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37 comments on “How to Poach Salmon Perfectly

  1. why is YouTube being ""GAY"" with the f**** ads at the beginning. Its really annoying thats why i dont watch tv anymore!
    PLS stop insulting my intelligence by flashing products that i dont need!

  2. What the fuck why would you put olive oil on Salmon? It's such a delicate taste and olive oil is so powerful and good salmon sure as hell doesn't need to be any oilier. This whole XTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILE fad needs to fucking die.

  3. hahahahhahaha. Anyway sexy tattoo on these hands. I wouldn't mind these hands touching me. hahahahaha

  4. Who has time to Get; Prepare; Wash; Cut all 11 ingredients mentioned in the video? Don't turn a simple thing like poaching salmon into an elaborate and time consuming procedure. Salmon can be poached using pan & water (period). You can add seasoning/herbs/salad AFTER cooking is done if needed.

  5. Don't put in the oven just add your fillet to the boiling poaching liquid then when it comes back to the boil take it off the heat and leave it in the liquid overnight to cool makes perfect Maoist poached almon every time weather dong one portion or 100

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