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How To Put Dirt Under Your Substrate In A Planted Tank

What’s up fish tank people? Dustin’s fishtanks bringing it to you on a Friday all fired up again. That’s right two fired up videos in a row. You all think I’ve lost my edge or something? People are like “Oh, it’s an old school video”. I’m excited about this stuff. So here’s what’s going on.
Crinum’s phat. Just a quick pause for some crinum. I’m dirting another tank! Obviously! So, you know, having a lot of fun with this. Last night added the dirt and just kind of ran out of time. Just got tired, lady wants me to go to sleep, I’m going to sleep. I want to show you want I’m doing, why I’m wearing a suit and playing in dirt. I don’t know, but here’s what’s up.
I got this in here. I want to show you guys what’s up. If you’re doing a 55-gallon tank and you’re going to dirt it, I recommend using around 30 pounds of dirt, give or take a little bit and then chunks of clay. I’m probably using, I don’t know, this red clay you can see I broke it up in here. It’s actually easier when you mix it in with the dirt it breaks up really easy. I’m probably using, I don’t know, 3 pounds of clay maybe in here mixed in throughout? And that’s what I’m doing. And one of the things I did last night that I think is important to note is I actually… I’m using about 30 pounds of dirt for a 55-gallon tank, you can ratio that how you want to do it, there’s no exact science to it. The 75 I have up there has a little less dirt in it.
But I had a little too much water in there, I had to kind of watery, so I had to add more dirt just to make it like a consistency of like a mud, like a pudding almost. And that’s really where you want to go. This is the texture you want to be. And that’s how it will work best. And what I did is I let it soak all day today, only because of time. I would have done it last night if I had more time. Then I’m going to cap it with some gravel right here. This gravel, I think Estees is the brand. It’s actually a little bigger then I would like. I got two big bags of it that I’m going to use and that’s how I’m going to do it. I’ve been figuring it out. I’m just going to cap it, fill it, drain it, fill it. I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to take the water out of this upper 75 and drain it down into here just to give it some of the bacteria that’s already going, I think that’s a good move.
By the way, check out that sword. I just gave it some space and it just started coming up. Looking really good! So that’s what I’m going to do, and hook this whisper on it. And then I’m going to run these low lights on there, and I’m going to try and get this old beefy thing working tonight with 1,2,3 with these bulbs up here actually. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m excited about starting a new thing. Somebody asked me about the stands in the last video. This is a stand my brother in-law actually bought this tank and gave it to me, he got sick of it. But these stands are 2×4’s. You can see cross supports going across here. So you basically build a frame. I actually didn’t build them. You can see underneath them, you build a square frame then you use cross supports here and one down here, and then it’s actually doubled up on the legs. I’m not sure how well you can see that. It’s dark. So that’s how these stands, I id not make them. If I would have made them I probably would have used 4×4’s instead of 2×4’s. But they actually fit perfectly in this room. I was kind of jigged about it. I was actually worried that the both wouldn’t fit. Cause some of you really old school people that watched the old videos of the green thumb office days. By the way, raise your hand if you saw any of those videos cause they’re mad old. But I was worried about getting both of these in here but this is what it looks like standing up against my back wall. It’s kind of fun.
But I have to fill the tanks up, some of them are low. And I’ve got some work to do. I’ve got extra space to put all these extra plants. 90’s overgrown but doing good. So that’s what I’m doing. Again, 30 pounds of dirt. Miracle Grow Organic Choice dirt! Covering it with about, call it 50 pounds of gravel on top. Planting the heck out of it, doing big water changes, then I’m probably going to drain it and fill it twice, which is oh-so-sexy with this. Look at this. Tube… right into there! It couldn’t be better. Then obviously I can syphon right into the drain.
So yea, that’s what’s going on. Setting up the tank. Filling it, draining it, filling it, draining it twice then I’m probably going to top it off with some water with that 75 over there. So that’s what I’m doing. Fish tank Friday, baby. Love it!

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