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How To Set The Hook On A Jig (This Works!) | Bass Fishing

How To Set The Hook On A Jig (This Works!) | Bass Fishing

Hey folks, Glenn May here with,
and today I wanna talk about setting the hook on a jig. Have you ever done that? You set the hook really hard. You think you’ve got a great hookset, boom,
you set it, and you pull the fish in, you get him close to the boat, and then, boop,
he pops out. But what happened? How did that happen? It’s a got a good hook on here. You had a really solid hookset, this only
just came out. Well, it’s in the hookset, guys. It really is. You can really increase your percentage if
you have a better hookset. Now, what I mean by that is you don’t, like,
whack, hit it really hard. There’s a difference. Here’s the deal. Especially true with a football head jig like
this one. Let me tell you what happens. That’s a big blunt object. When the fish grabs it, he closes his mouth
right around it, just like so. Right? He closes it. This acts like a battering ram. They close their mouth really tight. They don’t want…whatever they just caught,
they don’t want it to get away, so the jaw is clamped down really tight. What’s happening is that jig head is buttoned
up against his mouth, it’s not popping loose. Because what happens… A lot of guys do this, you throw out there,
you see the line start to move, you reel down, and then you see it’s…yeah, that now your
line is tight and you see it moving, and you set it. Well, what you’ve done is you’ve tightened
up that jig head right up against his mouth, right up against it. You set the hook, well, the fish’s mouth is
real tight, it’s got nowhere to go. You just move the fish. The hook never penetrates, especially with
a football head jig, it never touches inside his mouth. It didn’t move. It didn’t budge. There’s nothing to hookset on. Until that fish, you know, will fight you
all the way to the boat until he opens his mouth, and then out, comes the jig. That’s what happens. So, how do we prevent that from happening? Well, it’s in the hookset. What you do is when you cast out there and
you see your line twitch, jump, whatever, you see your line starts to swim off, don’t
reel down and feel tight. You’ve seen it, you didn’t cause that, something
else did. Guess what? It’s a fish. So you don’t need to check. Reel down to get the rod down in the hookset
position, but just before you get all the way down to set the hook, stop reeling and
drop the rod a little bit further, and then set the hook. Here, what you do is you throw in a little
bit of slack in the line. Think about it like a rope. Take a rope, and you whip it, and you throw
that little bit slack in there. Or a garden hose, you do that, something like
that. It’s really, really quick, you’re not taking
the line and you’re giving him slack and let him swim off. You’re reeling down to get your rod in the
right position. Stop reeling, drop the rod down and set. It’s very, very quick. It’s an instant. And that little bit of slack, what that is
doing is it does two things. First of all, you’re not reeling the jig up
to the roof of his mouth, so there’s room for it to move. But then second, when you do set the hook,
you’re getting the rod, the speed of that rod tip up, getting it moving before it connects
with the line. And when it does, it pops it. It’s going for velocity, it pops it so hard
that it’s gonna knock that jig head through his mouth, through his lips. And what follows behind it? The hook. Now, you got a solid hookset. I swear to you, guys, I do it this way, and
my hooks bury up to…not to the barb, but to the bend of the hook. Almost everytime, I bury it to the bend of
the hook with this hookset. Okay? Give it a go, give it a try. Remember that. Two things, don’t reel down and get a tight
line on it, and second, reel down and get your rod to the right position, drop it a
little bit more, and pop ’em. And I guarantee you, you’re gonna catch a
lot more fish. For more tips and tricks like this, visit

96 comments on “How To Set The Hook On A Jig (This Works!) | Bass Fishing

  1. I lost a really nice fish right at the boat last year. If I had used this method of sitting the hook maybe I could have landed him. Thanks Glenn!

  2. I wish I had known this on Saturday, this is exactly what happened when I lost a big Northern! I'm definitely going to try this, thanks!

  3. Another great tip from you. Most peoples problem is that they get to excited and set the hook as soon as they feel a tap. That's how you hook logs and rocks.

  4. First I need to get a fish to come after the jig, then I'll be able to apply this hook set info. Thanks for the tips. As usual, a great video.

  5. Great video, I definitely need to up my game when it comes to fishing with jigs. For some reason I just don't use them as often as I should.

  6. I'll have to try this, so far I haven't had any issues reeling down and then using a hard hook set. But to be fair, I've only caught maybe five fish using a jig.

  7. fantastic advice! I have lost many fish to do the exact same thing you are talking about, now I know why. Thank You

  8. Love Jigs..Fish them all year… Don't think I've ever lost a fish on a jig..My tip for beginners…when you feel the "Bump".. wait a second..line will start to move..Bam!! Set hook!

  9. I own 1 jig and never had any success with it, this video might explain part of my problem. Hopefully I can use what I've just learned to help me catch more Bass.

  10. I bought a bunch of stuff to make jigs, skirt material, rattles, powder paint, unpainted heads. Made about 30 jigs. 2 of them have caught fish haha.

  11. I found that there is definitely a sweet spot of slack versus tight. You want a bit of slack but not too much. Also it helps to have more wrist action than arm action.

  12. OK Jigs are my weakest tool so I will try Friday reel down then move rod tip down then yank. Hope to see some embedded to the hook bend fish. Thx as always for the tips

  13. I fish mostly small ponds with grassy bottoms. So fishing a jig can be a challenge. But Rocky areas are another story. I'm always trying to focus on the right hookset to give me the highest landing odds. Good video Glenn!

  14. Wow, I am a beginner at bass and crappie fishing (I just retired from the Army and am now living life!!!). This is great information that I can teach my 6 year-old and 10 year-old daughter's!! I am looking forward to taking them out this weekend and giving this a try – thanks for the information!!

  15. Great video. I haven't landed much with a jig so I'll be trying this technique this upcoming weekend.

  16. I just caught one today on a jig, hook was just in it's cheek but set so I didn't lose it when I got back on the bank. I'm glad I set it, it was a good 19 inches and foughtall the way to the bank.

  17. I think it is probably one of the most common lures for begginers to lose fish on if they dont set the hook right

  18. Slack line on tgw hook set is so key, I agree (especially in a yak). It does tear a a big hole.. with the smaller bass. When you lose a big one because you didn't set the hook, you will wish you had left slack.

  19. Yep good info but I do that on all my hooksets, but sometimes you will loose fish no matter what, Smallies will find a way to spit anything, but again good info and thanks for the chance to win

  20. Gerald Swindle gave the best advice….”if you feel a tick or a bump, he don’t have a pocket, it’s in his mouth, there’s only one thing to do. BLISTER HIM”

  21. Awesome tip I’ll have to try it out, your wife’s technique on setting the hook is killer love how she plants her foot and shifts body weight to drive that hook home.

  22. Man, two weekends ago I experienced this very problem three times in one outing. This explains it. Great tip Glenn!

  23. That was great advice.I really hate it when you know you have a big one on, ya get all cocky, get him to the boat and then it's gone. No worst feeling in life, well almost.

  24. Makes a lot of sense. I fished a tournament a recently and my partner had a fish on a shaky head. I caught it with the net just as it let go of the lure. After checking his bait the hook never came out of the plastic.

  25. Good God ! Thanks for making this video …. I have been doing it all wrong this whole time . I will ease into my hook set from now on instead of setting the hook like the guys on TV .Think patience .

  26. That is very helpful to know. Bi did not know that at all. Many people seems to consider the jig their confidence bait or fall back bait or go to. I have yet to try them much. I know I need to more. Now I know at least how to set the hook properly.

  27. This video described how I was intially setting the hook…wanted the fish to actually hook itself before pulling up on the rod. However I like the comment…'something must have caused my line to react because I didn't do it, so it must be a fish, so hook set it all the time'. sometimes you need it said before it clicks
    Not sure if you answer questions on here, but what is a good age to stop using floats when fishing for kids. What you described is similar to how my girls fish…the float has to be carried away before they realize they have a fish and then they pull up. I guess I have taught them incorrectly.
    Nice quick video on something ppl do but is quite simple…thank you

  28. Good stuff Glen,
    Fishing on water at times and places where you get bit a lot also helps.
    If you don’t fish a jig a lot, and don’t fish where you get a good deal of bites, it’s tough to practice jig techniques.
    But what you’re preaching/teaching is definitely the good word on jigs.
    Keep‘ expectations coming!

  29. Awesome video. I rarely fish with jigs bc I don't have any confidence in em due to losing so many. This is probably why I didn't catch as many

  30. This my friends is exactly how to snap your line on a hookset. I've seen guys snap 50# braid by "slacklineing" a hookset. Bassrescource usually has some pretty good tips but personally, I'm going to let this one slide on by. Lol

  31. I have used the same technique for Texas rigged worms for years and get better hooksets, and lose fewer fish at the boat. It means I occasionally miss the light biter, but when the fish does take the worm or lizard, I get the hook solidly set.

  32. I did have some confusion on this. I do a lot of finesse fishing here in the clear waters of the north. In this technic you reel into the fish and then sweep rod. But I have to agree to this hookset for these large jigs

  33. Thank you for the tip! So far it works everything,now the jig is one of my favorite things to use,looking forward for more tips on other lures

  34. Have to admit that I rarely use a jig despite owning a large collection. From now on I'll have one tied on. Your tips reminded me of frog fishing, just add that few extra seconds. Thanks for another great informative video.

  35. Awesome video I had to watch and comment again to day that you guys did a great job with the video and I did apply these tips and I have had a blast this week catching fish with my jigs thanks to bass resource !!!

  36. That's the way!! It's just you have to not get excited during that split second reel down & jerk….

  37. Hi Glenn I was watching the bass pros on tv and I notice when they throw a long casting rod they don't just lob it overhead could do a video on how to properly throw a long rod !

  38. Thank you for your videos! I am fairly new to fishing and you have very informative videos for learning new techniques. Jig fishing is quickly becoming my favorite technique and funnest method for pitching around docks and in and around cover near banks. Thanks!!

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