to feed em at all)did great!

  2. i had 4 platies unfortunatly 1 died a couple of days after i got them. I knew it was weak so i expected it but the other three are thriving in my 24 liter tank

    there not tropical platies

  3. I love how in a video entitled "How to Pick a Fish Tank" there is absolutely NO information about the correct size of a tank for proper fish care.. but bad feng shui? now thats important! …. sigh

  4. if i wan too keep 4 parot fish..then tell me the perfect size of the aqurium that there will be much space fr them to swim..olzz

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