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How to Set Up a Freshwater Fish Tank | Aquarium Care

How to Set Up a Freshwater Fish Tank | Aquarium Care

To set up a fresh water aquarium, you’re going
to need your tank, your strong stand. Remember water is very heavy, so you want
to go with a designated aquarium stand. You don’t want to just put a fish tank on
a piece of furniture. I’ve heard nightmare stories, where the stand
just collapses three months down the road, so you want to make sure the stand is very,
very strong. For the filtration system, there are a lot
of options. You can have a canister filter which goes
in the cabinet, I prefer a canister filter for a freshwater aquarium because it is silent,
the hoses run off the back of the aquarium, you can pack whatever you want inside the
canister filter. If you have the luxury of going with a wet-dry
filter, like some people that had a salt water aquarium and now their modifying it to keep
freshwater, you wont have any oxygen or very limited pH problems with a wet-dry filter
because the water is being oxygenated constantly. It’s a little bit more of an investment, the
tank is going to be a little bit more expensive to allow for this type of filtration but it’s
basically salt water filtration applied to fresh water. For most fresh water aquariums, you want to
use canister filter, or a simple hang on the back filter, like the old whisper filters,
the magnum filters, it just sits on the back of the aquarium and oxygenates the water,
filters the water. You’re going to want an air pump, because,
fish are going to need a lot of oxygen and relying on the filter alone, usually isn’t
enough. So you’d want a strong air pump, put a check
valve in the line, so the water doesn’t back-siphon into the hose and flood the floor. You’re going to want a good heater, preferably
a fully submersible heater, put it down a little bit low into the aquarium so when you
do water changes you don’t have to worry about having the top half of the filter exposed
to the air. The temperature difference on the heater will
crack the heater, so you want to make sure your heater is submerged very, very, low in
the aquarium. You also don’t want to put your thermometer
right next to it. You want to put it away from the heater, so
your picking up the true temperature of the water, not just the heated water next to the
heater. As far as the other things you need to set
up an aquarium, you’re going to want a lot of decorations. The fish need to feel secure but you don’t
want to do too much to where it just traps a lot of the detritus and waste, so just a
good balance of decorations. I like to slope the gravel from the front
to the back at a slight angle, visually it makes the whole tank become in focus. If the gravel is flat, it just doesn’t look
as good. Also, stack the decorations from small to
high, put your high plants in the back. Finally, go with a nice background decoration. You can buy things that you can tape onto
the back. I like to spray paint the tank. You can use regal black or a blue spray paint. Do it when the tank is empty, do it outside,
and let it dry real well, and you will have a solid background that should last years. That’s it, just have fun.

8 comments on “How to Set Up a Freshwater Fish Tank | Aquarium Care

  1. u never show what u are explaining u just talk it would be more interesting if u were in an video therefore u could see what u are suggesting

  2. Hi Joe, just listened to your "cost of maintaining your aquarium" howcast and I have to say, your comment on "husbandry skills" is a little outdated. I am female and have four tanks that I built and have maintained all by female self. I'm assuming that you meant no ill will but it was a little 1950's. Other than that, thanks for the info. I was originally watching your Howcast on aggressive fish and the "cost" video came on next. I have an established tank and noticed one of my larger fish hiding out in a cave which was abnormal for this particular fish (Rainbow). I have some Glofish Tetra's that seem to be maintaining some sort of territory in a tank where there haven't been any new fish introduced in a couple of months. I have a 38 gallon tall bow front and the fish I did introduce tend to stick to the bottom area. (Bloodfin Tetras) Anyway, the glofish that are being aggressive are two blue glofish and they are chasing everybody around the tank. Including the larger Rainbows. I'm going to try to rearrange the furniture and hope that works. Will be in touch.

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