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92 comments on “How to Prepare Fish for Sushi

  1. The hard part is what I am getting is how fresh and whether you put anything on the fish.

    Does the fish have to be alive then cut to be fresh or does it matter because I want to know if it cost more or something.

  2. Sushi – sweet, vinegared rice. Nigiri sushi – tiny rounded bricks of rice with slivers of fish draped over it. Sashimi – just fish without the sushi rice (what this video actually showed you). Maki sushi (commonly called sushi rolls) – a sheet of nori (seaweed) with a layer of rice, fish & perhaps other stuff, rolled into a cylinder then cut into pieces. Yukiwa-maki – rolls with the rice on the outside. Temaki sushi – are hand rolled.
    Get your facts straight for "How To" videos.

  3. also needed: a towel and a band aid in case you cut your self with the EXTREMELY SHARP knife optional: a cell phone to dial 911 in case of to much blood loss
    enjoy lol

  4. Dull knives really are more dangerous then sharp knives. It's not because they are somehow magically more capable of cutting through your skin, but because you have to apply extra force to work with them and they don't always pass through the material predictably.

  5. ask any chefs and they will tell you a dull knife is more likely to cut you! y bother to sharpen knives when its gonna cut you more??

  6. He said Blue Fin Tuna at the "Fish Filets" portion of the "You will need" section.
    Thank you.

    Thumbs this up so other people know.

  7. Step 3: To test the sharpness of your knife, cut off your left hand pinky, applying even pressure the whole time. If you encounter more than 10 pounds of force through the bone, sharpen your knife and try your ring finger.

  8. @OzBooger Never, I think is the word you are looking for, it is fillet… not fillay… thats just stupid

  9. How do you make sure that your fish you buy is sushi grade? or good to eat raw…can I just go to like safeway and buy a fillet there?

  10. I'm such a f***Ingram vampire… I eat raw fish, raw meat, raw everything. And I don't get sick what's wrong with me someone help!

  11. I need some help with my serious sushi addiction. I just googled pictures of sushi and watched a bunch of making sushi videos just to be satisfied mentally. o.O

  12. God damn it…. can't seem to get a break in the paragraph. Anyway, I'll just make it all connected. Come to Austin, TX. There's a place on 6th and Red River that is all-you-can-eat sushi. GREAT sushi, too… Some of it is specially made there that you won't find anywhere else, and I swear I can't find anyone who can make a sauce as amazing in quality as theirs. Austin, TX – 6th and Red River, Geisha.

  13. I know how you feel. I'm not obese, but when it comes to sushi, I feel that way. I make a troll face at my parents when I eat it in a way showing them how happy I am. Or noob face. You may like it, but if anyone, it is me who has an addiction. I went to Japan one year with my parents to not only taste sushi, but how to make it authentically. I also liked the scenery. It's a nice place.

  14. cool 😛 but I live in Denmark so I guess it'll be hard to fly all the way to Austin for sushi. xD Thanks for the information though, I'll definitly try it out if I get the chance to go to the states in the future.

  15. Help people. I found great online sushi fish market but its only USA. I need in Europe.
    I am afraid to eat raw fish from market because its not so fresh and in stores who knows how many times it has been frozen. Please help. That site was
    I need somezhing like that with fish prepared for sushi etc but in Europe. if anyone knows something : )

  16. It doesn't show you how to prepare sushi it does exactly what the title says and shows you how to prepare your fish for the sushi recipe of your choice. He is not making any sushi in the video just cutting up some fish.

  17. It just weird for us as asian, knowing the "fish" in English and the "sushi" in Japanese are both the same that's all…

  18. Sushi in Japanese doesn't mean "fish", it means flavored rice. This is why you can have crab sushi which is technically not a fish (crustacean).

  19. Omg😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 raw fish somehow….no matter how much sauce used….well every country has their own choice of eating …..

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