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How to Remove Pin Bones from Salmon | Fish Filleting

How to Remove Pin Bones from Salmon | Fish Filleting

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to
pull out pin bones on the fish. This, again, can be used for just about any
process, whether it’s striper, snapper, salmon, anything that has those big, long pin bones. All you really need are some nice needle-nose
pliers. You can spend some money and go to a fancy
home cooking store and spend money on fish pliers, but you can go to any hardware store
and get some needle-nose, and they’ll do the job. I actually like them better. So, what we’re looking for is pin bones. The pin bones are these kind of weird little
bones that kind of run off the side of the ribcage, and they only go about halfway through
the fish. So, to find them, what you want to do is you
want to run your finger against the grain, so starting up at the neck and going down
toward the tail, and you just kind of run your fingers down and you’ll feel these little,
almost like little stubble. You just kind of feel these little pieces
sticking up. And all you’re going to do is take your needle-nose,
go up to those little stubble pieces, and pull out with the grain. So kind of go with it, going toward the head,
or where the head would have been. And you can see, they’ll come right out. And again, you can feel it with your finger,
and pull right out. You want to be careful. On some of the bigger fish, or the ones that
have really strong, thick pin bones, like wild striped bass and stuff, you might want
to keep your fingers down on the filet a little bit, so as not to tear the meat or rip it
up. On some of the bigger fish, as well, it’s
actually easier to take the pin bones out once you’ve skinned it. If you like salmon skin and striper skin,
you’re just going to have to tug a little bit more, but otherwise, go for it. You should be able to just push down on it
for some leverage, take your needle-nose, and pull them right out. They’ll come right out. These are pretty big so they’re pretty easy
to find. Some of the smaller fish, you may have to
work at it, but you can really ruin date night if you don’t get any of the pin bones out,
so really try and get those out. And then you can take your finger, run back
over it, and really make sure you get them all out. There we go. They should look a little bit like that.

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  1. And that right there is the only problem I have with fish. You order a fillet and then you're gasping and coughing because IT WAS ALL A LIE.

  2. I bought a fillet today and it was my first time cooking salmon. I didn't even stop to think if it had bones still in it or not. So I just threw the fillet into the pan with some olive oil and ate the thing. If the bones were still in it, would I have noticed? or once cooked do they become brittle and unnoticeable?

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